Monday, May 2, 2016

V-neck Floral Blouse

Hi everyone, I am wearing my V-neck floral blouse for the second day of Me-Made-May'16. Me and my family went to the Venetians Macau this morning. Are you participating? If yes, happy MMM'16 to you :) I am posting my daily outfit through Flickr, you can pop over the group to see all the lovely participants.

I made this blouse in October last year but never had the opportunity to publish a blog post :(
For the fabric, I used kind of transparent cotton voile with lovely bright floral and I only bought 1.5 yards which is just enough to make sleeveless blouse.

For the pattern, I used BurdaStyle Simple Blouse 04/2013#104A size 36 with modification in the neckline, front piece and skip the sleeves. The original pattern is a long sleeves blouse with high collar and high low hem.

I started the process with the front piece, make the V-neckline by measure 11 cm from CF down to the chest and drew a new line of V-neck (I did the same as my first blouse). For the back piece, I just leave as it is.
I also skip the bands for buttons and button holes, I just added 1.5 cm seam allowance and sew both front pieces right sides together.
After the front piece done, I sew the front and back pieces right sides together at the shoulder. And then sew both sides of the blouse.
For the finishing neckline and armholes, I sew bias tape right sides together then flip it inside and sew along the neckline and armholes.
The last part is sew the high low hem and I am done. You can see the details of the finished blouse in the picture below,

And here are two more pictures of me wearing it. These pictures were taken in October last year :)

Happy Sewing!

Love, Hana

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Batik Dress #5

Hello, I finished the dress for my April stash "make a garment a month". The fabric is one of my oldest stash and it is a very special batik from my country produced by Batik Keris, I am not sure which type, I bought it just because of the print :)

After so much thinking of the right pattern, I decided to use BurdaStyle pattern from 08/2014 #106A size 36. The dress is sleeveless, seamed in between a natural and drop waist for structure and hip pockets, just perfect for hot summer weather.

Actually, the pattern suggest to use scuba knit or high tech fabric but I went with cotton. And as I used cotton, I added 2 cm in the both sides until the waist and 3 cm in both sides of the hips. And then I drew new facings for front and back. I also added the dress length 3 cm - just right in my knee with 2.5 cm hem allowance and 1.5 seam allowance in all edges.

The sewing process was enjoyable, I decided to hand-sewn the armhole facing to get prettier look - in my mind :) The hips pockets weren't difficult to sew and I like the result, I think a summer dress will not be complete without pockets.
Also, sewing the side zipper wasn't easy. I was very careful pinning it and make sure that the two lines front and back are matching properly. Glad that I did it, otherwise I will remove and sew it again.
The final step of this dress is sew the hem allowance 2.5 cm with my sewing machine. Done!

And here are more pictures of the final dress, front - back and side with pocket. Hope you can see the seams in between busy print :)

Happy Sewing!

Love, Hana

Friday, April 8, 2016

Burdastyle Oversize Sweater

I made two sweaters based on Burda Easy A/W 2013 - pattern no 6 C size 34/36. These projects belong to MAGAM March Challenge with theme "Moreish Makeover March". I was trying my best to finish them by the end of last month but I couldn't.

These sweaters are my second and third versions, you can check my first version for more detail including my work process.

For the fabrics, I used medium weight knit cotton in dark blue with small flowers and pink with small white dots. I bought 3 yards and I only need 1.75 yards for each sweater, so I still have left over fabric enough to make summer top :)

The sewing process was easy but somehow it took so long for me to finish. I started work with the blue sweater and decided to change the original hi-low hem with a normal hem and used black ribbing for the bands. The rest of the sweater is like the original pattern :)

For the pink sweater, I added decorative pieces in the front and back. I did that by cut the fabric in the triangle shapes with 1 cm seam allowance in all edges. And I just put one piece on top of the other  (bottom piece) and sew it.

Also, I omitted the side buttons at the shoulder and finished the neck band by fold the fabric 1 cm inside and sew around with twin needle.
For the sleeves and hem bands, I used the wrong side of same fabric and I did the hi-low hem as the original pattern.

After all, I like both sweaters. They are cosy and easy to wear but I think I will not be making more oversize sweaters. Spring is finally here and I am ready for sewing floral dresses, skirts and airy tops :)

Happy Sewing and hope you have a great day.


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hand Knit Sweater and Hat

Hello my sewing friends, hope you are doing great. I have been away from the blog because busy with other stuff and my sewing mood was so low. But things are not so bad, in the middle of my lousy mood I finished my hand knit sweater and hat.
This is my first ever knitted sweater and I am happy with how it turned out. It is a simple sweater with square armhole, 2x2 rib stitch for sleeves, neckline and hem band, the rest using stockinette stitch. For the pattern, I just took note of several patterns in ravelry and knit magazine then I make my own.
I am not making a note of each step as I usually did in previous projects. My hand just knit and I did it :)

For the sweater I used 7 balls of schachenmayr Bravo - acrylic in white spotty colour - 00002. Each ball is 50 grams and the needles is size 3.5 mm and 4 mm.
For the hat I used 1.5 balls of grignasco Australia - pure new wool in mustard colour - 906. Each ball is 50 grams, circular needles size 5 mm.

I remember that the knitting process for sweater started with back piece, cast on with smaller needles 98 stitches. Then 2x2 rib stitch for the hem until measures 6 cm. I increased one stitch in both sides in the last row. After that I changed to the bigger needles and work in stockinette stitch, shaped the armhole and marked for the shoulder and back neck.
After the back piece done, I worked on the front piece. I did the same way as the back piece, with different way of finishing the shoulder and neckline.
Then I worked on the sleeves, cast on 50 sts with smaller needles followed by 2x2 rib stitch until measures 6 cm. Change to the bigger needles and work in stockinette stitch. Shaped the sleeve and bind off.
After I had all the pieces, I sew them together in order and shaped along the neckline with 2x2 rib stitch using the smaller needle until measures 2 cm. Done.

Here is the final sweater, front - back and the closer look of the sweater detail.

Now, let's talk about the hat. This is my second version of knitted hat, I made it very simple and a little bit loose. It started with cast on 80 stitches in 5 mm circular needle following by 2x2 rib stitch until measures 4 cm. Then continue with stockinette stitch until the hat body measures 24 cm. After that I shaped the crown until the hat measures 32 cm. Bind off and tighten the end. Done!
I think the process was very easy and I am ready for another version with more difficult stitches such as cable, fisherman's rib, etc.

And here are the pictures of the finished hat, hope you like it as much as I do :)

Knit stitches that I learned from the experts:
Stockinette Stitch from Studio Knit
2x2 Rib Stitch from Studio Knit
How to sew shoulder seam from BerrocoKnitBits
How to sew in square armhole from PatonsYarns
How to seam : set-in sleeve from PatonsYarns
Sweater finishing: How to pick up stitches around the neck from Knitting with Cheryl Brunette

That's it for my today post, I am wishing all my friends a happy crafting and sewing. I am going to prepare my sewing for tomorrow and hope to show you my very late tops for MAGAM March by the end of this month :)



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