Monday, October 6, 2014


Three weeks ago, I got an email from the lovely SUE of A Colorful Canvas. She asked me if I'd like to join "the blog hopping" and of course I said yes! I had such a great feeling and excited to know that other blogger decided to pass the wave of the blog hopping to me.
Before I answer four questions, I'd love to thank Sue for nominating my blog. Sue is a Canadian lady who loves styling and sewing her own clothes. She loves color and she plays a lot with it for her personal style. I met her during MMM'13 and I was impressed with her cheery style and happy smile. Well, if you guys still don't know her, please feel free to say hi to her at A Colourful Canvas
Image from A Colourful Canvas
Image of Sue from A Colorful Canvas

Now, the questions...
The answer is simple, I want to connect to the sewing community and to share my projects.   
Also, writing a sewing blog is the way for me to document my sewing progress complete with up and down experience.
Some years back when I joined Burdastyle, I felt something was missing. I was not that happy to just join Burdastyle without my personal blog. So, I decided to write a sewing blog.
I remember that my first post was so short, only a little description of my project and some pictures :) Well, I always laugh when I remember that. I also remember that time my English was so limited, so it was impossible for me to write more... :)
And now, writing is my hobby beside sewing. I am more confident doing it even if it takes longer time to publish my post.

In this moment, I am working on Simplicity New Look 6225 Misses Top View B. I want to sew some more basic tops for me to wear everyday. This will be the first Simplicity pattern that I make.  I like the pattern even I have to make some adjustment. We will see later how the top turns out...

Here is my sewing in progress, I messed up the top a little bit - I cut it too short, so now I have to add a band from same fabric for the hem ;)

And after my top done, I'd like to make two jackets. The fabrics are already chosen and here are the two Burdastyle patterns that I am going to use,
Plaid Jacket 09/2014 #127

Tweed Blazer 09/2014 #120

I think there's nothing different, everything I write here is about sewing, my personal style and very little crafts/diy. But in the near future, I'd like to do more crafts/diy and refashion in between my sewing activity. I have a lot of fabric scraps, home decor fabrics and some garments waiting for me to do something with them.
I also have some knitting yarns and I always wanted to learn how to knit. So, as winter is coming, I'd love to start knitting.
I hope I will have time and energy to make my plans come true :)

The answer is really honest and I hope you don't laugh :)
I usually don't plan about my writing process. Although I always tell myself that I should make notes of my next blog post, in the end I never do it. My brain only works when I have pictures.
Usually, I like to work with the picture first, including cropping and add some light on the picture if I took it in dark place. After that I will upload the picture, then I will get some idea and will start typing. If something goes wrong during the writing, I just get up from my computer and do something else. Then I will come back writing and editing. Well, normally my writing process will take two or three days to complete, so enough time for me to edit and correct if anything not right :)

The last answer for Sue question... She asked me if I translated my blog posts from my native language ( Bahasa Indonesia) or I write directly in English? The answer is I write it directly in English but sometime I use Google translate for some words that I don't know correctly :)

And here are my nominations...
ROSY of Sewingadicta - This lady is from Spain. She is a very talented sewist and everything she makes is so perfect. I always admired her vintage and modern style. She is a lady behind Share In Style Challenge, which I like to see in every episode and I wish I could have energy to join them :)

SARAH LIZ of Sarahlizsewstyle - This lady is living in Australia. She is a lady behind MAGAM Challenge, she is a very patient and talented sewist. I admire her ability to make several pants muslin to get the right one. She is a very kind lady and I am lucky to have her as my sewing fellow.

ANNIE of The Enantiomer Project - This lady is unique and special because she is a science professor by day and a mad sewing scientist by night. I met her during MAGAM challenge and I like her. Although she only started sewing last year, her sewing adventures are always interesting to read.

That's enough for my today post, thank you for reading and being here as my sewing fellow.

Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Back Cut Out Dress

Hello everyone,
I hope you are doing well! I have done my new dress for September MAGAM Challenge and I am happy with how it turned out. I was planning to make this dress in straight hem line but I changed my mind after I traced the pattern, I felt that the pattern was made especially for high low style dress. So, I just go with it.
After all, I think the dress is cute and I like it :)
Project Description:
This dress has boat neckline, high low hem and back cut out that is very sweet, feminine and sexy.
Pattern And Adjustment:
This dress is based on Burdastyle Back Cut Out Dress 08/2014 view B size 34 for the bodice and size 36 for the skirt. As I have a vary size between bodice and skirt, I have to make adjustment on the waist area. I also raised the neckline 2 cm and shorten the length of the skirt 5 cm.
As I am not sure about the finishes armhole and neckline, I decided to fully lining the dress bodice.
And for finishes the hem, I followed Gertie's tutorial watch the video here - same as I did on my summer dress
Image source from
2.5 yards of printed silk satin that my mom gave me last year, silk satin in purple color as the bodice lining, elastic and same color of thread.
Sewing Process:
1). I worked on the bodice and lining. Then I sew the front dress bodice to the front skirt. After that I inserted the elastic at the waist.
2). I worked on the back cut out of the back bodice. I sew the small facing on the back bodice right sides together - trim the fabric with zig zag scissor and turned it inside, after that I sew it again along the line 1 cm. As shown in the pictures below,

