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Make A Garment A Month Challenge - Burdastyle Paneled Shirt

Happy weekend everyone! I am glad that I managed to finish my second project for "make a garment a month challenge". As you all know, this shirt based on Burdastyle Paneled Jersey Shirt 10/2013  view A size 34. I have to draw a new line of pattern because the minimum size from the original pattern is 36, I followed these tutorials . I also reduced the length of the sleeves and shirt bottom. Even so, in the end of my work I still need to sew the upper sleeve seams smaller because it was too big for me. Materials: I used 2 yards of knit cotton in deep purple color, 2 yards of printed knit - I still have left over fabric that is enough to make sleeveless dress, fusible interfacing, 4 small buttons in purple color and thread - as I don't have a similar color of thread, I used black color :) How I worked n this shirt: I'll show you a little of the sewing process, I started my work by fused the fusible interfacing on the wrong side of center front - in the end of b

Make A Garment A Month, November plan..

Hello lovelies... Today post is a very quick update of my November sewing plan for make a garment a month challenge  hosted by Sarah Liz. I have chosen my fabrics and pattern. It will be a long sleeves shirt with two color combination, both of the fabrics are knit cotton - deep purple color and grey printed with purple leaves. For the pattern, I chose Burdastyle pattern - Paneled Jersey Shirt 10/2013 . The instructions said that I should use jersey knit fabric only, but I think my fabric choice will be good to make the shirt too. We will see... Wish me a good luck!  my fabrics for the shirt