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DIY Wrap Swimsuit ( Third Version)

Here is the last garment I made last month, a wrap-style swimsuit made from lycra fabric from my stash. I made two similar swimsuits before and I was happy with the fit. So, I was okay with the process and was sure it would turn out as well as the previous ones.  The process took me two days, just right before our holiday. And I immediately packed it as soon as it finished.  I love this wrap swimsuit, the design hides the fatty tummy and is comfortable to wear for swimming. Also, the wrap style adds something special, so girly and stylish. For the pattern, I used my self-draft (TNT: tried and true pattern) and the sewing process was started by cutting the fabric pieces, sewing the elastic on the front lining and continuing to pin the necessary parts. I prepared the bands for the back ties and the side wrap. Sewing them as a loop and turning them inside out. I pinned and sewed the bands (ties) on the right front piece (wrap) and backside. Stitched the

First Version Of Burda T-Shirt 06/2008

Hello, I am so happy that I finally made a t-shirt. It was a very fun project to make and I am so surprised that making it was not scary at all :) My June Magam plan is making an outfit (white knit t-shirt and floral skirt) - I am working on the skirt now and as I am not sure about the t-shirt pattern, I tried to make it first with another fabric. So, I will not ruin the white knit fabric if the t-shirt didn't came out well. I use the left over fabric from my husband pajama shorts, it's knit cotton in dark blue color and I decided to top stitch the t-shirt with orange thread around the neckline, armholes, sleeves hem and hem line. This idea came out suddenly during sewing and I think this t-shirt will match with my orange skirt . And the result, as shown in the picture above is just lovely and perfect for everyday wear :) More details of the t-shirt, Pattern and modification : Burda t-shirt pattern 06/2008 - 113 size 34. Sorry I couldn't find the link about it. I

Sewing Plans

Hello everyone, Today post is about my sewing plans for  Magam Challenge and about other things that I want to do in the next couple weeks. For Magam June plan, I want to make an outfit - a very comfy t-shirt and a skirt. For the fabrics: T-shirt, I will use 1.5 yards of knit cotton in white color and for the skirt, I will use 1.5 yards of floral stretch cotton. For the patterns, T-shirt, Burda pattern 113/114 from Burda Magazine from June 2008 in Spanish edition. I saw the minimum size is 38, so I have to draw size 36 by myself and I saw that the t-shirt had nice detail in the armholes and sleeves, but I am not sure which one will suit me. So, I will try both styles - with or without gather. I will see later...   Skirt, I will use  Burdastyle pattern 10/2013 - 123 size 36 - for sure I have to make adjustment on the waist. The skirt has a slight flare and decorative large hip-yoke pockets. Image source And for other plans, I want to make four summer dresses. I wil

Me Made May 2014

Hello everyone, Here is the compilation of my outfits that I wear during Me Made May 2014. It was a fun challenge and I am glad that I managed to wear me-made outfit everyday during the whole month of May :) Well, I am not going to write here every detail of my outfits, you can check them all in my flickr album - Velvet Ribbon Me Made May 2014 That's it for my quick post everyone, I hope you enjoyed MMM as much as I do :) Happy sewing!

Finished Magam May Trousers

 Hello everyone, I am very happy that I managed to finish my May project for   Make A Garment A Month Challenge  and already wore it last Thursday for MMM day 29 - as shown on the picture above :) It took so long to finish this trousers because I got some kind of laziness, I just want to sew something easy this moment. So, making trousers was really a wrong decision. But anyway, I am so glad that I've done it before the end of the month :) For the pattern: I used Burdastyle Bootcut Trousers 10/2013#126 A size 38 with some adjustments. And for the materials: I used 2 yards of stretch twill woven cotton in grey color, polka dots cotton for integrated pocket, fusible interfacing for the waistband, hook n eye, snap fastener, zipper and same color of thread. Sewing process : I mentioned on my last post  that I will use size 36 but in the end I used size 38. I made muslin first for better result and better fitting trousers ( as in the past I am not really sure how many p