And then I inserted the elastic. Secured the elastic with small stitching in both side of the bodice. 
3). I sew the tapes (the one that supposed to insert inside the skirt and knot it).
Then, I started to work on the back skirt. I hand stitched the two hole on the middle back skirt, it is the same method as button hole stitch.
After that, I sew the small facing on the back skirt right sides together. Turned it inside and sew it again along the line 1cm.
And then I inserted the tape in the both sides - secured the outer side and knot the both tape in the middle.
4). I sew the front dress to the back dress right sides together. Sew the raw edge with an overlocker machine. Then, I hanged the dress on the dress form for two days. After that I sew the hem line following Gertie's tutorial. Done!
More pictures of me wearing the dress, side and back views.
And more pictures of the dress on my mannequin, front - side and back views.

Have a great weekend to you all! :x

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Women T-shirt With Hole Cut-Out In The Shoulder

Hi everyone!
I didn't sew anything since I came back from holiday. I have been busy but luckily things are settle-down and I will hopefully be back to sewing very soon :)

And as I didn't make a new project, I'd like to show you the t-shirt that I made before going to holiday. It was a fun t-shirt to make. I like the hole cut-out in the shoulder, it makes the t-shirt cuter and stylish. But to sew it is a little bit tricky, especially at the neckline area.

The idea of making this t-shirt came out suddenly when I was looking at the leftover fabric from my husband pajama shorts. I love the green knit cotton and it deserved something more stylish than normal tee. Then I remember that I have an old Burda magazine pattern that I want to try.
After I worked on the pattern and sewing it, the result is just lovely and I like it :)

Pattern And Modifications:
Burda magazine June 2008 - 123 size 34. I have to draw new line of the pattern for size 34 because the minimum size from the original pattern is 36.
I changed the 3/4 sleeve length to short sleeve and also shortened the length of the t-shirt.

The sewing process is fine, as I mentioned above the tricky part is to sew the neckline but I am glad that I managed to finish it nicely. And for finishes the sleeve hem and hemline, I just used the twin needle.

Well, I am not going to say more about my sewing process, but I'd show you more pictures of me wearing the t-shirt.

Have a lovely day to you all :-)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hello Everyone...

I returned home on Sunday from our summer vacation in Cabo Verde - West Africa. The place where I found many natural beauties, new foods and culture. We had so much fun and great moments during the vacation, I met new friends and family and we also had three birthday celebrations (my dear husband, my lovely cousin and my dear son). That's great!
Well, it's impossible for me to write here about the places we have visited but I can show you at least one beautiful picture that I took in Pedracin Village - Santo Antao.

Beside that, I found an antique inside the attic in the house. It's a vintage sewing machine that belong to my mother in law. She was a great seamstress but I didn't met her in person, she passed away some years ago. She also was great at cross-stitching, I can see by her work, it's amazing!
I decided to bring home some cross-stitch books from her and I will be doing it one day for exercise.

On the way back home, we stopped in Lisbon -Portugal for one and half day. And I managed to make some shopping. I bought some sewing magazine and fabrics. I don't have any planning for what type of garment to make from it, I will see..

Also, I got a surprise when I arrived home. I received a package from Arianne! Oh well, I won her giveaway and finally I own her pretty fabric :) Thank you so much Arianne, I will make flounce summer dress from it.
If any of you don't know Arianne yet, you can pop over her blog to say hi to her at Ariation

Well, I think is enough for my today post but before I say good bye I will pay my promise to you. As I mentioned on my last post, I would be wearing my floral dress on  a special occasion and I did it on my husband birthday party! :-)
And here is the picture of me and my dear husband, we are both wearing me-made garments. I am wearing my floral shift dress and my husband is wearing button-down shirt that I made especially for him as his birthday gift :) I will be posting the details of the shirt later.

Thank you for reading and see you soon on another post!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

We Are On Vacation

Hello everyone,
I will be on holiday from today and will be back to the normal posts on the blog next month :)

See you later :x

Thursday, July 31, 2014

July MAGAM - Floral Shift Dress

I have finished my floral dress and I will be wearing this dress on a very special occasion next month :) So, I decided to just show you the dress in the dress form for now. Then I will post pictures of me wearing it on that day.

Well, I started work on this dress in the end of May but I was stuck with the neckline. I didn't know exactly what I wanted the neckline to be and then after the dress hanging for so long in the dress form, I just decided to make the neckline exactly same as my previous dress. Problem solved!

