Friday, January 30, 2015

Wool Jacket

I finished my wool jacket and happy with how it turned out :) I like the simple style that is perfect for everyday wear. 
This jacket is based on BurdaStyle pattern 10/2013#106 with modifications, I lengthen the jacket until the middle of my thigh, I added self cover buttons and changed the original pockets to in-seam pockets.
I mentioned on my last post about my MAGAM plan, I made this jacket to test the pattern. I didn't make muslin, so I just sew the jacket as it is.
After the jacket done (without lining), I tried it and found out that the shoulder was a little bit big, the sleeve length was too long and the jacket bottom was too big. So, I have to adjust the jacket. 
Overall, I really like the result of this jacket. The length is just perfect for my petite figure and have pockets to keep my hands warm :)

2.5 yards of brushed wool in grey color, 2.5 yards silk satin in grey color, fusible interfacing, 5 self cover buttons, 5 snap fasteners, self made shoulder pads and same color of threads.

Sewing Process:
  • After I lengthen the jacket pattern 15 cm, I transfer all the pattern pieces onto the fabrics and cut them all.
  • I worked on the fashion fabric first (wool). Sew all the pieces together and found out that the shoulder was a little bit big, so I have to added darts 1 cm in the back at the shoulder and 1 cm added to the front dart (the original pattern has front dart, so I just added / made the dart bigger). Also, the sleeves were too long. So I reduced 8 cm. And the jacket bottom at the back was too big. So, I reduced 2.5 cm from the bottom back side up to the waist. I just created smooth line with ruler and sew it.
  • After the jacket ready, I sew in-seam pockets in both sides. I never worked with in-seam pocket before and I was lucky that the pockets came out nicely. For the in-seam pockets pattern, I used from another BurdaStyle pattern, here is the link. The original pockets pattern finished with topstitch on the outer pocket. I tried it but it doesn't look nice. So, I picked out the topstitch and leave the pocket as it is. I will see how the pockets behaves when I am wearing the jacket.
  • After that, I sew the lining. Then hand stitched the shoulder pads on the lining.
  • After the shoulder pads done, I inserted the collar in between the lining and the fashion fabric. Sew the front jacket and the front panel together. Turned the lining inside. Press all the edges with iron. Sew the sleeves hem and hemline.
  • The last two works were sew the snap fasteners and self cover buttons. Done!
Here are the pictures of the jacket details, including the lining, the in-seam pockets and the closer look of the snap fasteners and the self cover buttons.

And more pictures of the jacket, front - side and back views

Until next...

Saturday, January 17, 2015

DIY Friday : Infinity Scarves

This week on "DIY Friday" I made three infinity scarves. The weather is getting colder and I need some more scarves to keep me warm :)

I followed step by step tutorial from Simplicity, Sew Your Own Infinity Scarf . It was a very clear tutorial and fast to make.

I chose three knit fabrics from stash ( yellow & grey stripes knit jersey, deep blue and white light weight knit jersey) and I bought one more light weight knit cotton in emerald blue.
But in the end I made three and I left behind the white one. I will work on it another time.. :)
Sewing process:
As I mentioned before, it was easy and fast project to make. I have done my three scarves in less than two hours :)
The tutorial were clear and easy to follow. My scarves are based on the short version, here is the link.

I made my first scarf with emerald blue fabric, the size is exactly same as the instruction said. I cut my fabric 60" width and 25" wide, the finished scarf measures 59" around and 12" deep.

And then I made my two other scarves in different sizes (same in wide but different in width). I decided to make it different in sizes because my fabrics length are different.

I cut my yellow and grey stripes fabric 50" width and 25" wide, the finished scarf measures 49" around and 12" deep.

And for deep blue fabric, I cut 70" width and 25" wide. The finished scarf measures 69" around and 12" deep.

