Friday, October 24, 2014

Simplicity New Look Top 6225 View B

Hello everyone,
I have been so quiet for a while because I was busy with some stuff that distracted me for updating the blog. But in between my busy hours I am still sewing, making two muslins for my BurdaStyle jacket, tracing a new pattern and preparing a Halloween costume for my boy.
And today, I wanted to show you my two new lace tops. One in strong blue and another one in strong pink. Both of the fabric are from stash that waiting for the right pattern to make.
This will be my first experiment of using Simplicity pattern. In my opinion, the instructions were easy to follow but the size is too big for me, I am petite. So, I have to make some adjustment.

I bought four sewing  magazines two months ago when I visited Portugal, one of them is in Spanish language called MODA de Pasarela. I checked the magazine when I arrived home and I noticed that the content of the magazine is all from Simplicity pattern. Well, I am very happy to have a chance to try Simplicity pattern.
My first choice went to Simplicity New Look Top 6225 view B, you can see the pattern detail here.

Project descriptions:
The top has scoop neck and raglan short sleeve. It looks cute to wear as everyday wear but still feel girly, especially if using lace fabric. I also think that the top will match well with A-line skirt or skinny jeans as the model in the pattern envelope wearing.

Both of the fabric are lace in strong blue and strong pink color, bias tape in same color for the neckline and same color of threads.

Pattern and adjustments:
For the pattern, I used Simplicity New Look Top 6225 view B size 34. As the original pattern from the magazine come in minimum size 36/38, I have to draw a new line of size 34 by myself.
image source from
And some adjustments according to my preference:
  • I raised the neckline 2 cm
  • The bust dart is so low and almost reaching my waist, so I have to move it more to the upper area - 8 cm under my armpit
  • The sleeve is a little bit too big and too long, so I have to reduce the amount of the sleeve 4 cm and cut the length 3 cm. Finished with sleeve allowance 3 cm for the first top and 1.5 cm for the second top.
  • The top length is too long, so I have to cut it 7 cm. Finished with hem allowance 3 cm for the second top.
The sewing process were easy and fast. But I messed up with my first top, I cut the top length too short. I reduced it 11 cm instead of 7 cm. So, I have to cut the same fabric again and make a band for the hemline.
The neckline finished with a bias tape which is very easy and fast to sew and the result is nice.

The funny thing is, I made the two top exactly the same way and the same type of fabric. But the result weren't the same, the blue one has wider neckline than the pink one :)

Here are more pictures for you guys to see the top detail,
Full front and back views of me wearing the blue lace top

The closer look of the neckline, raglan short sleeve and the bust dart

The closer look of the hem line, which I messed up and in the end I added a band on it :)

Two more pictures of the top in the dress form, front and back views

And the last two pictures of the pink lace top, front and back views. I didn't wear it, so there is no picture of me wearing this top.

Happy sewing and have a great Friday to you all!

Monday, October 6, 2014


Three weeks ago, I got an email from the lovely SUE of A Colorful Canvas. She asked me if I'd like to join "the blog hopping" and of course I said yes! I had such a great feeling and excited to know that other blogger decided to pass the wave of the blog hopping to me.
Before I answer four questions, I'd love to thank Sue for nominating my blog. Sue is a Canadian lady who loves styling and sewing her own clothes. She loves color and she plays a lot with it for her personal style. I met her during MMM'13 and I was impressed with her cheery style and happy smile. Well, if you guys still don't know her, please feel free to say hi to her at A Colourful Canvas
Image from A Colourful Canvas
Image of Sue from A Colorful Canvas

Now, the questions...
The answer is simple, I want to connect to the sewing community and to share my projects.   
Also, writing a sewing blog is the way for me to document my sewing progress complete with up and down experience.
Some years back when I joined Burdastyle, I felt something was missing. I was not that happy to just join Burdastyle without my personal blog. So, I decided to write a sewing blog.
I remember that my first post was so short, only a little description of my project and some pictures :) Well, I always laugh when I remember that. I also remember that time my English was so limited, so it was impossible for me to write more... :)
And now, writing is my hobby beside sewing. I am more confident doing it even if it takes longer time to publish my post.

In this moment, I am working on Simplicity New Look 6225 Misses Top View B. I want to sew some more basic tops for me to wear everyday. This will be the first Simplicity pattern that I make.  I like the pattern even I have to make some adjustment. We will see later how the top turns out...

Here is my sewing in progress, I messed up the top a little bit - I cut it too short, so now I have to add a band from same fabric for the hem ;)

And after my top done, I'd like to make two jackets. The fabrics are already chosen and here are the two Burdastyle patterns that I am going to use,
Plaid Jacket 09/2014 #127

Tweed Blazer 09/2014 #120

I think there's nothing different, everything I write here is about sewing, my personal style and very little crafts/diy. But in the near future, I'd like to do more crafts/diy and refashion in between my sewing activity. I have a lot of fabric scraps, home decor fabrics and some garments waiting for me to do something with them.
I also have some knitting yarns and I always wanted to learn how to knit. So, as winter is coming, I'd love to start knitting.
I hope I will have time and energy to make my plans come true :)

The answer is really honest and I hope you don't laugh :)
I usually don't plan about my writing process. Although I always tell myself that I should make notes of my next blog post, in the end I never do it. My brain only works when I have pictures.
Usually, I like to work with the picture first, including cropping and add some light on the picture if I took it in dark place. After that I will upload the picture, then I will get some idea and will start typing. If something goes wrong during the writing, I just get up from my computer and do something else. Then I will come back writing and editing. Well, normally my writing process will take two or three days to complete, so enough time for me to edit and correct if anything not right :)

The last answer for Sue question... She asked me if I translated my blog posts from my native language ( Bahasa Indonesia) or I write directly in English? The answer is I write it directly in English but sometime I use Google translate for some words that I don't know correctly :)

And here are my nominations...
ROSY of Sewingadicta - This lady is from Spain. She is a very talented sewist and everything she makes is so perfect. I always admired her vintage and modern style. She is a lady behind Share In Style Challenge, which I like to see in every episode and I wish I could have energy to join them :)

SARAH LIZ of Sarahlizsewstyle - This lady is living in Australia. She is a lady behind MAGAM Challenge, she is a very patient and talented sewist. I admire her ability to make several pants muslin to get the right one. She is a very kind lady and I am lucky to have her as my sewing fellow.

ANNIE of The Enantiomer Project - This lady is unique and special because she is a science professor by day and a mad sewing scientist by night. I met her during MAGAM challenge and I like her. Although she only started sewing last year, her sewing adventures are always interesting to read.

That's enough for my today post, thank you for reading and being here as my sewing fellow.

Have a great day everyone!