Pattern and materials:
For the pattern, I used Burdastyle Vintage Modern Jamie Shift Dress size 34 with some modifications. You can check the detail here in my previous dress
For the materials - I used 2 yards of floral cotton, fusible interfacing, ready-made bias tape in orange color, invisible zipper, hook n eye and same color thread.

Sewing process:
Most of the sewing process is exactly like my previous dress but this time the neckline finishes much cleaner and look smoother.
On my previous dress, I sew the bias tape on the neck facing and sew it again to the dress and the result is a little bit bulky. It's fine but I didn't like it so much. So, I tried another method - I basted the neck facing, pinned the bias tape on the outer neck facing and the dress at the same time. Then I sew it. The result is very good and I am happy with it :) I will show you what I did in the below post,
I cut all the facings pieces and fused it with fusible interfacing. As shown on the picture, above are front armhole facings and front neck facing - below are back armhole facings and back neck facings.

I sew the armhole facings, front and back right sides together. Then sew the neck facings front and back right sides together. As shown in the picture.
 I place the neck facing on the dress - with right side facing the wrong side of the dress. Pin it and sew it around.

I clipped around the neckline, especially in the corner area I clipped just like V as shown in the picture. This method is very important to make the corner neckline done nicely. I hope you understand what I mean.
After that, I turned the facing to the outside. You can see result... it's done nicely :)
Then I basted around the neckline, as shown in the picture.
I pinned the bias tape around the outer neck facing and the dress at the same time, then carefully sew it. And then I removed the baste.
After that, I sew the armhole facing on the dress right sides together and turn it inside - sorry that I forgot to take a picture.
And the last part is sew the hook n eye, I pinned the back facing as shown in the picture below - hand sewn around it and stitch the hook n eye. Done!
Here is the picture of the wrong side of the dress after I sew the hook n eye,

And the last three pictures of the upper dress front, back and side views

A little note: as I didn't plan anything for July MAGAM Challenge, I decided to put this dress as my finished July garment :)
Happy sewing and have a wonderful Thursday!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Easy Pajama Shorts

Hi everyone,
I made these pajama shorts especially for my dear husband. He needed some new shorts to wear at home, so I decided to make two for him. The two fabrics are from stash and I still have leftover to make t-shirt for me :)
I made the blue one a month ago and already made a t-shirt from the leftover fabric, you can see it here.
And I finished the green one two days ago, the leftover fabric is still huge. Maybe I will make a t-shirt, but I am not sure when I will work with it. We will see..

I followed step by step tutorials from - it's very easy and quick project to make. You can check out the link, here

Both of the fabrics are knit cotton in green and dark blue color, 1" elastic for the waist band, buttons as front decoration and same color of thread.

For the sewing process is very easy, I followed the tutorials from Craftsy but I added button on the front shorts and I sew the hem line using twin needle.

And here are two pictures of the pajama shorts, front and back views.

Until next...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Polka Dots Shift Dress

Hello everyone,
I mentioned on my last post that I will be making some sewing projects for summer and here is one of them :)
I have done this dress many days ago but only this morning I manage to take pictures.

Dress descriptions:
Very simple style sleeveless shift dress that is perfect for everyday wear, the dress has square neck with bias binding around the neckline,  front and back darts, knee length, middle zipper and finished with hooks and eyes.

2 yards of dark blue polka dots stretch cotton ( the amount of stretch is just very little ), fusible interfacing, same color invisible zipper, hooks n' eyes, grey color bias tape and same color of thread.

Pattern and modifications:
For the pattern, I used Burdastyle Vintage Modern Jamie Shift Dress size 34. You can see my first dress based on this pattern, here
I made some modifications on the pattern - based on my first dress ,
  • I change the front and back neckline to the square style. For dress front piece :  I made square neckline from the inner shoulder down to the middle front 14 cm. Then from the middle front to the center front 7 cm. Cut the pattern on fold. For dress back piece : I also made square neckline from the inner shoulder down to the middle back 14 cm. Then from the middle back to the center back 8 cm. Cut the pattern two pieces.
  • I made sway back adjustment and added the back darts. I also change the side zipper to the middle back.
Sewing process:
I am not going to write here everything about my sewing process because it is the same as any other sleeveless dress I've made. The only thing different is the square neckline. So, after I have done the dress body complete with the zipper, I fused the fusible interfacing on the facings (armhole facings and the neckline facings).
For the armhole facing, I sew the front and back facing right sides together. Then sew it to the armhole right sides together, clip around the curved area - turn it to the inside and top stitch in the right side.
For the neckline facing, I sew the front and the back facing right sides together. Then sew the bias tape in the outer facing. After that, I pin the facing right side on the neckline wrong side - sew it and clip it in the each corner of neckline - turn it from the inside out and sew again around the way the neckline at the bias tape.

The rest of the process is normal and I think all of you already master it :) So, I just want to show you some more pictures of the dress,

front views
back views

Until next time...


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