Thursday, October 22, 2015

In Progress : Light Pink Coat Part 1

I am working on my BurdaStyle coat for MAGAM October with the theme "Sew the U.F.O". I traced the pattern and pre-washed the fabrics last year but in the end I couldn't make it. So, it is a lovely feeling that this time I am working on it and hopefully I can wear when the weather isn't too cool :)

BurdaStyle Three Quarter Sleeve Coat 08/2014 size 36. The coat has boxy style, no collar, 3/4 sleeves and oversize patch pockets. I omitted the crease bottom (piece no 3) and instead of two pieces back coat, I made it on the fold.
Also, I am not so sure how the boxy coat with oversize patch pockets will fit my petite frame. We will see and I hope I can make it work :)
2.5 yards of rayon viscose crepe fabric in light pink colour for the coat body and 2 yards of brocade fabric in light cream for the lining, fusible interfacing, four snap buttons (fasteners) and threads.

Sewing Process:
Before I cut the fabric, I laid the pattern pieces on the table and I saw very clear that the coat will be very boxy and too long for me. So, I reduced the body and sleeves length 8 cm. I will reduce the both sides of the body after I sew the coat later.

The first thing I did was fused the fusible interfacing on the front and back neck lining.

After that I sew the darts, as shown below.

After I sewn the darts, I worked in the back coat by sewn the shoulder pieces onto the coat body. Here is the picture,

Then sew the front and back coat right sides together. As shown below, wrong and right sides of the coat.

After I set the body, I worked on the sleeve by sewn the sleeve center right sides together.

Then attached the sleeve on the body right sides together, as shown below

After I attached the sleeve, I sew the body coat at the side starting from the end of the sleeve to the hemline.

Well, after I sewn both sides of the coat, I tried it and I saw that the coat is still too big for me. So, I just reduced both sides of the coat 5 cm - as shown in the hand sewn below.

And here is the result after I reduced both sides of the body. It looks more slimmer at the bottom.

After the method above done, I prepared the pockets. As I don't have enough fabric, I used the brocade fabric as the pockets lining.

Then I pinned and basted the pockets on the coat body, as shown in below

I removed the baste after sewn the pockets using the sewing machine. Hope you can see the detail

And here is the full look of my work today, hope I have time to sew the lining and attach it to the body during the weekend :)

Happy sewing!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

First Knitting Project - Infinity Scarf

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!
I wanted to know how to knit since a long time but only last month I decided to buy knitting kits and learning how to knit.
Also, I bought knitting magazine in August and read some techniques but I was confused. Then I went to YouTube to watch some lessons and so happy that I got it :)

As I am a beginner knitter, I just want to try something simple and suitable for my level. So, I knit an infinity scarf. I didn't follow any pattern but just knit in circular needle and here is the result,

Knitting Process:
I did my first exercise Garter Stitch in the two balls of very cheap wool yarns that I bought in my local Japanese shop, followed easy video tutorial from Studio Knit. And here is my result,

After I did Garter Stitch, I am curious about Stockinette Stitch, they look so nice for scarf but I had a problem that they were curling during the process. Then I found another tip that I should stitch borders around them to avoid curling.
I did Garter Stitch border in the top, below and both sides of the Stockinette Stitch. I used my pure new wool from stash and followed video tutorial from Studio Knit. Here is my result,

Well, let's talk about the infinity scarf now. I used Stockinette Stitch in circular needle, so have to be working with Knit Stitch all round.
First thing I did was slip knot following by long tail cast-on, then joining the round. After that, I knit all round and finished with bind-off.

For joining the round I followed the video tutorial from Studio Knit. And here is my first joining round,

Material for the infinity scarf:
Pure New Wool in orange colour (50 gr/95 yards), I used two balls
Circular Needle size 6 mm/80 cm

After all, the final size of my scarf is 80 cm in total circle with 12 cm width. In the end of the knitting process, I have to iron it because it looks a little curling in both sides. Here is the final scarf,

And here is how it looks when I hang in the hanger,

I love my new scarf even it didn't turned out perfectly, I can see big holes in the cast-on and bind-off but anyway... I am sure I will be wearing it in the coming winter :)
Well, I am now working in another infinity scarf. I use smaller size needle and shorter length. I also use different stitch. But it will be taking longer time to finish.

Also, I am linking this post to Carolyn for Show Off Saturday

See you soon in another creativity :)

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Polka Dot Blouse

For September "Snoop Sewing" I decided to copy Lauren Conrad blouse, shown here. My plan was sew a high collar blouse and big chest pockets but things didn't go so well and in the end I have to cut the high collar and make it as a V-neck blouse. I also skip the pockets because they don't look good with V neck.
Here is the final result...

picture from
Pattern And Materials:
BurdaStyle Simple Blouse 04/2013 # 104 A  size 36
1.5 yards of small black polka dots over white colour cotton fabric, 8 small dark brown and white gingham buttons, 1/2" bias tape and thread.

Sewing Process:
As usual I sew the front plackets and sew the front and back pieces at the shoulder right sides together, then attached the sleeves on the body.
After that I sew the high collar and attached to the neckline. The result shown in the picture below (first one from the left). My work on the collar was fine but just a little bit tight for my neck and it doesn't look good on me.
So, I cut the high collar and make it as V neck blouse. As shown in the middle and last pictures, I measured 11 cm from the CF down to the chest and cut both sides.

And then I sew 1/2" bias tape right sides together along the neckline. After that, I folded the bias tape to the inner blouse and top stitched.

Here is the result...

After I finished the neckline, I reduced the sleeve length 2 cm and worked on the plackets and cuffs. I was a little confused with the instruction from Burda but lucky I managed to sew the plackets with the video tutorials from Angela Kane here and here.
After I finished the plackets, I sew the blouse side from the sleeve to the hem right sides together ( I did for both sides), then sew the cuffs.
Sew the button holes and buttons. Then the last work was sew the hem. I used narrow hem.

Well, working in this blouse wasn't so easy but at least I learned a new skill on sewing sleeve plackets.
And here are the finished blouse, front and back views following by the closer look of the sleeve placket and cuff. Also the high low hem :)

And the last two pictures of me wearing it, back and front views

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Happy Sewing!

BurdaStyle Simple Blouse 04/2013 #104 A size 36
Sewing a sleeve placket part 1 and part 2