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Floral Silk Dress

I finally finished my floral silk dress that I was starting to make in March. It took me a long time to finish because I was ill and low sewjo after I recovered. I'm glad after four months of waiting, this dress is finished and I'm happy with the result. I hope I will wear it for dinner out when the lockdown ends.  Four months ago, I was planning to make a silk dress for my entry to Sew Recreate The Look, a challenge on Instagram hosted by Jen and Sharlene. My plan was to recreate a summer v-neck dress with piping detail by Alexander McQuenn. I made a flat sketch as shown below, but in the end, I omitted the flounce at the hemline because I think the dress will suit me better without it. My fabric choice was printed silk charmeuse and silk satin for the lining, I also used black drapey fabric for the bias tape piping. I posted my inspiration and plan  here  and  here . I used a self-drafted pattern for the dress and modified my basic dress sl

Late Post, Me Made May 2022 Day 25 - 31

Hello, as promised here is my late update of Me-Made-May challenge for day 25-31. I was busy and didn't have time to update this blog but good thing I'm still sewing and knitting a little a day. The situation in Macau is terrible at the moment because of covid-19, many local cases and we are on lockdown. Hope this pandemic will end soon and we will go back to our normal life. Besides sewing and knitting, I'm baking more during this difficult time, I made a sourdough starter and enjoy baking with it.  Well, here are my outfits for MMMay'22 challenge day 25 -31, I realized that I wore my two sneakers almost all the time because they are comfy and perfect for a busy mom like me. Day 25. I wore my green cotton Josephine dress, Ottobre design pattern 02/2018. I made this dress two years ago, more detail  link here . Day 26. I wore me-made outfit, a yellow cotton top Simplicity 8454 pattern and  denim pants that I made recently. The pants are getting