Saturday, August 31, 2013

Burdastyle Summer Tank, Dress And Jersey Cowl Top

Finally my little boy recovered from cough and flu, so today I have time to write a post on this blog.
I finished three projects before my holidays but I didn't have time to post them. The summer tank and dress based on free Burdastyle pattern. The pattern is originally for a tank but I think it will be good to make a dress too.

Pattern: free pattern from Burdastyle, Summer Tank Top 05/2013 size 34/36. Beware, the pattern is too big, the size of the armhole is almost on my waist. So, I have to reduced both side of the tank 3". And I also reduced the length of the tank 3.5"

Materials: 1.5 yard of printed rayon from my stash - it's not the most comfortable fabric but the print is beautiful.

This is a very easy and fun project to make. I drew the pattern according to the instructions from Burdastyle, reduced the side and the length of the tank. I sew the tank right side together with 1.5 cm seam allowance. Then sew the drawstring and insert it at the neckline. I used 4 cm for the hem allowance. Done!
I really love this tank, it is very fresh to wear on hot summer day and the drawstring at the neckline is totally cute:)

Pattern: I used same pattern for the tank and added the length down to the knee. I also made a belt from the same fabric.

Materials: 2 yards of very soft printed cotton from my stash.

Dress belt, 3.5" x 56 " on fold

Pattern:  Burdastyle Jersey Cowl Top 03/2013 size 34 with little adjustment on the waist (my waist is size 36).

Materials: 1.25 yards of jersey in strong pink color, me-made bias tape from the same fabric and same color of thread.

This is another easy, fast and fun project to make, I will definitely make more from the same pattern but different fabric and color.

Happy stash styling!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I Am Back

I arrived home on Friday and have been busy with a lot of stuff and taking care my little boy. He is recovering from cough and flu, poor baby:(

For sure, I will be back to sewing and blogging after my boy recovered. And here are three batiks that I brought from my holidays in Bali-Indonesia. The first one is silk batik in printed shiny purple that my mom gave me as souvenir, the second one is batik sarong in printed green color and the third one is batik keris in printed white and brown color. Both of the second and third batik I bought in Matahari Plaza-Kuta, Bali. The three batiks are going to pre-washing, ironing and stay inside my stash box waiting for the right pattern:)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hello from Bali

Hello everyone,
I am really enjoying my holidays with my family in Bali - Indonesia.  Here are some photos of the holidays including one of my mother wearing the top that I made for her and me wearing my new project that I will post as soon as I am back to Macau.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tops For My Mom

Hi everyone...
I mentioned on my last post that I made two tops for my mom but in the end I made three for her:)
I will meet her on the vacations very soon, so I wanted to make something special for her. I just hope that she will like it and the tops will fit her nicely.

Top A
top A front

top A back

Top B
top B front

top B back

Both tops A and B based on Burdastyle pattern 04/2014 size 44 with adjustment in the waist and hips areas ( waist : size 48 and hips : size 46), the pattern originally is for a dress.
I cut the length of the pattern, make the neckline smaller by adding 2 cm on both side and draw a new neckline, omitted the ruffles on the sleeve and hem, sew the button on the back and added the tabs on the sleeves.
The tops are facing up with same fabric and fused with light weight fusible interfacing.
Also, I used 1.5 cm seam allowances for all edges and hem. And 3 cm for sleeve hem.

Top A ( 2 1/2 yards of printed taffeta in dark blue with small white flowers), Top B ( 2 1/2 yards of Japanese cotton voile in yellow with small flowers), light weight fusible interfacing, 3 black buttons for top A, 3 white buttons for top B and same color of threads.

The process of making the tops is very easy and fast. I read all the instructions from the magazine before I copy the pattern, then the rest I just sew and followed my self-taught.
After I sew these tops, I wanted to make one for me but instead I will make a dress on the next couple moths:)

Top C
top C front

top C back
This top C based Burdastyle plus size pattern 01/2013, I only used the upper front + back and the sleeve pattern. Then I drew a new straight line from upper front + back down to the hips and continue to the middle thigh. I omitted the front slit and the back dart. I added the middle front pleat, I think you can see it in the picture above. Also, I sew the button on the back and added the tabs on the sleeves.
The top is facing up with same fabric and fused with light weight interfacing. I also added 1.5 cm seam allowances for the all edges and hem. And 3 cm for the sleeve hem.
2 1/2 yards of very soft cotton in printed blue from my stash, light weight fusible interfacing, 3 black buttons and same color of thread.
Here are the pictures of the top details,
the tabs on the sleeve
back side of the top with tear drop style


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Button-Down Shirt For Husband

Hello all...
This is my second project based on Sewing Vintage Modern - Frank Button-Down Shirt size 56, with short sleeve. I made this shirt especially for my husband to wear at work and I am glad that he is really happy with it.

21/4 yards of white with light purple stripe cotton fabric, 8 pieces buttons, fusible interfacing and same color of thread.

How I worked :
The work on this shirt is exactly like the first one that I made for him many months ago. You can see the details of sewing in progress  here and here.
I enjoyed the sewing process as usual and I will definitely make some more.

Also, I have done two tunics for my mom and I will post it on the blog soon. And now, I am working on a summer tank for me to wear on the holidays:)

Happy sewing and have a great weekend!