Monday, December 23, 2013


To all my dear followers, I wish you a Wonderful Christmas and Blessed New Year 2014.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Make A Garment A Month - December plan...

Hello lovely readers! I am so sorry for my absence, I am still here sewing some stuff but I haven't had time to update the blog post.
So, today I'd love to share a quick update of my December plan for MAGAM challenge. I have chosen my pattern, fabric and nations. It will be a simple but pretty party dress for me to wear on Christmas dinner.
For the pattern, I will use Burdastyle Embellished Tunic Dress 11/2013 size 34 with adjustments on the neckline, waist and hips.
For the fabric, I will use 2 yards of med weight knit ponte in black color that more than three years stay inside my stash and as I don't have passementerie trim, I will sew some pearls on the front slit and neck edge.

Have a lovely and creative Monday to you all!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Make A Garment A Month Challenge - Burdastyle Paneled Shirt

Happy weekend everyone!
I am glad that I managed to finish my second project for "make a garment a month challenge". As you all know, this shirt based on Burdastyle Paneled Jersey Shirt 10/2013 view A size 34. I have to draw a new line of pattern because the minimum size from the original pattern is 36, I followed these tutorials. I also reduced the length of the sleeves and shirt bottom. Even so, in the end of my work I still need to sew the upper sleeve seams smaller because it was too big for me.

I used 2 yards of knit cotton in deep purple color, 2 yards of printed knit - I still have left over fabric that is enough to make sleeveless dress, fusible interfacing, 4 small buttons in purple color and thread - as I don't have a similar color of thread, I used black color :)

How I worked n this shirt:
I'll show you a little of the sewing process, I started my work by fused the fusible interfacing on the wrong side of center front - in the end of band attachment lines. As shown on the picture below,

Then I sew center front onto side piece with cut on sleeve, right sides together. I did the same manner on the center back as well.
After that, I lay the center front on the center back - right sides together and sew it a long the shoulder seams and upper sleeve seams.
And then I sew the neck band on the neck edge. You can see the image below,
After I have done the neck edge, I worked on the front bands. I pinned each front band to front. Right sides together.
Then I sew it. Press the seam allowances onto band, fold the band on fold line, pin upper edge together and stitch it. Trim the seam allowances across corners, turn band right side out. Pin each band over attachment seam, then I baste by hand and topstitch it - from outer side of garment.
After that, I worked on the buttonholes and sew the buttons.
And here are the final pictures of the paneled shirt front and back side, 
Happy sewing and thanks for reading!  

Friday, November 8, 2013

Make A Garment A Month, November plan..

Hello lovelies...
Today post is a very quick update of my November sewing plan for make a garment a month challenge hosted by Sarah Liz. I have chosen my fabrics and pattern. It will be a long sleeves shirt with two color combination, both of the fabrics are knit cotton - deep purple color and grey printed with purple leaves.
For the pattern, I chose Burdastyle pattern - Paneled Jersey Shirt 10/2013. The instructions said that I should use jersey knit fabric only, but I think my fabric choice will be good to make the shirt too. We will see... Wish me a good luck!

my fabrics for the shirt

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Make A Garment A Month Challenge - Something Simple And Wearable..

It has been more than two weeks since I wrote a blog post, once again my boy sick during the whole last week, he had high fever and throat infection. What a poor little thing :(  But I am very happy that he is fine and already back to school on Tuesday.

As I mentioned on my last post, I am joining a challenge "make a garment a month" and my first project is a simple dress that I am planning to wear on my holidays soon.
And here she is....

dress front

I used 'Flounce Dress 5C" Burdastyle special A/W 2013 size 34 for the bodice and size 38 for the skirt. I raised the front neck 2 cm - I did it because I already knew that Burdastyle "V" neck style always too low for my taste. I omitted the sleeves and the flounce. I lengthen the skirt 7 cm and finished the hem line with blind hem.

2 yards of printed crepe, lightweight fusible interfacing for the neck facing, me-made bias tape for the armhole finishing, elastic and same color of thread.

Sewing process:
I had a vary size between the bodice and the skirt, so I made pattern adjustment on the waist area. Then I made muslin first for this dress, my muslin completed with sleeves and flounce - I did it in case I want to make the dress as original pattern had.
After I had done my muslin, I tried it but the elastic inserted too low for my body. So I have to raised the elastic line right on the waist line.
~  so sorry that I didn't show you my muslin ~

The sewing process is easy and enjoyable, the "V" neck and armhole done nicely.
For the neckline facing, I iron the fusible interfacing onto the wrong side of the fabric. Sew the neckline facing on the neckline right sides together. Turn the facing inside and hand stitch the facing at the shoulder.
For the armhole, I sew the me-made bias tape onto the wrong side/inner armhole.
And here are more pictures of the dress,

"v" neck done nicely

I sew the  bias tape around the inner armhole for nicely finish

dress back

And here is the last picture of me wearing my new dress. I am loving this dress, it's simple but wearable... :)

Have a lovely weekend to you all!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Make A Garment A Month Challenge.

