Thursday, November 30, 2017

DIY Jeans And White Cotton Blouse

Hello everyone,
I made a new outfit and these garments are my entry for #magamsewalong October and November. My plan for October Original was a self-drafted skirt and white blouse in the picture below, the skirt turned out fine but I'd love to make adjustment next time. So, I will post the skirt detail separately later.
For November Needs, I was planning to make jeans and bought two pieces of jeans fabrics in dark blue and black. I decided to sew the blue colour first as wearable muslin but in the end I like the result and I am in the middle of finishing the black one but no time to complete this month, so I will continue next month.

Coincidentally the jeans and white blouse are lovely match, so I just wear it together 😁

I modified both blouse and pants patterns to my liking Burdastyle Shirt Blouse 03/2013 size 36 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Handmade Halloween-Lloyd Garmadon

Happy Halloween everyone! 🎃🎃🎃
I made this costume for dear son to attend a party at his school. So glad that he liked and wore it this morning complete with plastic sword that we bought in the local supermarket last day.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Cosy Cardigan and V-neck T-shirt

Hello fellow sewists,
I made a cardigan and t-shirt for my entry in Instagram sewing challenge #cosycardichallenge, both garments are based on Simplicity pattern 8059 size xs for the cardigan and xxs for the t-shirt. I was planning to make the cardigan only but decided to make the t-shirt after I finished because I don't have a matching t-shirt to wear with it.
Luckily that the pattern came in five different models and one of them is a asymmetrical tunic that was easy to modify to a simple v-neck tee.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Shirt Blouses

Hello everyone,
I am back after my last post in 31 August with two new me-made shirt blouses that I made to participate #magamsewalong September with theme "Shirty September" hosted by lovely @sarahlizsewstyle.
I decided not to publish the blog post for Artwear August dress and jump to Shirty September instead. Also, I had some garments to publish but no time and energy for all of them. So, I will give you a link on my IG in case you want to see the dress Open Back Butterick Dress.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Asymmetrical Top with Bell Sleeve

Hello everyone,
I started a new top yesterday and glad I finished it this afternoon. I was planning to make it weeks ago but life has been busy and we got two typhoons in a week ( Hato and Pakhar), glad we are safe and I managed to finished my August Magam dress and this asymmetrical top. I decided to publish the top today and the dress later. But actually you can see the finished dress on my IG post two days ago.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Waist Tie Dress

I managed to finish #magamsewalong June dress with theme "Seasonal Stashbuster" by the end of the month, but only today I have time to write a blog post.
I like the pattern since the day I found it about three years ago, but somehow I didn't have a chance to make it. I was lucky to found the Simplicity magazine Autumn 2014 during our visit to Portugal, the magazine is in Spanish but I can follow the pictures and tutorials easily.
I also saw other patterns such as tunic and jacket that I want to make in the future.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Paisley Cutout Mini Dress

Hello everyone,
So happy I finished my late #magamsewalong "Sew New Season" June dress, it supposed to finish last month but I couldn't because distracted with other urgent garments, holiday and other things. Besides, this dress was little bit complicated to work with, so I prefer to finish it slowly.

This dress has a special detail at the neckline yoke, straight-line cut, front darts, raglan sleeves and inseam pockets.
I had a big crush on this pattern as soon as I saw the magazine, the neckline detail is so pretty and the rest of the dress is so simple and airy. Perfect to wear in hot summer day 😍

Monday, July 17, 2017

DIY Necktie

As promised in the previous post, here is "diy necktie" that I made especially for DH. The idea came up last year when I bought the fabric, DH said could be great if I bought more fabric enough for my dress and matching tie for him. So, I bought three yards instead of two.

For the pattern, I used his old tie for a base and follow the tutorial from purl soho - thanks Molly for the clear tutorial 😊

Friday, July 14, 2017

Asymmetrical Neckline Dress

Hello everyone,
I am back after a long silence, once again busy life and low mood for blogging but I've been so active in Instagram and made some garments that I am excited to share with you.
This asymmetrical neckline dress is one of the garments, I made it especially to wear in my dear niece wedding in London few weeks ago. It was a great wedding, both bride and groom were gorgeous, she looked so radiant and beautiful 💖💖

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Me Made May 2017 Round Up

Me Made May 2017 has come to an end 😢 It was a great International sewing month and glad that I managed to participate again for the fifth year. Nothing changed from the previous years, my outfits were dresses with very little separates garments in between. Before I write more about the outfits that I wore, I want to say thank you to Zoe for organising this great challenge, my dear Husband who very patiently took pictures and all sewing friends in Instagram and Facebook Page for the comments and likes during the whole month of May.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ruffle Sleeve Blouse

Ruffle sleeve is on trend now, so I decided to make this blouse for myself and I love it. For the pattern, I modified the dress pattern H from Casual Sweet Clothes by Noriko Sasahara and for the fabric, I used the leftover Korean cotton from previous garment. 
The original dress pattern has v-neckline and finished the sleeve with two pieces of ruffles, you can see my dress version here. And as I want a round neckline blouse and a little bit fuller ruffle sleeve, I have to change the pattern pieces, 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Sew Merry May, Tunic Dress

I finished MAGAM sew along May dress with theme "Sew Merry May" in the middle of the month and so glad that I recovered the dress and it turned out so good. You can see how happy I was, wearing me-made dress for mmmay day 17. The print truly made me happy and the black piping match perfectly with yellow 😊

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Refashioned T-shirt

I refashioned my dear stepson brand new t-shirt that didn't fit him to my active wear 😀
Actually the t-shirt fit me as it is but I didn't like the style. It looks too manly for my preference and I like more loose style t-shirt, so I decided to add colour block in both sides. I used left over black knit cotton from stash and I think black and grey are matching nicely.

