Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pimp My Skirt Draft and Sew Along

The Burberry Skirt
I was very busy lately, almost didn't have enough time to sew or to take picture of my latest dress but I always around to check what's my fabulous blogger up to. I am planning to make a coat but still cutting the muslin, I think it will be a very slow project.

On the way of making my first coat I am also join sew along with Marina von Koenig from Frabjous Couture. The Original inspiration is the Burberry skirt as shown on the picture below. Here is  the details of the sew along and to be honest I am really excited and can not wait to start drawing the pattern, making the muslin, sewing the skirt and wearing it:))

And here is the badge,

   ~ Happy sewing and have a good weekend ~