Monday, August 29, 2016

Lucky Cat Dress

Hello friends,
As promised in my previous post, here is my second holiday dress. I wore it during our visit to N Seoul Tower, South Korea, pictures below taken in the park around the tower.
I am sure you aren't surprised with the pattern I used, BurdaStyle Jamie Shift Dress size 34. Well, this dress is my sixth version so far :)

For the fabric, I used 1.5 yards of polycotton fabric in lucky cat printed that I bought in Hongkong last year. I don't know why I only bought 1.5 yards, if usually I use 2 yards for a dress. Anyway, with very careful calculation I made it :) I used bias tape instead of usual facings and cut the stripes of same fabric for hem allowance.

This dress I made exactly like the original pattern, without back darts as I always added in my previous dresses.
The process was fast, I finished it in five hours :) The process started with sewing the front darts and followed by all the usual manner that I don't need to explain here because you all already master it :)
The only a bit more work was to sew the hem. I have to add two stripes of the same fabric (five cm each) for hem allowance. I placed the stripes right sides together and sewed one side only. And then attached it to the hem, sewed right sides together and closed/sewed the opening area (the unsewn stripes). After that, turned the fabric to the wrong side, serger the raw edge and sewed the hem allowance 4 cm. I am done!

Here are two more pictures of the closer looks of the dress on me, front and back views.

After all, I am loving this dress more and more, I think BurdaStyle made this pattern for me :) I can not stop making more. Beside the pattern, I also love the fabric. I was looking for lucky cat prints for years and so happy to find it in Hongkong. Hope the lucky cat will give me a good luck and fortune :)

Also, this dress is my second dress for MAGAM Challenge that Sarah Liz hosted in facebook. I didn't follow the August theme but I will post it there anyway.

Thank you for reading and hope you have a happy sewing!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Lace Curtain Dress

Hello everyone,
I made two new dresses before my holiday, but today I will only show you the first one. The second dress will be in the next post.
We visited Seoul - South Korea and enjoyed the place very much, good foods, great shopping for skincare ( I do love their masks and serums) and I was so surprised that we found fabric and yarn markets during our visit to the area of Dongdaemun market. Well, the fabric market is huge with so many collection of Korean cotton, I bought five kinds and I think is more than enough to make nine garments. Also, I bought eight skeins yarns for my future sweater :) All the souvenir was posted in my Instagram :)

Okay, enough said about the fabric market. Let's talk about my new dress :) The dress was made out of lace curtain fabric in green colour that I bought in the local market many months ago. I also made tank dress to wear underneath, used knit cotton in dark green.
For the pattern, I used Burdastyle Embellished Tunic dress 11/2013 size 34 with modification on the neckline and sleeves.

Here is the final dress that I wore during my holiday, picture taken by DH just before we went out for dinner :)

The process of making this dress was faster than my norm because I don't need to trace a new pattern, I did my first dress in January 2014. The original pattern was 3/4 sleeves tunic dress with front slit. As I wanted a very simple dress with short sleeves and round neckline, I just cut the sleeves length, omitted the slit and drew a new line of the neckline. I also added back darts to make the dress fit better on my body.
The only annoying thing to work with this dress was the fabric, it's hard/sturdy with terrible sizes between the lines - some bigger than others, I couldn't match the lines properly no matter how I tried.
You will spot the bad matching lines in the second picture in the back dress :(

The sleeves and hem finished without sewing them, I just cut the fabric along the edges and the result was as nice as I expected :)

And here is the tank dress that I sewed especially to wear under the dress. I used BurdaStyle Vintage Modern Jamie Shift dress size 34 with modification in the neckline, shoulder, armhole and omitted the darts. Also, I have to make adjustment in the sides of the dress because I used knit fabric instead of woven as the original pattern suggested.

That's it about my lace curtain dress everyone, I will be posting this dress for MAGAM August challenge. My July jacket is still waiting for me to sew the buttons and snaps, it was delayed because I run out of snaps and the shop was closed for holiday.

Happy Sewing and hope you have a lovely summer holiday :)

+Hana Velvet Ribbon