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Burdastyle 07/2018 Silk Blouse

As promised in my previous post, here is the finished silk blouse that I was working on for some time. I'm glad I finally finished and wore it. The blouse design is lovely, I especially love the button loops and the sleeve. Also, this blouse is easy to wear with a skirt, culottes or pants.  The problem, I have a love-hate relationship with silk, I love it because it's a luxury fabric and drapes beautifully but I didn't like to wear it in hot weather because it makes me sweat. So, I decided to wear silk in autumn or spring when the weather isn't so hot and humid 😊 I wore this blouse yesterday and I liked the fit, a little bit loose at the sides and the kimono sleeves were comfortable. I wore it with a me-made self-drafted skirt in beige and I think that this blouse will be nice to wear with my culottes too.  Well, I'm thinking to make one more blouse using this pattern but I'll be using other types of fabric. I'll see... Pattern: Burdasty