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DIY Jeans And White Cotton Blouse

Hello everyone, I made a new outfit and these garments are my entry for  #magamsewalong  October and November. My plan for October Original was a self-drafted skirt and white blouse in the picture below, the skirt turned out fine but I'd love to make adjustment next time. So, I will post the skirt detail separately later. For November Needs, I was planning to make jeans and bought two pieces of jeans fabrics in dark blue and black. I decided to sew the blue colour first as wearable muslin but in the end I like the result and I am in the middle of finishing the black one but no time to complete this month, so I will continue next month. Coincidentally the jeans and white blouse are lovely match, so I just wear it together 😁 Patterns: I modified both blouse and pants patterns to my liking  Burdastyle Shirt Blouse 03/2013  size 36  and  Burdastyle Straight Pants 10/2013  size 36.