Thursday, May 30, 2013

Burda Sew Along: Light Cowl Top 01/2013 And Tie Skirt 08/2012

Burdastyle outfit
I am joining Modern Vintage Cupcakes  and The Curious Kiwi in a sew along, Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network (WSBN) Burda Magazine Sew Along.
I've been working with Burdastyle pattern and I love them so much. So, why I don't join!
Well, my first project for the sew along is Light Cowl Top from Burda magazine 01/2013. A friend of mine brought me the magazine from Portugal.

Here are more details of the top:
I used the left over printed silk rayon fabric from Color Block Dress and same color of thread. No zipper or even button for this top. It was very easy project.

Pattern modifications:
as I mentioned above, I used Light Cowl Top pattern size 34. I measure the length of the top about 14 cm under my waist. I added 1" on the body side because I had a bigger waist than the original pattern (I had size 38 for my waist). Also, I made a bigger back neck about 1/2'' and replaced the facing strip for the back neck edge with a normal back neck facing. Here is the picture,
How I worked:
I copied all the pattern pieces and made some adjustments on the body side and the top length. Then I transfer the patterns to the fabric, cut it all.
Then I sew it according to the sewing instructions. I didn't find any problem during sewing process.
And here are more pictures of the top,

Cowl top front
Cowl top front

Cowl top back

Now, I'll explain about my second project for the sew along. I chose Tie Skirt from Burda magazine 08/2012 to matching with the top. I bought the magazine in Portugal on my summer holidays last year.
Here are more details of the skirt,
1.5 yards of linen in orange color, same color invisible zipper, fusible interfacing and same color of thread.

I used Tie Skirt pattern 08/2012 size 36. No pattern alterations or even muslin this time. I omitted the tie belt and finished the hem line with blind hem stitching.

How I worked:
I copied all the pattern pieces and added seam allowances to all the edge 1.5 cm and hem allowance 4 cm. Then transferred the pattern to the fabric and cut it all.
I iron fusible interfacing on the wrong side of the skirt facing.
I sew the skirt according to the instructions. Well, I'll say that the skirt also a very easy project to make. And I'll definitely make another one soon but I'll add more length to the skirt.
Here are more pictures of the skirt,

Skirt front

skirt side
skirt back with invisible zipper inserted

And here are more pictures of me wearing my brand new outfit,

my picture for MMM'13 day 29
Happy Sewing!

P.S. I'll be joining Sarah on her Sew Along during 1st June to 31st December, if any of you are interested with it please head over her blog for more details, Style Stash Sew Along.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Me-Made-May'13 Day 20-26

"I am joining Zoe of 'So, Zo..  in a challenge to wear self-stitched garment or anything handmade during the whole month of May".

And here is an update of my MMM'13:
Day 20
On Monday 20th, I wore my new Color Block Dress, based on Burdastyle Sewing Vintage Modern Jamie Shift Dress. We went out for dinner here in our city.

Day 21
On Tuesday 21st, I wore my old self-drafted pencil skirt in black color. I made this skirt more or less 4 years ago. It was very lazy Tuesday but I went out for lunch anyway.
Day 22
On Wednesday 22nd, I wore my Madura Batik Dress. I didn't went out for lunch that day. I spent the whole morning sewing while my baby still sleeping. Then we went out for dinner at night. My husband took a photo of me at the corner of our house just before we left home.
Day 23
On Thursday 23rd, I wore my self-drafted floral dress with small sleeve cap and ruffles at the neckline. We went out for lunch at Italian restaurant here near our house. I didn't blogged it but I posted the details of the dress on my facebook page
Day 24
On Friday 24th, I wore my batik top. Friday's theme was hometown, as my hometown is very far away (4 hours flight) I decided to take a photo in front of our batik d├ęcor from my hometown.
Day 25
On Saturday 25th, I wore my old self-drafted semi gathered skirt that I made 3 years ago. The fabric was a present from my dear niece.
I went out with my family, we walked around our city to get some fresh air and sun but we got a bad luck with the rain on the way back home:(
Day 26
On Sunday 26th, I wore my floral dress in printed silk crepe de chine. Based on Built By Wendy Dirndl Dress pattern. Me and my family went to the Venetian Macao and my husband took a photo of me in the coffee shop.
I didn't blogged the dress but I posted the details of the dress on my facebook page
That's all my MMM'13 recap for day 20-26. Be free to take a look of MMM'13 groups on flickr, I am impressed with all the contestants, they all had a creative hand:)

Happy Wednesday to you all! I have done my latest project for Burda Sew-Along, I'll post it on the blog very soon.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Color Block Dress

Finally I have done my latest project and I am very happy that I have a new dress:)
I supposed to finish the dress on weekend but I didn't have time to sew. So, only this morning I managed to finished it and photograph it in the end of the day.

This is a continuation of my work,
- Around armhole, I did hand sewing to connected the lining to the self fabric 1/4" . Press it and iron it.
- Hemline, I serge with an overlock sewing machine to finished the raw edge of the hem. Then fold the bottom edge of the dress 1 1/4" at the hemline and press. Stitch it using sewing machine and iron it. Done!

front dress
back dress
The dress is fully lined with silk satin in black color,

 Happy Sewing!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Me-Made-May'13 Day 13-19

"I am joining Zoe of 'So,Zo.. in a challenge to wear self-stitched garments or anything handmade during the whole month of May"

And here is an update of my MMM'13 challenge,
Day 13
On Monday 13th, I wore my self-drafted Black Lace Top. As usual, sewing the whole morning and went out for lunch with my family.

