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Magam June Part 1 : Pleated Hem Batik Dress

Hi everyone... I mentioned in my facebook post  that I will be making four garments for June Magam with theme " Stashbuster" and here is my first garment, I was planning to make the dress with a hole at neckline and pleated hem but the hole didn't turn out well. So I have to cover the hole with a bib and sew eight buttons for accessory. I will explain more about the unsuccessful hole in the below post. Materials: I bought this batik in Kuta - Bali almost two years ago. The fabric already cut in a big rectangle with 1.8 yards long finished with rolled hemmed in both sides. I think the fabric is ready for beach cover or even tablecloth :) The reason why I bought it because the length is enough to make a simple dress and the print is so beautiful. I especially love both end of the fabrics, Beside the fabric, I also need invisible zipper, fusible tape, 9 small buttons, elastic for button loop, fusible interfacing, 1/2'' self-made bias tape from same fab

DIY Boy Doll

Hello everyone.. I made this doll for my younger son, Eduardo and the best thing is he loves it! :) He was watching me sewing the doll and took the doll from my hand as soon as I finished. The funny thing is he named the doll Eduardo :) Pattern: Boy fabric doll from Make It And Love It . The pattern is free with easy step by step tutorial. Materials: White cotton, red knit cotton, gingham fabric, dark brown polyester felt, button, polyester stuffing and threads The sewing process was really fun and relaxing. I cut the fabrics and sew according to the Ashley tutorial. And here is my doll in progress before I sew the pieces together and stuff it, Well, after I made the boy doll, I feel like to make two more - boy and girl. So I can make a little family doll, mom-dad and Eduardo. Sounds good :) The only different thing I made is the shoe laces, I made horizontal line shoe laces. The original is cross line shoe laces This post is the continuation of my weekly

Magam May: BurdaStyle Outfit # Monotone

Hi everyone.. I finished my  MAGAM May outfit with the theme "Monotone". After searched my stash and double checked my wardrobe, I decided to make wearable garments that  suits hot summer weather. And here is my final outfit, high-waist skirt and sleeveless top, Pattern : BurdaStyle Ribbon Dress 03/2013   size 34. I hacked the dress pattern to separate pattern. I will explain more about my work in this outfit in the below post. Material: 1 yard of medium cotton poplin in cream color 1 yard of knit cotton in white color 1.5 yards of lace in cream color Fusible tape and invisible zipper for the skirt and thread Sewing Process: ----Sleeveless Top----- Firstly, I copied the original bodice patterns. For the front bodice, I raised the middle neckline 5 cm and added the shoulder line at the neckline 3 cm and then drew a new line of the front neckline. I didn't used the darts. I just pass over the darts and make it as a loose bodice. For the back bo