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Vintage Modern Jamie Shift Dress # Batik

Hello... I made a new dress! This is my fourth version of BurdaStyle Vintage Modern Jamie Shift dress. I didn't make a change in the pattern but instead of using facing for the finishing neckline, I used bias tape piping. I also added back darts and sewn two little pleats in the front at the waistline. Those pleats were included because the dress was a little bit loose. I don't want to reduce and sew the dress in both sides again, so I pleated it and problem solved :) Here I am, wearing my new dress last Friday for MMMay'15 day 29 - with theme : My Town. The picture was taken in the old part of Taipa. Pattern: BurdaStyle Vintage Modern Jamie Shift Dress size 34. I made adjustments on the neckline and shoulder. Also added the dress length. You can see my muslin and pattern adjustments here Materials: I bought 3.5 yards of batik fabric in Bangkok last year and I still have a leftover that is enough to make another dress/ blouse Invisible zipper 1/2" wide b

Sleeveless Birdy Dress

Hello... I decided to make this dress the day before my visit to Hongkong. It was an easy and fast dress to make, I finished it in five hours :) This dress was inspired by my refashion dress . It has bust darts and back darts, round front neckline and not so deep V back neckline, sleeveless, knee length, three pleats in the front skirt and two pleats in the back skirt and finished the neckline and armholes with bias tape. Here is my final dress that I wore in Wednesday for mmmay'15 day 20 . Husband snapped it in one of the fabric shops in Western Market, Sheung Wan - Hongkong. I will explain more about the dress detail in the below post and also want to share my visit to the fabric store :) Pattern And Modification: This is my second dress based on Built By Wendy Book - Dirndl Dress pattern size 34, you can read my first version ~here~ . Materials: I bought 3 yards of navy polycotton fabric with birdy prints in Lisbon-Portugal last year. I used 2 yards for this dress

Weekend Refashion

Hello.. I refashioned my two old dresses. I had the idea some months ago but always delayed with other things. And I am so glad that Me-Made-May'15 inspired me to look back to what I have sewn and forced me to refashion some garments and throw away others that really don't fit anymore. Yay! Firstly, I will show you my refashioned dress. I love it very much because of the prints. The fabric is viscose, it isn't the best fabric to wear in hot summer day but I couldn't resist the prints :D This dress is my self-drafted. My work in this dress wasn't so bad even I noticed that the armhole was a little bit big and I sewn the zipper in wrong side. It supposed to be in the left side but I sewn it in right side :) The picture below shows my dress after I refashion it. I wore it yesterday for MMMay'15 day 16. This picture was taken yesterday morning in one of the gardens here in my place (Taipa-Macau). My husband snapped it just before we went to the supermarket fo

DIY Apron

Hi all.. My sewing machine was broken two days ago, the hand wheel doesn't move. Immediately I took it to the shop and so glad that the guy managed to fix it :) Yay!! As soon as the machine back home, I sew an apron for which I already cut the fabric in Monday. I need a new apron to wear when I am cooking and baking because my first one was damaged. The picture below was taken yesterday in the kitchen just before I bake breadsticks. Materials : I have 1.5 yards of yellow cotton fabric printed with colorful fishes. I used 3/4 yard for my apron and still have left over that is enough to make a reversible bag or any other small project. Pattern : This apron is self-drafted. I measured directly on the fabric and cut it. My apron was made from four pieces of rectangle shapes. - Apron body x 2 (22 cm long and 20 cm wide) - Apron skirt x 1 (60 cm long and 48 cm wide) - Straps x 2 (50 cm long and 7 cm wide) - Belt x 1 (115 cm long and 10 cm wide) All the measurements are

Finished MAGAM April : Watercolour Floral Dress

Hello everyone.. Finally I finished my watercolour floral dress for April  MAGAM - Make A Garment A Month with the theme "Blooming Flowers" After working on it for some days, in the end I decided to remove the smocked. I will explain more in the below post. For now let's see the final dress that I already wore last Sunday and already shared the picture in MMMay'15 day 10 Flickr group  and My Facebook Page Here is the continuation of my work on this dress. You can check on my previous post  for half of the sewing process. After I pleated and pinned the skirt to the bodice right sides together, I smocked the dress according to the instruction but I only made four rows. Then I sew both sides of the dress and tried it. But I didn't like the look of the dress on me :( I have to say that my work on the smocked wasn't bad but it didn't fit me well. Maybe it will look good for others especially with taller and skinnier figure. Well, I made a quick