Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

I wish all my lovely friends a warm and happy Christmas, filled with peace, joy and love. Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year!

We celebrated Christmas at home with a simple dinner cooked by my dear husband, delicious roasted turkey breast and Portuguese style duck rice followed by home made desserts made by me, chocolate mousse and Portuguese egg pudding.
Christmas is always full of sweets and goodies, I baked apple raisin bread, roasted peanuts and bought the rest in the local shops. Also, almost forget to mentioned that a friend send us home made broa as well.

Thank you all for being here and I look forward for your friendship and sewing and crafting with you in 2016.



Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Crafts 2015 Part 4: Crochet Santa Claus

Hi.... hope you have a lovely Sunday :)
Finally I finished my last project for Christmas Crafts 2015 : Crochet Santa Claus. I decided to make two in different sizes, the small one is 11 cm height and the bigger is 16 cm.
I think they are very cute and so happy that everyone in my house loved them.

I found the free pattern and tutorial with video from Youtube, the original language is in Italian but come with English subtitles. Here is the link, how to crochet santa claus by Annarella Gioielli

For the materials, I used wool yarns in white, beige and red colours. G-hook 6 mm, tapestry needle, polyester stuffing, wiggle eyes and all purpose glue.

The process was easy and very relaxing, it is a great thing to do between sewing :)  I started my work with round 1 : six single crochet in magic ring and then did round 2,3,4 following the video until the last step. I think I am not going to write every step on crochet this little Santa. I advise to click the link above in the pattern for the video and just follow the video.

Here are the pictures of some of my process, just a little note that I left my Santa hat standing as it is. The original is fold to the side. And for bigger Santa, I added four more rounds in the middle of the body, head and hat. Also made a bigger pom pom for the hat.

And more pictures of the finished Santa Claus. Hope you like them as much as I do :)

Also, I am linking this post to Caroline for Show Off Saturday.

Merry Christmas to everyone!


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mini Dress

I have been busy preparing Christmas celebrations, we made our tree and decorated the house with handmade and store bought crafts. I posted all my handmade here and I am still finishing my Santa, I hope will be completed by Friday.

Well, I managed to finish my November dress in between making the Christmas crafts. The dress was easy to make because I modified the pattern, so I worked with four pieces of patterns instead of ten. I did this because the fabric suggestion is wool knit and I think my medium knit cotton isn't for this type of dress with side panels and pockets. I fear that the pockets will not stay properly.

Before I continue to the dress details and my sewing process, here is my finished dress - simple, comfy and warm :)

For the pattern, I used BurdaStyle mini dress 12/2014-136 size 34 with following modification in the neckband, sleeves and shoulder darts. I also omitted the side panels and pockets.

For the materials, I used 2 yards of medium weight cotton knit, navy blue cotton ribbed knit for the neckband, threads, ballpoint needle and twin needle.

The process was easy, I worked on the pattern first. I laid the front piece and drafted the straight line to cover the hole for the side panel, I did the same for the back piece. So my front and back piece pattern just like a very simple tunic pattern with raglan sleeve.
I change the neckline pieces with one piece straight neckband 14 cm tall.
Also, I lengthen the sleeve until my wrist and lengthen the shoulder darts 4 cm.
Here are the two pictures of the fabrics after cutting, I added 1.5 cm seam allowance in all edges and 3 cm for sleeve and hem allowances.

After I had all fabrics prepared, I sewn the front piece onto the sleeve right sides together and the same for the back piece. Then sewn the shoulder darts.

I continue the process by sewn both sides of the dress, started from the sleeve hem to the hemline right sides together.
I followed this tutorial from Craftstylish and sewn the neckband onto the body right sides together. But my neckband finished without on fold, I left as it is with the allowance folded and sewn 1.5 cm to the inner side. I had the feeling that my ribbed cotton knit fabric is too heavy to folded together.

So, in the final result I can wear with the neckband folded in two and without fold (in this case will cover whole my neck until my jaw) as shown in the picture below.

The last two work were sewing the sleeve hem and hemline 3 cm. 
After all, I am still not so sure about this dress. I like it because very comfy to wear both in day and night. But the dress need something more in the body such as embroidery. I will see and try to add it later, maybe after the holidays.

Without more things to say here are some pictures of the finished dress on me and my dress-form, front - side and back views

This dress is my second garment for MAGAM November challenge, you can see all our makes through magam facebook group,

Happy Sewing!


Friday, December 11, 2015

Seed Stitch Cowl

Hello, I finished my second cowl! It was a very slow work but I am happy with how it turned out :) As I mentioned on my last facebook post, I have to start the new cowl because my first one went wrong. I didn't throw the yarn but I removed the stitch and rolled again for other purpose.

Well, before I explain more, here I am wearing it with my yellow sweatshirt. Once again only for the photos :) Finally the weather is getting colder but not yet cold enough to wear a very warm cowl.

4 balls yarns, 2 in white and 2 in light cream. Both are pure new wool
Circular needle size 7 mm
Tapestry needle

Seed Stitch Cowl with Stefanie Japel Shown here on the video
The cowl was using double stranded,
Cast on 101 STS and join to work in the round.
Round 1: *K1,P1*K1
Round 2: *P1,K1*P1
Repeat rounds 1 and 2 until the size I want
Bind Off in seed stitch and weave in ends. Done!

Here is my process, it was a very slow work and I don't remember how long it takes :) Also, I learn a new technique to attach a new yarn "The Russian Join". I followed the tutorial from VeryPink Knits and I love it :)

And here are the final pictures of the cowl, I hope you can see the mixing yarns in the second picture :)

Happy Knitting!


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas Crafts 2015 Part 3 : Stockings

Hi everyone,
I made three Christmas stockings! It was another easy and fun project to make. The pattern is self drafted - copied from my old stockings. I added the stocking top, holly leaves and berries as decoration. The size is 28 cm tall.
Well, before I show you my process let's take a look at the finished stockings :)


  • Stockings top on fold, 18 cm long and 8 cm wide, added 1 cm seam allowance except in the bottom.
  • Two kinds of little holly leaves 7 cm tall with berries - I didn't draw the berries but I cut it directly to the felt, 1.5 cm diameter. The holly leaves and berries were the smaller size from my previous project.
  • And the stockings body cut two pieces. 18 cm at top, 28 cm tall and 23 cm at the bottom - added 1 cm seam allowance

Polyester felts - orange, red, pink, beige, cream and three different shades of green. Thread and fabric glue.
This picture below shows the materials that I used for the pink stocking only,

Sewing Process:
Using the brown thread, I sewn the middle of the leaves to create the vein.

Sewn the end of the stocking top right sides together - turned inside out.
Sewn the stocking body  right sides together, trim along the allowance with zig zag scissor.
Turned the stocking inside out.
Place the stocking top and body as shown in the last picture.

Pin the right side of the stocking top facing the wrong side of the body. In this case the stocking top is inside the body.
Sew around and pull the stocking top outside.
After that, I folded the stocking top as shown in the last picture.

Glued the holly leaves and berries. Done!

And here are two more pictures of the finished stockings, they are easy to make isn't it?

Happy Crafting!