Sunday, September 28, 2014

Back Cut Out Dress

Hello everyone,
I hope you are doing well! I have done my new dress for September MAGAM Challenge and I am happy with how it turned out. I was planning to make this dress in straight hem line but I changed my mind after I traced the pattern, I felt that the pattern was made especially for high low style dress. So, I just go with it.
After all, I think the dress is cute and I like it :)
Project Description:
This dress has boat neckline, high low hem and back cut out that is very sweet, feminine and sexy.
Pattern And Adjustment:
This dress is based on Burdastyle Back Cut Out Dress 08/2014 view B size 34 for the bodice and size 36 for the skirt. As I have a vary size between bodice and skirt, I have to make adjustment on the waist area. I also raised the neckline 2 cm and shorten the length of the skirt 5 cm.
As I am not sure about the finishes armhole and neckline, I decided to fully lining the dress bodice.
And for finishes the hem, I followed Gertie's tutorial watch the video here - same as I did on my summer dress
Image source from
2.5 yards of printed silk satin that my mom gave me last year, silk satin in purple color as the bodice lining, elastic and same color of thread.
Sewing Process:
1). I worked on the bodice and lining. Then I sew the front dress bodice to the front skirt. After that I inserted the elastic at the waist.
2). I worked on the back cut out of the back bodice. I sew the small facing on the back bodice right sides together - trim the fabric with zig zag scissor and turned it inside, after that I sew it again along the line 1 cm. As shown in the pictures below,

And then I inserted the elastic. Secured the elastic with small stitching in both side of the bodice. 
3). I sew the tapes (the one that supposed to insert inside the skirt and knot it).
Then, I started to work on the back skirt. I hand stitched the two hole on the middle back skirt, it is the same method as button hole stitch.
After that, I sew the small facing on the back skirt right sides together. Turned it inside and sew it again along the line 1cm.
And then I inserted the tape in the both sides - secured the outer side and knot the both tape in the middle.
4). I sew the front dress to the back dress right sides together. Sew the raw edge with an overlocker machine. Then, I hanged the dress on the dress form for two days. After that I sew the hem line following Gertie's tutorial. Done!
More pictures of me wearing the dress, side and back views.
And more pictures of the dress on my mannequin, front - side and back views.

Have a great weekend to you all! :x

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Women T-shirt With Hole Cut-Out In The Shoulder

Hi everyone!
I didn't sew anything since I came back from holiday. I have been busy but luckily things are settle-down and I will hopefully be back to sewing very soon :)

And as I didn't make a new project, I'd like to show you the t-shirt that I made before going to holiday. It was a fun t-shirt to make. I like the hole cut-out in the shoulder, it makes the t-shirt cuter and stylish. But to sew it is a little bit tricky, especially at the neckline area.

The idea of making this t-shirt came out suddenly when I was looking at the leftover fabric from my husband pajama shorts. I love the green knit cotton and it deserved something more stylish than normal tee. Then I remember that I have an old Burda magazine pattern that I want to try.
After I worked on the pattern and sewing it, the result is just lovely and I like it :)

Pattern And Modifications:
Burda magazine June 2008 - 123 size 34. I have to draw new line of the pattern for size 34 because the minimum size from the original pattern is 36.
I changed the 3/4 sleeve length to short sleeve and also shortened the length of the t-shirt.

The sewing process is fine, as I mentioned above the tricky part is to sew the neckline but I am glad that I managed to finish it nicely. And for finishes the sleeve hem and hemline, I just used the twin needle.

Well, I am not going to say more about my sewing process, but I'd show you more pictures of me wearing the t-shirt.

Have a lovely day to you all :-)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hello Everyone...

I returned home on Sunday from our summer vacation in Cabo Verde - West Africa. The place where I found many natural beauties, new foods and culture. We had so much fun and great moments during the vacation, I met new friends and family and we also had three birthday celebrations (my dear husband, my lovely cousin and my dear son). That's great!
Well, it's impossible for me to write here about the places we have visited but I can show you at least one beautiful picture that I took in Pedracin Village - Santo Antao.

Beside that, I found an antique inside the attic in the house. It's a vintage sewing machine that belong to my mother in law. She was a great seamstress but I didn't met her in person, she passed away some years ago. She also was great at cross-stitching, I can see by her work, it's amazing!
I decided to bring home some cross-stitch books from her and I will be doing it one day for exercise.

On the way back home, we stopped in Lisbon -Portugal for one and half day. And I managed to make some shopping. I bought some sewing magazine and fabrics. I don't have any planning for what type of garment to make from it, I will see..

Also, I got a surprise when I arrived home. I received a package from Arianne! Oh well, I won her giveaway and finally I own her pretty fabric :) Thank you so much Arianne, I will make flounce summer dress from it.
If any of you don't know Arianne yet, you can pop over her blog to say hi to her at Ariation

Well, I think is enough for my today post but before I say good bye I will pay my promise to you. As I mentioned on my last post, I would be wearing my floral dress on  a special occasion and I did it on my husband birthday party! :-)
And here is the picture of me and my dear husband, we are both wearing me-made garments. I am wearing my floral shift dress and my husband is wearing button-down shirt that I made especially for him as his birthday gift :) I will be posting the details of the shirt later.

Thank you for reading and see you soon on another post!