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Me Made May 2022 Day 15 - 24

Hi all, May was a great month for home sewists like me because of Me Made May 2022 and I decided to continue to show you what I was wearing during the challenge. Today's post is the recap for day 15-24 and as usual, I was wearing my basic garments. Nothing fancy but they are wearable, easy and suitable for my daily life.  Day 15. I was enjoying our weekend walk in a me-made floral silk blouse, Burdastyle pattern 07/2018, and a self-drafted skirt. I made the blouse last year and here is a  link  for more detail. Day 16. The temperature was drop and little rain. I wore a gingham shirt, pattern modified from Faitmain dress pattern -  detail here  and me-made denim pants that I sewed recently, pattern modified from Burdastyle trousers pattern 10/2013 -  detail here . Day 17. I was wearing another me-made outfit. A white shirt, pattern modified from Faitmain dress pattern, hand-knitted blue vest (my own pattern), and old denim pants, pattern modified