Day 14
On Tuesday 14th, I wore my Red Dress. We went out for dinner after long busy day.
Day 15
On Wednesday 15th, I wore my Floral Dress. Based on Elizabeth Gathered-Waist Dress from Burdastyle Sewing Vintage Modern Book. We went out for lunch, it was a very hot and humid day here in my place.
Day 16
On Thursday 16th, I wore my 3/4 Pants in brown color. Based on Burdastyle Ellen Pants. It was another busy day, sewing the whole morning, baking muffins and taking care my baby.
Day 17
On Friday 17th, I wore my Summer Skirt and a handmade necklace that I bought in Portugal last year. 
It was holiday here in place so we have a long weekend. Me, my husband and little Eduardo went out to the garden in our area and continue our trip to supermarket.
Day 18
On Saturday 18th, I wore my new blouse. Based on Burdastyle Pleated Blouse. Me and my little family went out to the fruit market and continue our trip to the buttons shop.
Day 19
On Sunday 19th, I enjoyed the whole Sunday afternoon outside the house with my husband and little Eduardo. We went to the shopping center looking for some stuff and some toys for Eduardo.
Then at night we went out again for dinner. I wore my self-drafted Black Lace Dress and a handmade earing that I bought here in my place.
Happy Monday to you all!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sewing In Progress: Color Block Dress

 dress flat sketch

I am working on this dress since Tuesday morning and I am glad that I manage to finished my muslin and fitting issue on that day.
This color block dress based on Jamie Shift Dress size 34 from Burdastyle Sewing Vintage Modern.
I made pattern modifications on the front dress and added the dart on the back dress ( see my dress flat sketch above).
I altered the front and back dress at the shoulder 1/2" and lower the middle back dress at the neckline `1 1/4". Also altered the length of the dress 2 1/2".

my muslin from Jamie shift dress pattern
- I bought 2 yards of each fabric (black, grey and printed fabric), I'll make another project from the leftover fabric.
- 2 yards of silk satin for the lining
- Invisible zipper in black color, fusible interfacing, black and grey color thread.

my fabrics for the color block dress

I cut all the fabric yesterday and sew it according to the sewing instructions from the book. I am happy that I didn't find any problem during the sewing process.
Here are the pictures of my work,
front dress piece

back dress piece
And today, I am working on the dress lining, I sew the front and back lining right sides together. Then sew the lining at the neckline right sides together, turn the lining inside the dress.
After that, I sew the lining to  the invisible zipper using both machine and hand sewing.

So, tomorrow I'll continue to work on the armhole and hem line.

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Me-Made-May'13 Day 7-12

"I am joining Zoe from 'So,Zo... in a challenge to wear self-stitched garments or anything handmade during the whole month of may"

Here is an update of my MMM'13 challenge,
Day 7
On Tuesday 7th, I wore me-made outfit -  my self-drafted polka dot scalloped blouse and ellen shorts in brown color. I went to the supermarket nearby after spent the whole afternoon at home with my baby.

Day 8
On Wednesday 8th, I wore my Jamoo, batik dress from Built By Wendy Dirndl Dress pattern. I went out for lunch with my husband and my baby.

Day 9
On Thursday 9th, I wore my bow tie dress. I went out for lunch with my husband, son, sister in law and nephew.
Day 10
On Friday 10th, I completely forgot "Friday theme (sewing, knitting, creating space)". I supposed to take a picture inside my sewing room. But I only remember it when I  upload the photo on MMM'13 group on Flickr.
My MMM'13 day 10 was high low top based on Built By Wendy Shift Dress pattern.
Day 11
On Saturday 11th, I wore my striped dress based on Burdastyle pattern. We had dinner with friends here in my house.
Day 12
On Sunday 12th, we went out for morning walk around the city. I wore me-made outfit, pleated blouse from Burdastyle pattern and my first self-drafted shorts that I made long time ago.
That's all my recap for MMM'13 day 7-12, I also posted all my photos on MMM'13 Flickr Set. Or if you are interested to see all the contestants of MMM'13, be free to visit Me-Made-May'13 Group on Flickr. All the contestants had a creative hand, I am very impressed!
Happy Tuesday!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Short Sleeve Frank Button-Down Shirt

As promised from yesterday post, I'll continue documenting the making of Frank Button-Down Shirt. But let me tell you how I feel about this shirt, I am truly happy with it and so proud of myself that I can make something special for my husband. And definitely I'll make another shirt for him on the future.

And here's the continuations...
This step is how I worked on the collar, I followed step no 30-34. I pinned the collar pieces right sides together and stitch it. Then I cut the corners diagonally and turn the collar right side out. Press, iron it and topstitched around the edges, except for the open edge.

Then I pinned the collar bands onto the collar, right sides together.

I sew it along the curved edges of collar band.

Turn the collar band right side out, press and iron it.

I pinned the outer collar band onto the shirt neckline, right sides together. Sew it around the neckline.

Then I folded the seam allowance (1/2") of the inner collar band, pinned it into the neckline. You see here that the shirt is in between the two collar bands.

Sew it and topstitched around the collar band.

After I've done the method above, now I'll show you how I worked on the finished sleeve hemline and shirt hemline.
For the sleeve hemline - with wrong side of the shirt facing out, I folded sleeve piece 1/4", press it. Then I folded again about 1". Pinned and sew along the sleeve hemline.

For the shirt hemline - with wrong side facing out, I folded the bottom of the shirt 1/4", press it. Then I folded again about 1/4". Pinned and sew along the hemline.

Then the last work on the shirt, I sew the buttonholes and sew the buttons. Done!

And here is one more picture of my husband wearing the shirt. We went out for lunch at our friend restaurant O Santos Comida Portuguesa
.... more lovely picture of my son, Eduardo.
Happy Friday!

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