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DIY Denim Pants

Hello, I was planning to make a basic outfit (long sleeve t-shirt and denim pants) in February and I managed to finish the long sleeve t-shirt on time. I posted the detail on my IG,  here is the link  in case you are interested to see it.  After waiting for almost one and a half months, I finally finished the denim pants. Too bad that the weather is getting hot, so I will wear them in cooler weather. Both the long sleeve t-shirt and denim pants were my entry to "Fit February"  #magamsewalong  challenge on Instagram hosted by Sue, Suzy and Sheila. I'm happy I finally finished the outfit that fit my daily life. Here is the fabric I used for the denim pants, a medium-weight denim fabric that I bought during my trip to Bangkok in 2018, I bought 3 meters and still have leftover enough to make a skirt. Also, I used green cotton scrap for the pocket bags. The rest of the materials, zipper, snap fastener, fastener and threads were from my stash. For the pa