Hello everyone!
I am joining Sarah Liz of SarahLizSewStyle on the challenge called "make a garment a month", please check over her blog post for more details here.
I am planning to make a dress and a jacket based on burdastyle special - autumn/winter 2013. For the dress, I will use 2 yards of printed crepe, I bought the fabric last month here in a local fabric shop. And for the jacket, I will use 3 yards of linen in strong blue and will lining up with cotton polka dot in deep blue, both of the linen and polka dot fabric are from stash. But before I make the dress and the jacket, I will make muslin for both of them.


For the dress, I will use pattern no 5C but I am thinking to skip the flounce and the dress will be sleeveless. I am needing a new dress to wear on short vacation on the coming month :)

For the jacket, I will use pattern no 1B but without cape.

Wishing you all a lovely Wednesday and happy sewing!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Burdastyle Magazine 10/2013 And Burdastyle Special - Autumn/Winter 2013

A very good news, everyone! I got two new Burdastyle magazines! My dear sister in-law bought it from England. I am very lucky girl :-)
Burdastyle magazine 10/2013,


Burdastyle special - autumn/winter 2013,




I love Burdastyle patterns and most of my work based in it. And with these new magazines, I will make more projects for "style the stash sew a long" and "make a garment a month challenge". We will see... :)
A little note : for the patterns from the magazine 10/2013, you can buy downloadable here 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Wearable Muslin And Lovely Sunday Afternoon

This is the first wearable muslin that I made! Well, usually I make muslin from white cotton then I will throw it to the trash after fitting.
I am planning to make a long sleeve blouse for fall/winter but I want to try the pattern first by making a wearable muslin. I thought that the collar and the front plackets were not so easy to work.

As I only had 1.20 yards of printed chiffon inside my stash, I decided to make a sleeveless blouse.
For the pattern, I used burdastyle shirt blouse 03/2013 size 36.
As this blouse is wearable muslin and sleeveless, I omitted the sleeves, sleeves tabs, hem tabs, finish the hem line with an overlocker machine - rolled hemmed and sew me-made bias tape onto the armhole.
blouse front

blouse back
After all, the collar and the front plackets aren't difficult to sew. I pleat the front plackets to the blouse body, sew it according to the instructions. As this blouse doesn't have a collar stand, I pivot the end of the placket so the collar will insert nicely on the body.
collar and plackets details
To create nicely sleeveless style blouse, I sew 7 mm self-made bias tape onto the armhole right sides together. Then turn the bias tape inside the armhole (wrong side). After that, I pin the bias tape and sew it around the armhole.
Here is the little tutorial of making bias tape by your self, bias tape tutorials
armhole details
I love this blouse so much, the fabric is so airy and fresh to wear on summer and the style is just right for everyday wear without feeling to much dressed-up.

And before I say good bye for today post, I would like to share with you some photos that my husband took on Sunday afternoon while we are walking around the hill. Beside I wear my new sleeveless blouse for testing, we had a great time enjoying the nature.
me and my son Eduardo walking on the hill

Have a great week everyone! Happy sewing and stash styling!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Floral Peplum Top

Hello everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with family and friends!
Here is my latest sewing project that I worked for so many days and I am very happy that the top turn out so well.

I am wearing my new peplum top

For the bodice, I used Burdastyle sweetheart dress 04/2013 size 34. And self-drafted peplum, I followed the techniques from " how to draft a peplum"

1.5 yards of floral silk crepe de chine from my stash and the left over fabric from this dress, silk satin in black color for neckline and armhole facing, lightweight fusible interfacing, invisible zipper and same color of thread. All the materials are from stash :-)

How I worked:
For the bodice, I didn't make any special fitting because I used the pattern before. So time saved :-)
For the peplum, I drafted the pattern according to the instructions from Burdastyle. It's very easy to follow and the result is great.

After I had all the fabric pieces, I started to work with the bodice front and back. I sew the front side panel to the center front. And sew the back side panel to the center back as well.
For the zipper, I did the same way as my sweetheart dress, I move the side zipper to the middle back zipper. I didn't like so much the side zipper, it feel not so comfortable on me.

I iron the fusible interfacing onto the neckline and armhole facing. Then I sew the  front facing onto the bodice front right sides together. Turn it inside out, press and iron it. I did the same way on the bodice back.
After that, I sew the front and back bodice at the shoulder right sides together and sew the facing at the shoulder together using hand stitching.

After I have done the method above, I attached the peplum front onto the bodice front right sides together. I did the same way for the back side. Then serge the raw edge using an overlocked machine.
I sew the top front and back right sides together. Sew the zipper in the middle back, press and iron it for smooth finished.
Then the last work is serge the peplum hem with rolled hemmed style. Done!

And here are more pictures of the peplum top,

 wrong side of the bodice front with facing

wrong side of the bodice back with facing and zipper

rolled hemmed style on the peplum hem

front side of the peplum top

the peplum top from the side
This floral peplum top is my second September project for style the stash sew a long. Please feel free to check out what others have made.
Wishing you all happy sewing and stash styling!