Friday, July 26, 2013

Sewing Vintage Modern Polka Dot Dress

dress front

A new dress! Yes, I am glad that I finally finished it:) This is my second project based on Elizabeth Gathered Waist Dress from Burdastyle Sewing Vintage Modern Book. You can see my first project here.
For this polka dot dress,  I only used the dress bodice pattern and instead of using straight-gathered skirt from the original pattern, I used pleated skirt pattern from my stash. Also, I changed the side zipper to the middle back.

I used 2 yards of polka dot fabric, light weight fusible interfacing, invisible zipper and same color of thread. All of them are from my stash.
The process of making this dress is very simple and enjoyable. The instructions from the book are very easy to follow and I definitely will make another project based on this pattern.

How I worked on this dress:
  • For the dress bodice: I had the copied pattern with adjustment from my first dress, but this one I kept the style original.
  • For skirt: I am not so sure where I got the pattern, I found it inside my stash without descriptions:( The skirt style is very simple pleated skirt that for sure will suit well my body type and I can run with my little boy.
  • As I mentioned above, I change the side zipper to the middle back.
  • I iron the light weight fusible interfacing onto the neckline and armhole facings before attach it to the bodice. Sew it and secure it with hand stitching around it.
  • I finished the dress hem with 4 cm blind hem stitching.
Here are the pictures of the dress,

inner dress front

inner dress back

dress front
dress side
dress back
This is my July style the stash sew a long, this project was delayed because of my work on a men's shirt for my husband. The shirt is almost done, only missing to sew the sleeve hem. I will post it on the blog as soon as I finish it.

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Little Girl's Dress And Gathered Skirt

girl's dress with a bow
gathered girl's skirt
I made these little projects especially for my 7 year old niece.
The dress based on Burdastyle Girl's Dress 08/2012 size 8, but I omitted front side panel and the pockets. I changed the pleated band in the front dress with a simple bow and reduced the length of the dress. I also drew the neckline and armhole facings.

Materials :
1 1/5 yards of printed chiffon from my stash, invisible zipper and same color of thread.

How I worked on the dress:
I read the sewing instructions before I copy the pattern. Traced all the pattern pieces and cut all the fabric pieces. I serge all the edges using an overlocked sewing machine, then I sew front and back dress right sides together.
Sew invisible zipper in the middle back side.
Sew the front and back facing right sides together, press and iron it. Then sew the facing around neckline right sides together, turn it inside the dress. Press, top stitched and iron it. I also did the same way on the armhole facings.
For the hemline, I just sew it using an overlocked sewing machine - rolled hemmed style.

Here are more pictures of the little dress,
girl's dress front with a bow
wrong side of the dress with facing on it

back dress with invisible zipper
Now, I will show you the skirt details. I posted the skirt in progress on  my facebook page this morning and I managed to finish it by the end of the day. This is a very easy project, it's made from three rectangular shapes, 2x front side and 1x back side.
1 yard of light weight printed rayon fabric in yellow color, 5 yellow buttons, fusible interfacing for waist band and front skirt plackets and thread.
Self-drafted pattern. I mentioned above that the skirt made from three rectangular shapes.
Skirt front - 35 cm width x 37 cm long (2 pieces)
Skirt back - 70 cm width x 37 cm long (1 piece)
Front placket - 3 cm width x 37 cm long on fold (2 pieces)
Waistband - 58 cm width x 3 cm long on fold (1 piece)
I added 1.5 cm seam allowances to all edges and 3 cm for hem allowance
How I worked on the skirt:
I cut all the pieces according to the measurement, iron the fusible interfacing on to the waistband and plackets.
Serge all the edges using an overlocked sewing machine, sew the placket on the front skirt right and left side.
Sew the front and back skirt right sides together and gather the skirt.
Sew the waistband, press and iron it.
Then sew the buttons and buttons holes, the last part is sew the hemline 3 cm ( I used blind hem stitching)
Here are the pictures of the skirt,
girl's skirt front
girl's skirt back

the buttons are so cute:)

I included these little projects on Style The Stash Sew A Long and still have one or maybe two more kid's project that I will make from the stashes. Also, I am still working little by little to finish my polka dot dress.
Happy sewing to you all!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Threads Magazine June/July 2013

