Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Drop-Shoulder Pullover

Belated Merry Christmas to all friends! Hope you had a great Christmas celebration and happy holidays. I am back after a long silence with brand new hand knit pullover that I knitted for three and half months :) I took so long to finish because I only knit 10 rows per night while I am relaxing in front of the television :)

Pattern: Drop-Shoulder Pullover - Designer Knitting magazine early winter 2015 size S.
Needles: 3 and 4 mm circular needles.
Yarn: eight skeins - 1720 m of "Blue Jeans'' indigo dye cotton and acrylic yarn in green colour, I never heard about this yarn until I visited Dongdaemun market in Seoul, South Korea.

The most I like about this pullover is the elongated sleeves with thumb openings, as shown in the picture below. It feels so good and warm, I don't need to wear gloves or mitts to keep my hands warm :)
My Final pullover looks a little bit different than the original pattern. I made the turtleneck smaller and the finished hem smaller with a very little high-low.

The process started with swatch and calculated the gauge because I used smaller yarn than the pattern suggested. Then worked in the back side started with CO with smaller needle followed by 1x1 rib. Changed to bigger needle, purl in wrong side and knit in right side until the neck shaping. The final back looks like big square shape with neck shaping :)
The process continued to front side, joined the shoulder and worked on the collar, 1x1 rib with smaller needle.
Then I did the sleeves, attached it to the bodice and sew the sides. Too bad I forgot to take picture of the process.
Here is the final pullover with the whole turtleneck.
And this is how I wear it, I folded the turtleneck inside.
Back view of the pullover.
The closer look of the thumb openings.
And the high-low hem.
That's it, a short review of my latest hand knit pullover. I like it and looking forward to wearing it in the colder weather.
Have a lovely day/evening and happy sewing/knitting to all!