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Drop-Shoulder Pullover

Hello, Belated Merry Christmas to all friends! Hope you had a great Christmas celebration and happy holidays. I am back after a long silence with brand new hand knit pullover that I knitted for three and half months :) I took so long to finish because I only knit 10 rows per night while I am relaxing in front of the television :) Pattern: Drop-Shoulder Pullover - Designer Knitting magazine early winter 2015 size S. Needles: 3 and 4 mm circular needles. Yarn: eight skeins - 1720 m of "Blue Jeans'' indigo dye cotton and acrylic yarn in green colour, I never heard about this yarn until I visited Dongdaemun market in Seoul, South Korea. The most I like about this pullover is the elongated sleeves with thumb openings, as shown in the picture below. It feels so good and warm, I don't need to wear gloves or mitts to keep my hands warm :) My Final pullover looks a little bit different than the original pattern. I made the turtleneck smaller and the finished hem small