Monday, September 14, 2015

Boy's Shorts In Grey And Wine Colours

I made two shorts for my son, one in grey colour and another in wine colour. Both of them are using medium knit cotton fabrics, elastic waistline, no pockets and finished with decorative sticker in the right side of the bottom. They are very comfortable to wear and my son loved them :) 


The original pattern is a sweatpants pattern, BurdaStyle 10/2013#142 size 110. I copied the pattern pieces on the sheet of papers. I cut the shorts length until a little bit below the knee and omitted the pockets. I added 3 cm for outer and 1 cm for inner  shorts at the bottom, this method is good to avoid the tightness.
After that I glued both front and back patterns together. I added 7 cm for the waistband and 2 cm for the hemline.
A little note : the length of the grey colour shorts is 2 cm under my son knee and the length of the wine colour is 7 cm under his knee.
Here is my pattern piece, instead of having two pieces of patterns I have one piece only. The right side is for the front and left side is back.

1 yard of both grey and wine colour medium knit cotton, 3 cm wide elastic waistband, decorative stickers - airplane and soccer ball and matching thread.

Sewing Process:
It was easy, I don't need to sew the zipper, pockets or front fly :)
Firstly, I cut the fabric. The picture below shows how my fabric after cutting, the right side is back and left side is front. I placed my two pieces of fabric right sides together, sew it along the crotch point up to the waist, for both front and back sides

After done the sewing, I secured the raw edges using an overlocker sewing machine.

Then I pin along the both legs, sew it and serger the raw edge using an overlocker sewing machine too.

I folded the waistband and sew around but I left 5 cm open to insert the elastic

After the elastic inserted, I secured both sides of the elastics using sewing machine and sew the opening area.
And then, I sew again on the top of the old stitching with one more stitching using twin needle to secure the elastic and fabric at the same time. I think the result is much nicer and less bulky than if I sew it in the middle of the shorts.

My last two works are sew the hemline and fused the sticker on the right bottom of the shorts. Then sew around it using my sewing machine.

And here are the final shorts, front and back views

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Happy sewing to everyone!