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Me Made May Day 8-14

As promised in my previous post, here is my recap of Me Made May 2022 challenge day 8-14. So far, I didn't find any difficulty to choose and match the outfit during the challenge. Some of my makes are getting old and I think I should replace them. Besides analyzing my wardrobe, I'm enjoying the challenge and noting inspirations for my future makes.  Well, at the moment my sewjo is low and I hope it will come back soon because I have a few garments waiting for me to finish. them. Day 8. I was wearing me-made button-down dress in Jijake fabric and I used Burdastyle pattern (modified). The picture was taken inside Mandarin house, a historic residential house in Sao Lourenco. This dress was too tight last year and I solved the issue by adding a band on both sides but now is too big, so I need the reduce the sides again 😀 Day 9. I was wearing a repeated pinafore denim dress from last week, a self-drafted blue t-shirt and a me-made tote bag. I was exploring t

Me Made May 2022 Day 1 To 7

Hello, I'm participating Me Made May challenge again this year and this is my 10 year of participating. Time really flies too fast. I still remember my first MMMay in 2013 and I posted my daily outfit on Flickr. I found many International sewing friends during the challenge and I'm glad we continue connecting on the blog and on Instagram until today.  Me Made May challenge is hosted by  Zoe Edwards @sozoblog  and is a wardrobe challenge to help us to improve our relationship with our handmade items, more details are on Zoe's blog  link here .  I wear my handmade clothes every day with very little rtw, so I'm not going to find any difficulty with what should I wear. Most of my garments are old makes, they are still in good condition but some are too loose or too tight and I want to fix those that I can.  Well, here is my pledge for Me Made May 2022, I Hana of @velvetribbon_sews , pledge to wear me-made clothes and refashioned every day during the whol