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High Waist Skirt #1

This skirt basic on burda magazine 07/2008 in Spanish edition. I made some change on the waist line and front skirt pleat. The original skirt look really nice in the picture, but not really nice on me. That's why I made some change on it. I made muslin first for this skirt with the original pattern. But the front skirt pleat do not fit well on me, and then i try to pleat it inside. Wow! look like a magic, my skirt turn out perfect! For the waist line, I just made a very simple straight waist line 8 cm on the fold. End up with the 2 buttons on the back side of the skirt. Before I continue the making of my skirt, this is the original pattern that I use: I used kind of twill flannel brown colour to make this skirt, good to wear on the fall/winter/spring season. I think I am going to make with the lighter fabric for summer. Green colour as the model above is great colour for summer:) This is my first time ever for making pocket. For the first time I am not sure if I

Madura Batik Dress

This dress made from madura batik , one of the traditional batik from East Java - Indonesia. I bought last month from one of the store in Tunjungan Plaza - Surabaya. The colour such adorable red colour and the fabric pattern is really cute. I bought two pieces of madura batik, but this one was choosen by my husband. Again and again, he knew how to choose a great colour:-)  Basic fabric of batik is cotton, that's why I am not finding any problem during stitching this dress. The pattern from selfdrafting pattern by myself. I made muslin from very cheap cotton before I make the dress. The style of the dress is pretty simple but really cute. 3/4 sleeve is good for spring season. With some pleated in the front skirt and some pleated in the right shoulder. This is the drawing of my batik dress: Material needed for this dress: - madura batik, the fabric already come in pieces for more less 2 1/4 m - lighweight interfacing - same colour thread - invisible zipper The