Sunday, April 26, 2015

MAGAM April Dress In Progress - Part 1

I am making a dress for April - Make A Garment A Month (magam) with the theme "Blooming Flowers".

After thinking and looking for the right fabric and pattern to work with, I chose this beautiful watercolour floral chiffon that I won from Ariation's giveaway. As the chiffon is transparent, I will lining the dress bodice with jersey net fabric in white color and I will make half slip to cover my lower body.

For the pattern, I am using BurdaStyle Smocked Maxi Dress 04/2013 size 34. I have to grade down the pattern because the minimum size from the original pattern is 36.
I decided to change the loops and buttons to three little bows or just one bow at the center front. I will see...
Also, I will reduce the dress length from maxi to tea length.

image source
Sewing Process:
I cut all the fabric pieces, fashion fabric and lining. Also cut the belt and bias tape for the neckline and armholes.
I placed the lining fabric right side facing the wrong side of the fashion fabric. I pinned in all edges and stitched 1 cm seam allowance. I did that in both front and back bodices.

After I stitched front and back bodices, I folded the shoulders and pins them 1 cm wide. And then stitched down 4 cm long

I worked on the wrong side of the bodice, open/spread the folded area and pinned. As shown below,

Then I attached and pinned the front and back bodices right sides together at the shoulder. Then stitched them with 1.5 cm seam allowance.

After that, I worked with the neckline and armholes binding. Firstly, I cut 5 cm wide fabric x 3 yards long. I think I was exaggerated but anyway... it's better to have leftover than not enough and I need to cut more fabric.
I pinned the bias tape fabric right side facing the lining. Stitched with 1 cm seam allowance. Then trimmed the fabric 1/2 cm. As shown below,

After the method above done, I worked on the right side of the dress at the armholes and neckline. I folded the bias tape fabric 1 cm, pinned and stitched all around.

Then I pinned the center front and stitched with 1.5 cm seam allowance. Sew the raw edges of fabric with an ovelocker sewing machine.
After that, I pleated and pinned the skirt onto the bodice right sides together. Then stitched it.

Until next...

Monday, April 20, 2015


Hi everyone...
Here is the continuation of my weekly update "DIY Friday".
I gave a new life to my two cushions :) The idea came up when I arrived home the other day and looked at my cushions, I felt that I needed to change the covers. I wanted something fresh and summery.
I checked my stash but I couldn't find anything to suit my plan. So, I went to fabric shop and bought 2 yards of printed home d├ęcor fabric that was on sale. Yay!!

Inspiration and pattern:
I found this tutorial with pattern from Larissa of mmmcrafts but instead of making new cushions, I used my old cushions. I skip the piping and straps. And as I don't have enough buttons, I used four instead of eight.

Sewing process:
I prepared the yellow knit fabric for the self-covered buttons. I cut eight fabric pieces and attached them to the buttons.
I took out my two old cushion covers.
Measured the old cushion cover and give 2" more in all the edges. Transferred the measurement to the fabric and cut it. In this case I cut four pieces of fabric for two cushions.
After that, I put my old cushion in between the two pieces fabric. Basting all around 2" - as shown in the picture below,

Then I measured 3/4" for both pieces fabric, folded inside, pin it and sew all edges with 1/2'' seam allowance

After all the method above done, I marked four holes to sew the buttons. You can check the clear tutorial here mmmcrafts - six cushions...
I stitched the thread in the marked area and pushed harder, knotted it and sew the button. And then stitched and knotted again one more time.
Here is the result...

And here is the look of the other side. As I don't have enough buttons, I just leave it as it is :)

Incase you are curious, here is the picture of my cushions - before and after.

And the last two pictures of the cushions. I am using one of them for dining chair and both of them for my reading/relaxing chair :)
Happy crafting!!
I linking this cushions to Caroline at sewcanshe for Show Off Saturday

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Button Down Shirt Dress

I was planning to make this shirt dress for 13th April Share In Style with the topic "Your Own Style". But for some reason I only finished yesterday.

This dress has short sleeves, button down, knee length and easy to wear with or without belt.

Based on BurdaStyle pattern Shirt Blouse 03/2013 size 36.
To make a dress out of a shirt pattern, I lengthen the shirt hem until my knee. I also cut the sleeves length, from 3/4 sleeves to a short sleeves 16 cm long.
Added 1.5 cm seam allowances in all edges and 3 cm hem allowance.

2 yards of printed rayon, bias tape, 10 small black buttons, fusible interfacing for the collar and thread

Beside all the pattern modification above, I also added 4 cm in the center back at the neckline. I pleated the center back, sew it down 10 cm and leave the rest as it is. I added this method to allow my dress flown nicely without feeling too tight.

