Monday, February 22, 2016

February Outfit - Simplicity Pants and Top

Hi everyone,
Finally I finished my pants and decided to sew a top to wear with it. Both patterns are from Simplicity, Misses pants 6231 size 36 and New Look 6225 size 34 with my own modification.
The top has round neck and raglan sleeve and the pants has side zipper, front and back darts with 3 cm waistband.

Pattern and adjustment:
Top : New Look 6225 B size 34 with adjustment based on my first top but this time I skip the dart and lengthen the sleeve until my wrist.
Pants : Simplicity Misses Pants 6231 size 36 with adjustment based on my muslin.
  • Make smaller waistband, 3 cm wide.
  • Shorten the crotch depth in both front and back pieces 3 cm.
  • Reduced the length at the knee area 8 cm in both front and back pieces.
  • Reduced the sides 2 cm, I think in this case I should size down the pattern to 34.
  • Added front darts, 9 cm from center front, 1.5 wide with 12 cm long.
  • Finished with hem allowance 3 cm.

2 yards of woven fabric in deep green colour for the pants, 1.5 yards of knit cotton in green colour for the top, invisible zipper, fusible interfacing and threads

The sewing process of the pants was taking its time, it started with the muslin and fitting as I mentioned the detail above. Then I stop sewing during Chinese New Year Holidays, only after my son back to school I started sewing again.
Carefully I cut the fashion fabric and started sewing the darts and attached the front and back pieces together, sew the inner legs.
Then sew the crotch line started from front side to the back.
Sew both sides and leave the left area unsew for attach the zipper.
I fused the fusible interfacing to the waistband pieces, sew them together and attached waistband to the pants.
Sew the invisible zipper and sew the hem. Done!

And the sewing process of the top was easy and fast because this top is my fourth version of New Look 6225. As I made long sleeves based on pattern view B (two pieces pattern for the sleeve - front and back), I have to reduce the shoulder and upper sleeve 2.5 cm until down to the upper wrist. 
And reduced bottom sleeve at the wrist 4 cm, shape up to the armhole to get the right proportion. Finished with 1.5 cm sleeve allowance, sewing with twin needle.
For the neckband, I sew the band from same fabric 3 cm wide x 56 cm long to the neckline right sides together. Then folded to the wrong side of the neckline and top-stitched around.
And sew 2 cm hem allowance with twin needle. Done!

Here are the pictures of the finished outfit,

I am posting this outfit for Magam Freaky Fearful February, MAGAM Facebook group
Happy Sewing!


Monday, February 1, 2016

Hand Knit Boy's Scarf

Hello friends,
I knitted a scarf for my dear son and so glad that I managed to take picture of him wearing it :) The scarf is self-pattern and the size is 50" length x 5'' width.
I mentioned lately that I've been knitting and I agree that knitting is a great activity as well as sewing. And speaking about sewing, I am still in progress of pants making. I changed the pattern two times, two muslins, one unsuccessful pants and another pants waiting to finish. I will explain more in the next post.
Well, for now let's talk about the knit scarf. I visited my local yarn shop in the beginning of January and brought home three types of yarns in different colours and brands. Then I decided to use my first choice - Schachenmayr Bravo in dark grey to make my son scarf. I think it isn't the best yarn to make scarf because it is an acrylic yarn but still can pamper the neck in the cold winter weather :)

1.5 skeins of Schachenmayr Bravo  color 08319 - dark grey, 146 yards per skein.
Knitting needle 4 mm
Tapestry needle

Knitting Process:
This is based on my own pattern. I started with cast on 27 sts.
Then working on 2x2 ribbing until 12 rows, ending with WS row. The first ribbing have to be decreased in the last row.
Row 13 : K1, *P4, K1* in the right side.
Row 14:  P1, *K4, P1* in the wrong side.
Repeat until measured 38" from the beginning. Ending with WS row.
Worked with 2x2 ribbing until 12 rows.
Bind off loosely.
Then I iron the finished scarf even the yarn labels says I shouldn't iron. I did that because the scarf was crumple like a long roll :) I laid thick cotton cloth on top and spray with water and carefully steam the iron on it. I don't know if I did the right thing but I am happy with it, the final scarf turned out so soft :)
Also, the important note : the original scarf measures 40" length when I finished knit but turned out bigger 50" length after I iron it.

Here is the look of the finished ribbing, right and wrong side. But I think my son can use in both sides because they look nice.

That's it for my today post, hope everyone have a happy crafting and happy sewing!

Take care,