Friday, October 7, 2016

Self-drafted Tank Tops

Hello sewing friends..
As promised in the previous post, here are the finished tank tops. I made the first one in denim colour (right side) to wear under my lace crop top, then I decided to make two more from the leftover fabrics to wear at home :)
For the fabrics, I used denim jersey knit, yellow and grey striped jersey and strong blue cotton knit. I think I like more jersey knit fabric than the cotton knit, because it draped so nicely :)

The pattern is self-drafted based/copied from my old rtw tank top and I will show you the process in the below post.

The process of making the tank top started with copy the pattern from my old rtw tank top. Firstly, I folded the tank top in the position of front side on fold and back side on fold. I pin the center armhole down to the hem to avoid messing up in the drawing process. As shown in the picture below right.

After that, I placed the tank top on top of drawing sheet and carefully draw around it. Using scissor, I cut the center armhole down to the hem. Then added 3 cm on the sides plus 1 seam allowances, curved the waistline and lengthen the top until the middle of my hips.

I used 1 cm seam allowance in all edges and 2 cm hem allowance.

Here is my pattern after added the seam allowances and curved the waistlines,

After the pattern done, I cut the fashion fabric.
  • Front and back bodices on fold.
  • Front neckband 24 cm x 5 cm (including 1 cm seam allowance).
  • Back neck band 22 cm x 5 cm (including 1 cm seam allowance).
  • Straps 55 cm x 5 cm (including 1 seam allowance)

I pin and sew the right side of the front neck band to the wrong side of the front neck. Then folded the band to the right side of the front neck, pin and sew. I did the same for the back neck, as shown in the picture below.  

After that, I pin the right side of the strap to the wrong side of the front armhole and back armhole. Leave the middle strap free. Sew around both armholes.

I folded the strap to the right side of the front armhole, middle for the shoulder and back armhole - pin and sew them carefully.

After the straps done, I sew both sides of the bodices right sides together and sew the hem allowance 2 cm using twin needle. Done.

And the last three pictures of my tank tops. All of them are the same sizes but the denim colour is shorter than the others :) Also, I managed to match the stripes in the second tank top and I am really happy with it :)

Happy Sewing!

Love, +Hana Velvet Ribbon