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Patchwork Tote Bag

Hello, I didn't make any updates to this blog since January. Busy life and also, I got sick and stayed in the hospital for a few days. I'm glad and thank God that I'm recovering and slowly back to my normal life, also starting to sew again (so happy).  I managed to make two tops and scrunchies in January, a long sleeve t-shirt and a hand-knitted cowl in February. I posted all my makes on  my Instagram  in case you are interested to see them. I started to sew again yesterday after I took a good rest and I managed to finish the patchwork tote bag that was on my sewing table since the beginning of this month. I used scrap fabrics left-over from my previous makes. I cut them in a rectangle shape and sewed them together. I sewed both sides and bottom, after that, I folded the upper back 3 cm and pinned the handle on both sides. I used the band for the handle. Sewed around the upper back two times, as shown in the pictures below. I