I sew the collar and attached it to the neckline and finished it with bias tape around the neckline. Then folded the front bands and sew it. After that, I sew the buttons and buttonholes. As shown in the picture

And here is the final result of the back side with the pleated at the center.

And more pictures of the dress, front - side and back views

And the last picture of the dress, with and without belt

Until next...

My previous garments based on the same pattern:
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Monday, April 13, 2015

MAGAM March: 50's Inspiration Mint Dress

Hi everyone..
Finally I finished my mint dress for Make A Garment A Month - March. This dress has princess seams, round neckline, short sleeves and fully gathered skirt with finished zipper at the back. 

Pattern and alteration:
I used two BurdaStyle patterns for this dress, pattern from 01/2013 for the bodice and sleeves and pattern from 09/2014 for the skirt.
As the minimum size of the two patterns are 36, I have to grade down to 34. I also made some changes on the neckline, omitted the collar and change the 3/4 sleeves to a short sleeves

2 yards of printed crepe in mint color, jersey net in white color for bodice lining, invisible zipper, small vintage button and thread.

Sewing Process:
After I grade down the patterns to size 34, I made the bodice with sleeve muslin. I tried the muslin and found out that the sleeve was too tight.
I added 4 cm to allow my upper arm to move freely. In this case, I draw a new sleeve pattern and spread in four. Then added 1 cm in each line.

As I want the round neckline,  I reduced the neckline at the shoulder 2 cm for both front and back and then measured 4.5 cm in the center front of the neckline and 4 cm in the center back. After that, I created a new line for round neckline.

I cut the 3/4 sleeve to a short sleeve 16 cm long with finished sleeve hem 1.5 cm.

For the skirt, I reduced the length 10 cm with finished hem 1.5 cm.

I also added belt loops in each side of the dress, self-made from white thread.

After all the long process, here are more pictures of the dress detail - princess seams with darts, closer look of the round neckline and back view of the dress with invisible zipper finished with a vintage button and a loop closer.
A little note : the back view wasn't match perfectly at the middle - between the skirt and the bodice but I don't feel like to remove and sew it again. I will cover it with the belt :)

One more picture of the dress with petticoat. You can see the detail in my last post - DIY Friday - Petticoat

And here is the picture of me wearing it

Happy sewing! 

Saturday, April 11, 2015


Here is my quick update of "DIY Friday". I made a petticoat yesterday and I am happy with how it turned out.
I was planning to make for so long, I bought the fabric many months ago but always distracted with other things. And only after I finished my mint dress for March MAGAM challenge, I realized that I need a petticoat to wear with it.

Pattern and Materials:
The pattern is based on BurdaStyle Sewing Vintage Modern - Elizabeth Gathered-Waist Dress size 34.
And for the materials :
I used 2.5 yards of petticoat fabric in white color
1.5 cm self-made bias tape (I was planning to use store bought bias tape in grey color but it was too small). In total, I used 124 cm long of bias tape - 76 cm for the waistline trim and the rest for knot in the end.
And white thread

The sewing process was easy and fast, I transfered the skirt pattern on the fabric and cut it - my skirt is 35 cm long. And cut four pieces of ruffle - 20.5 cm long.
After I have all the pieces of fabrics, I pin and sew according to the instruction. In this case, I was pinning more than sewing :)
The picture below is front side ruffle. I was shocked with the amount of pins that I used.
The way I worked on my petticoat is exactly like the original instruction from BurdaStyle - the skirt and ruffle were pleated and finished with bias tape knot in the left side of my waist.
As shown in the pictures below,

Well, after I made first version of the petticoat, I want to make another one in different color - maybe black. But I want to make longer with one more tier. I also want to try to gather the ruffles instead of pleat. I will see...

That's it for my today post. I will be writing the next post about my mint dress that I already done for one week or more..

Happy Sewing!

P.S. I linking this petticoat to Caroline at sewcanshe for Show Off Saturday

Friday, April 3, 2015

DIY Friday : Bunny Treat Bags

I made these bunny treat bags this afternoon and so glad that they were fast and easy to sew. I will fill them with candies, chocolates or jelly beans for Easter treat. I am sure the kids will love it :)

Free downloaded pattern template with easy step by step tutorial from And here is my bunny treat bag in progress :)

More pictures of the finished bags. They are very cute isn't it?

Happy Easter to all my lovely followers!

P.S. I also linking to Caroline at for Show Off Saturday