The picture below is my sewing in progress, I suggest you to click the link for clear tutorial Simplicity - Sew Your Own Infinity Scarf. And I am sure you will love to make for yourself :)

And here is the final scarves that I made. You can see very clear that their size are different. I love them all and for sure I will wear them a lot in colder weather :)

More pictures of the scarves in my dress form,

And one more picture of me wearing the emerald blue scarf with my first coat that I made last year, in case you are curious about the coat, you can check the link for more detail My First Coat

Happy sewing and have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

MAGAM January Plan

Starting from January 2015, Make A Garment A Month Challenge (MAGAM) is moving to a Facebook group. All of you are welcome to join us, just simply click on this link for more detail :)

And for this month, I will be making a plaid jacket based on Burdastyle pattern - wool blazer 10/2013#106 size 36 with following modifications,
  • I am going to lengthen the jacket until the top of my knee
  • Omit the front dart and change the back jacket from two pieces of patterns to one piece.
  • Change the original pockets to inseam pockets
  • And as the MAGAM January Theme is to try a new technique, instead of finishing the jacket with snap fastener I will use bound buttonholes

For the fabrics, I will be using 2.5 yards of  plaid wool blend and 2.5 yards of silk satin in deep blue color for the jacket lining.
Here is the closer look of my two fabrics,

Now, I am working on my grey wool jacket to test the pattern. You can see the quick update on My Facebook Page

Happy Sewing!

Friday, January 2, 2015

DIY Friday : Pattern Weights

This week on "DIY Friday" I decided to make things that I need and I want to make for so long. Pattern weights! Yes, I need them so badly to replace tuna cans that I use to weight my pattern :)
Well, look at how cute they turned out! And also, they were so easy and fast to make. I did all in 2 hours :)

I followed tutorial and free pattern from Tea Rose Home : Pattern Weight. Feel free to check over the link for more detail.

I used home d├ęcor fabric scrap, thread and rice for filling.

Sewing process:
I download the pattern and cut the fabric. I cut 8 pieces but in the end I made 7 because I run out of rice :(
Here is my fabric pieces after I cut them,

After I have all the fabric pieces, I sew them according to the instructions. Then I stuffed them with rice. As shown in the picture below,

After all stuffed with rice, I sew the opening area carefully by hand. As shown in the picture below,

That's it! I am done!
I am loving this little things and still surprised with how easy and fast to make them :)
Well, before I say goodbye for today's post I'd love to show you one more picture of the finished project

Pattern : Free Pattern And Tutorial From Tea Rose Home

Happy crafting!

My Last Garment Of 2014 : Basic Long Sleeve Top


Today post is about my last garment of 2014 and also my December garment of MAGAM Challenge :)
As I mentioned on My Facebook Page some days ago this top is based on Spanish sewing magazine "Moda Diana" no.75 - 3P
I was planning to make the top with purple knit fabric only but I decided to add color block with dark purple knit because I want to make a not so boring basic top.
At the end of my work, I liked my new top and I am happy to have one more casual top that I can wear with my jeans :)

Pattern And Alterations:
As I mentioned in the beginning, for the pattern I used Spanish sewing magazine "Moda Diana" no.75 - 3P size 34/36. The minimum size of the original pattern is 38/40, so I have to grade down the pattern to size 34/36 with following alterations,
  • I omitted the darts (bust darts and back darts)
  • Made a color block by slashed the front top pattern in two pieces
  • Shorten the sleeve length 2 cm
  • Reduced the length of the top 10 cm
  • Finished the top with 2.5 cm sleeve allowance and 4 cm hem allowance
Even so, I still find the top too big after I sew it. I will explain how I dealt with the issue in the post below.

2 yards of knit cotton in purple color, 1/2 yards of knit cotton in dark purple and same color of thread.

Sewing Process:
This is my first work on pattern based on Moda Diana Magazine, so I expected that the pattern will be different, at least in the size.
Well, I was right. After I sew all the pieces together, the top still too big for me.
The shoulder was too big. So, I have to add darts in both front and back side at the middle of the shoulder 1 cm. The length of the front dart is 10 cm and the length of the back dart is 15 cm.
Also, the top was too big. So, I have to reduce (slim down) both sides of the top 2.5 cm.

The rest of the process was fine. I didn't translate the instructions but I just follow my self-taught. I sew the top like any other previous top. The only new thing was the finishes neckline. I just flip the seam allowance 1.5 cm at the neckline inside - pin it all around and sew it using twin needle. The result was good, the neckline laid nicely :)

Here are some pictures of my top, front and back views with the closer look

the closer look of the finished neckline and the shoulder dart

the closer look of the back shoulder dart
And then two more pictures of me wearing the top, front and back view

Happy Sewing!