A very talented sewist Marina Von Koenig of Frabjous Couture held a give away a month ago and I was very lucky to win it. The magazine arrived on my hand today after I picked up from the post office. Here is the magazine cover,

I'd love to say a big thank you to Marina for sending me this magazine. I am extremely happy, can not wait to read it all and learning more sewing techniques. Here is one of the article that I really want to read,

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

DIY Hair Tie

Hi all,
Today post is about hair accessories! I made these hair ties from the leftover fabrics that already sitting inside my stash for so long, I think some of them already there for almost 3 years. I took them out, washed and iron it.
This is very easy, fast and fun small project to make and I'd love to share the step by step tutorials with all of you. I hope you like it:)

  • Prepare the fabric, light weight cotton or silk. Cut rectangular shape, 30" x 6" (1/2" seam allowances included). Serge all the edges of the fabric using an overlock sewing machine. And cut elastic 7".

  • With right side together, fold the fabric and pin it. Then stitch the fabric 1/2" seam allowance with the sewing machine.

  • Turn it inside out.
  • Insert the safety pin into the elastic and pin it on the edge of the fabric as shown in the pictures.

  • Insert another safety pin in the end of the elastic, and insert the elastic by pulling the safety pin inside the fabric.

  • Knot the elastic together.

  • Hand stitch the end of the fabric together with 1/2" seam allowance. Done!

I made 6 hair ties, I will use the blue polka dot and the red color. The black one is for my mom and the rest are for my niece and cousins.

Here is the picture of me wearing the blue polka dot hair tie,

Also, I included this small project into style the stash sew a long. The next one will be another small project for kids, I'll make a skirt, shorts and dress for my niece. I already washed some of the fabrics from my stash but still looking for the right pattern. Here are my fabrics,

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Super Sweet Blogging Award

I'd like to say a big thank you to Margo of Creating In The Gap for nominating my blog for The Super Sweet Blogging Award. Margo is a very sweet and talented sewist who blogged all her sewing projects, check out her blog to see all her lovely creations.

Here are the official rules that I have to do next after received the award:
  1. Thank the Super Sweet blogger that nominated you.
  2. Answer 5 Super Sweet questions
  3. Include the Super Sweet Blogging Award in your post
  4. Nominate a baker's dozen (13) other deserving bloggers.
  5. Notify your Super Sweet Nominees on their blog.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sweetheart Dress 04/2013

Hello everyone!
I finally managed to finish my latest dress and I am truly happy with it. I love the whole dress but my favorite is the dress bodice and I think I will make another dress based on it with different style of skirt.
I was supposed to work on this dress during weekend but I was busy with family activities, so only this morning I could finish it and take a pictures.

Here are the details of the dress,
This dress is my second project for Style The Stash Sew A Long, based on Burdastyle Sweetheart Dress 04/2013. I used size 34 for the dress bodice and size 38 for the skirt. I drew a new pattern for the bodice size 34 because the minimum size from the original pattern is 36. Then I have to adjust the bodice pattern to match with the skirt pattern ( I had a vary size between the bodice and the skirt).

I used 2 yards of brocade fabric in green color, 2 yards of white cotton for muslin, light weight fusible interfacing, invisible zipper and same color of thread. All the materials are from my stash.

How I worked on this dress:
I made a muslin first and I found that I need to alter some areas for a better fit.
The dress front:
A: The center front is too big and gaping, so I have to reduce 1/2" down to B 1/4". Then I drew the new line from A-B-to the waist.
C: The center front is too low for my taste, so I have to add 2 cm.
D: The armhole is too slim, so I have to add 1.5 cm
The dress back:
I decided to insert the zipper on the middle back, I did not like so much the side zipper.
A: The back is too big and gaping, so I have to reduce 3/4" down to B 1/2" and to C 1/4". Then I drew a new line from A-B-C down to waist
D: I added 1.5 cm on the center back
E: I added 1.5 cm on the armhole
And here are my whole muslin,

After I have done my muslin, I worked on my dress by following all the instructions and some of self-taught. I don't have ribbon on my stash, so I decided to make a dress without it.
Here are more pictures of my dress,

Here are the pictures of the dress inside,

And here is how the back skirt vent looks like,

I hope you like it and happy sewing to you all!