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DIY Wrap Swimsuit ( Third Version)

Here is the last garment I made last month, a wrap-style swimsuit made from lycra fabric from my stash. I made two similar swimsuits before and I was happy with the fit. So, I was okay with the process and was sure it would turn out as well as the previous ones.  The process took me two days, just right before our holiday. And I immediately packed it as soon as it finished.  I love this wrap swimsuit, the design hides the fatty tummy and is comfortable to wear for swimming. Also, the wrap style adds something special, so girly and stylish. For the pattern, I used my self-draft (TNT: tried and true pattern) and the sewing process was started by cutting the fabric pieces, sewing the elastic on the front lining and continuing to pin the necessary parts. I prepared the bands for the back ties and the side wrap. Sewing them as a loop and turning them inside out. I pinned and sewed the bands (ties) on the right front piece (wrap) and backside. Stitched the

Black And White Color Block T-Shirt - Free Pattern

Hello... Today, I'd like to share my latest sewing project that I made in the beginning of December and that I already wore several times :) The other day when I was popping around Pinterest, I found a free dress pattern that I cannot resist to give it a try. After I saved and printed the pattern, I checked inside my stash box but I couldn't find two yards of knit cotton to make the full dress. Then, I went to another stash box and luckily found the leftover knit cotton in black and white, both are 75 cm. So, only enough to make a color block t-shirt :) Well, my first experiment of this pattern was good. I like the simple basic pattern that is so easy to mix and match. For now, I am happy to make the t-shirt and for sure I will make the dress in the future :) Pattern and alteration: I used a free pattern The Brigitte Dress  from Love Sewing Magazine, size 8. As I made a top from this pattern, I cut the pattern on the hip line with the following alteration: Beca

DIY Friday : Christmas Goodie Bags

Hello... I made two kind of oreo bites two days ago, one covered with dark chocolate and the other covered with white chocolate. Both were easy to make and delicious. And then I remembered that I need some goodie bag to put them. I searched inside my kitchen drawer and I couldn't find any. I was thinking to buy in the supermarket nearby but I decided that I need to make myself. I have a lot of scrap and it will be a good idea to use them... And also, as we are in Christmas season, I added Christmas tree felt decoration in it. I am sure many of you already made a simple goodie bag or at least already have an idea how to make it. But anyway, I will show you my work on making this easy little thing and I hope you enjoy it :) The size of this goodie bags approximately 20 cm width and 26 cm tall. Materials: ~~ Just a little note : you can change the measurement of the goodie bag as your desire ~~ White cotton fabric in rectangle shape 23 cm width x 56 cm long - the measure

DIY Friday : Tailor's Hams And Sausages

Hello... I felt sorry that I didn't make a DIY project last week. As I mentioned on my previous post , I wasn't at home. So, there is no opportunity to make it. For this week I decided to make tailor's hams and sausages. I wanted to make them since so long but always distracted with other things. I am sure this two little things will be very useful and work much better than my rolled towel :) The tailor's hams will help me to work better on pressing any curved seams. The tailor's sausages will slip easier inside the sleeve and help me to press and open any hard seams that I can not reach. PATTERNS: I found the free patterns from Tilly's blog , she wrote a very easy step by step tutorial with pictures how to make them. The original patterns are from Victory Patterns . If any of you want to make your own, please feel free to click over the link for the pattern and tutorial ---HERE--- The picture below is my sewing in progress, I followed the step by s

MAGAM November - Black Linen BurdaStyle Jacket

Hello everyone... I am late for posting my November garment for MAGAM challenge . As usual I was busy with some stuff and then I went out for mini vacation to Bangkok - Thailand with my family. So, only today I manage to updating the blog :) Actually, I finished the jacket on time. I wore it two times and I love it. The jacket is so comfortable and easy to wear with anything. The style is just perfect for my taste - not too boxy and not too tight. Too bad that in the pictures you can not see the details of the jacket because the color is black. But trust me, this jacket is really cute. And even cuter because I used vintage buttons :) Also, I chose the linen fabric because I want a light jacket that is perfect to wear in not so cold weather. Pattern: I used BurdaStyle Jacket Pattern 09/2014  size 36 with alterations. I made the jacket length longer 10 cm and moved the pockets little bit lower than the original pattern 5 cm. I shorten the sleeves length 8 cm and made the whol