Me Made May 2022 Day 1 To 7

Hello, I'm participating Me Made May challenge again this year and this is my 10 year of participating. Time really flies too fast. I still remember my first MMMay in 2013 and I posted my daily outfit on Flickr. I found many International sewing friends during the challenge and I'm glad we continue connecting on the blog and on Instagram until today. 

Me Made May challenge is hosted by Zoe Edwards @sozoblog and is a wardrobe challenge to help us to improve our relationship with our handmade items, more details are on Zoe's blog link here
I wear my handmade clothes every day with very little rtw, so I'm not going to find any difficulty with what should I wear. Most of my garments are old makes, they are still in good condition but some are too loose or too tight and I want to fix those that I can. 

Well, here is my pledge for Me Made May 2022, I Hana of @velvetribbon_sews, pledge to wear me-made clothes and refashioned every day during the whole month of May.
Besides analyzing my everyday wardrobe and noting what I really wear and feel good wearing, I will try to sew or knit a little every day during May in hope that my sewing mojo is back. Also, I'm going to finish the two March garments and do small projects that were on my list for months.
I'm posting my daily outfit on my Instagram and also will update this blog with a recap of my seven days' outfits.

Day 1.
I was wearing a self-drafted floral cotton dress, I noticed that the dress was too loose and I managed to fix it by reducing 1 cm on both sides from sleeve to hem. The dress detail was posted on my IG link here
I was visiting a local grocery and bought some veggies and fruits. 

Day 2.
The weather was cold and I wore a me-made outfit, a self-drafted long sleeve t-shirt, and denim pants, paired with rtw cardigan and scarf. The denim pants pattern is based on Burdastyle trousers pattern 10/2013-127 A.
The t-shirt detail link is here.
The denim pants detail link is here.

Day 3.
I was wearing old denim pants that I made in 2017 paired with rtw white t-shirt.
The denim pants detail link here, pattern modified from Burdastyle 10/2013. I love this kind of outfit and I take note that I will make a t-shirt like this one later.

Day 4.
I was wearing a me-made outfit that I sewed in 2020. A high low hem striped shirt, Faitmain pattern May 2019 - detail link here. And straight style denim pants, pattern modified from Ottobre family design 07/2017 - detail link here. The original pattern has a flared bottom and I reduced mine on both sides of the bottom pants to make them less flare.

Day 5.
I was wearing refashioned skirt with rtw t-shirt, more about the skirt link here. I refashioned my yellow dress into this skirt because I didn't like the dress. The skirt has a gathered hem and three rows of pleats on top of the gather, I did the pleat because the skirt result was too long and it doesn't suit me. Instead of cutting the skirt, I just fold the fabric and the result is lovely.

Day 6.
I was wearing a me-made outfit, a pink t-shirt, and a denim dress pinafore. I made both garments in 2020 using Ottobre design pattern 07/2017 and here is the link for more details.

Day 7.
I enjoyed the weekend in a me-made refashioned patchwork dress and I noticed that the dress was too loose, so I will fix it later.
More about the dress link here. I used my old dresses and some scraps to create this dress.

Until next... 
Happy Sewing 💗


  1. What fun it is to see your sewing accomplishments! I enjoy them immensely, and I appreciate your descriptions of the sewing processes. Yours is lovely work which inspires me. Happy sewing! :-)


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