Monday, May 1, 2017

V-neck Shift Dress with Ruffled Cuffs

Time flies so fast and can not believe that we are in May. I am participating Me-Made-May 2017 and this is my fifth year. And especially for day 1, I am wearing my brand new shift dress that I made last month for MAGAM April with the theme "Sew Anything".
Picture below taken this morning in the Garden of Flower City, I like to visit this garden from time to time to enjoy some flowers and fishes. Sorry for the wrinkle at the front dress, cotton fabric is so easy to wrinkle, especially after sitting a while inside the car. Anyway, nobody cares 😁

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Polka dot Dress with Ruffle Shoulder

We are having crazy weather lately, from hot humid, foggy to cold. And not enough dealing with that, I got sick with cough allergies for some weeks 😢
But luckily I still sew some small garments for my son and finished this polka dot dress. This dress is my first based on Casual Sweet Clothes - Favourite Pieces For Everyday sewing book by Noriko Sasahara that I bought during my visit to Singapore in October last year. I also bought some fabrics, patterns and Burdastyle magazine, you can find them in my old IG post, here.
Material needed :

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Poncho Hoodie And Elastic Slim Pants

I finished my February garments on time but it takes a little bit longer to publish in the blog. I wanted to make this outfit for so long and glad I did it. The poncho hoodie is based on BurdaStyle pattern 11/2016 -126B size 36, I didn't make modification on the pattern except shorten the sleeves length 5 cm, shorten the hem line 5 cm and made the high low hem at the back not so deep - in this case I trimmed the back hemline again 3 cm. I used 1.5 cm seam allowances in all edges and sleeve and hem allowances as well.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hand Knit Cable Hats And Cowl

Hello.. Hope you all have a happy sewing and crafting :)
Today, I'd love to show you the two finished cable hats and small cowl that I worked for so many months, especially the cowl - I started to knit in November 2016 and I forgot when exactly finished. The two hats were made in the beginning of January, but they finished faster than I thought - I did both of them in less than three weeks :)

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Plantain T-shirt Deer And Doe

I finished the two Plantain t-shirts for Magam challenge January "Sew New Start". This two t-shirts are my first make in 2017, I decided to sew basic top because I realised that I still need some of this for my wardrobe. Besides basic top I still need basic bottoms (skirts and pants) as well, so my general plan for 2017 is to sew more basic garments.

Below pictures are the finished t-shirts, green colour is the real one and grey colour is the wearable muslin. Before I continue, I want to mention here that I decided to make this Plantain t-shirts after I saw Lisa's version some months back. You can see her pretty Plantains over her blog at Lisa's Carolina Handmade.

Pattern detail and adjustment:

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Oversize Coat

Hi.. Hope everyone have a lovely day and a happy sewing 😊
Today, a new blog update is about my latest oversize coat based on Burdastyle pattern 08/2014. I finished this coat two weeks ago, wore it already and love how it turned out.
The coat is so cosy and roomy, kind of menswear style with deep lapels and inseam pockets, finished with two snap buttons and big buttons for decoration.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Classic V-neck Dress

Hello, I made this dress to wear in a friend's wedding party in the end of the year. My plan was to wear the sleeveless dress that I made some years back but I gave up because of the cold weather. So, I decided to make this dress. I am glad that the dress finished on time and it fits me fine even I didn't make a muslin.
For the fabric, I used wool blend with a little stretch in very dark blue colour from stash.
For the pattern, I used Burdastyle Power dress 08/2016 size 36 with a modification on the neckline and sleeve. After all, my dress is nothing like the original pattern :) I changed the neckline from round neckline with front slit to a v-neckline, also I changed the short sleeve to a long sleeve.
The dress has princess seams, knee length, back zipper, V shape at the front and back neckline - finished  with lace elastic band sewn around.
The sewing process started with sew the princess seams at the front and back bodices. Below picture is the original style of the back bodice, I decided to cut the back to a v-back bodice and did the same with front bodice.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Blouses, Pink And Yellow.

Happy New Year 2017 everyone. May your new year be blessed with peace, love and joy.
I finally managed to take pictures of my November blouses, the first blouse is a wearable muslin in pale pink colour cotton and the real blouse is yellow lightweight jersey knit as shown in the picture below.

My first plan was to make the real blouse with knit tulle dot fabric in salmon colour but it was ruined because I accidentally cut the sleeve while trimming the excess fabric at the seam allowance. The same day when my overlocker machine broke. Uh oh, that must be the only day that I had two consecutive bad luck.
Anyway, I put the knit tulle fabric plus the leftover inside plastic bag and will be making another garment later. And gladly that the overlocker machine fixed after three days stayed in the shop for repair.