Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas Crafts #2 : Holly Leaves And Berries

Today I'd love to share with you my second little project for Christmas Crafts 2015. I made six holly leaves with berries. The pattern is self drafted and before I write more about the process, let's take a look at the finished project :)

Self-drafted, begin from the two rectangle shapes for the leave 1 and 2. Another pattern number 3 is the small square shape for the berry. After I drew the rectangle and square shapes, I drew the rest. As shown in the picture below,

Felt in dark green for the leaves and red for the berries
Grey thread to sew the leaves veins and light brown to sew the berries.
Some pin and scissor

Sewing Process:
After I cut all the leaves and berries, I pin the two pieces of leaves and berries together. Sew the leave veins with grey thread and around the berry with light brown thread. I did that in all the leaves and berries.

Then hand sewn the two finished leaves together, as shown below

Using the same thread, sewn the berry on the top of the leaves.

Sewn the second berry on it,

And sewn the last berry. I made sure the thread didn't shown in the right side of the leaves or berries. Done!

Here is one more picture of the finished holly leaves with berries :) I am planning to stick them somewhere in the living room or the door. I will see..

Happy Sewing!



Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas Crafts 2015 Part 1 : Angels

As promised in the previous post, here are my finished little angels that I made for Christmas decoration. The pattern was self-drafted and the whole process was hand sewing and gluing. It was very easy and fun,  it reminded me of my childhood when I made my first doll.
Well, before I write more about my process let's take a look at the finished angels. I made nine so far... :)

Self-drafted angel wings ( I made two kind of wings, pattern number 1 and 2),heart (number 3) and halo (number 4). The picture below shows the measurements. I started by drawing rectangle shapes for the wings and heart and square shape for the halo, then I drew the rest.

Fabric glue
Knit fabric for the body 26 long x 20 cm wide
Lace fabric 25 cm long x 20 cm wide
Polyester stuffing for the head
White yarn for the hair
Felt for the wing - heart and halo
Two small buttons
Ice cream stick for the body
Pencil to mark the eyes and lip
Threads (blue for the eyes, pink for the lip and beige for hand sewing)

After I prepared all things, I glued the buttons to the heart and halo. Set aside for later.

I place the stuffing in the middle of the knit fabric, cut two lines of yarn. Insert the stick in the middle of the head and tight/knot it with the yarn. And tight the other yarn in the tummy. As shown in the picture below.

I folded the lace fabric 1 cm and placed the body in the middle. Folded the lace again, it supposed to be her dress. As shown in picture below,

Using the beige thread, I hand sewn the back of the angel dress. As shown in the picture,

Then using the same thread, I hand sewn the wing to the body.

After I am done with the wing, I put the angel aside and prepared the hair. I took enough amount of white yarn and spread it, as shown in the first picture below. Then carefully hand sewn in the middle of the yarn.

After the hair already sewn, I attached to the head. Pin and hand sewn the hair, starting from the back to the forehead.

Then tuck the needle until the middle of the head and sewn the halo. As shown here,

I marked the eyes and lip using the pencil. Hand sewn the eyes with blue thread and lip with the pink thread.

Here is the angel face.

Then I glued the heart in the chest, trim her hair and the dress hem.

Here is the whole look, front and back views,

And the closer look of the angel from the front,

The last picture of the nine angels :) I love them all and cannot wait to hang or place them around the house. The only thing I need to do is add the thread on the halo when I want to hang them, I will see...

That's it for my Christmas craft 2015 part 1. I am done with another craft today, will be posting after this :)

Happy Sewing!!



Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Christmas Crafts 2015

This season, I am going to decorate my house with fun and easy Christmas crafts. I will be making Angels, little Santa Claus, Christmas socks and holly leaves. The process will be posted here as soon as I finish :)

Do you want to join?
I am going to make the Angels tomorrow.

Happy Sewing!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Oversize Sweater

I made a new sweater based on Burda Easy A/W 2013 pattern 6B :)
This sweater is one of the garments that I plan for MAGAM November challenge, the plan was posted here in my facebook page.
The weather is still hot but I think it will be going down soon, so once again I am wearing it just to take pictures :) I love how the sweater turned out, it is very cosy, soft and warm at the same time. Besides that, I love the colours. Grey and black matched well with each other. What do you think?

I used 2 yards of ponte de roma knit in grey colour and cotton ribbed knit for the bands.
Three black buttons, two snap fasteners, fusible interfacing and thread.

Burda Easy Autumn Winter 2013, sweater 6 B size 34/36. The magazine didn't come with printed pattern, so I have to draft it following the instruction. It was an easy drafting, I am done in less than 30 minutes.

Sewing process:

  • After I drafted the pattern, I transferred to the fabric and cut. As shown in the first picture at the top left, I had two pieces of fabric already cut - front and back.
  • Then I laid my sweater right sides together, pin and stitch at the left side.
  • I sew the neck band by folded the band and stitch it along the neckline right sides together and top stitch using twin needle.
  • After that, I worked on the shoulder fastening. I attached the button band piece on the left front shoulder, right side of the band facing the wrong side of the shoulder. Clip the seam allowance.
  • Turned the band to the right side of the shoulder and edge stitched.
  • Then I stitched the underlap by folded the piece and attached it on the left back shoulder, right side of the band facing the wrong side of the shoulder.
  • Turned the band to the right side.
  • Placed the button band piece on the top of underlap and pinned.
  • Then pinned and stitched the shoulder area to the sleeve right sides together.

All the first process shown here in the pictures,
  • After I am done the fist process, I stitched in the end the button band piece and the underlap
  • And then, I worked on the sleeve bands. I stitched the side seam to the sleeve right sides together. Folded the band and stitched it to the lower edge of the sleeve right side of the sleeve facing the band.
  • Turned the band to the outside and you can see the result in the picture below, left side at the bottom.
  • After I am done the sleeve band, I worked on the front hem band. I folded the band and attached it to the hem, right side of the hem facing the band. 
  • Turned the band to the outside/right side
  • Then I worked on the back hem. Folded the back hem band and stitched in the both sides open edges wrong sides together. Turned the hem inside out and attached to the hem. Then turned the hem to the outside/right side as well.
  • Pinned and stitched both hems right sides together.
  • Turned the sweater inside out. The final result of the hem was unusual but really nice because of the extra long back hem. It looks like high-low hem to me :)
  • And the last work, sew the buttons and snaps. I replaced the button holes with the snaps and I only use two snaps instead of three.
All the second process shown here in the pictures below,

Here are the closer looks of the finished buttons and snaps, outside and inside,

And the pictures of the sweater, front and back views

Also more pictures of me wearing my new sweater, front - back and side views

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Happy sewing! 
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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Light Pink Coat Part 2

Hello everyone,
Finally I finished my three quarter coat and here I am wearing it but only to take pictures :) The weather is still hot outside and hope will getting cooler soon so I can wear my new coat.

I promised that I am going to show all my sewing process and in case you are missing the previous process, here is a link the part 1
After I have done the coat body and pockets, I sew the coat lining. I sew front trim to the front lining right sides together and sew the neck trim to the back lining right sides together. Press both pieces with iron. As shown in the pictures below,

After I had the lining pieces, I pin and sew the front to the back at the shoulder right sides together. Press with iron.

I attached the sleeve to the body right sides together. And then sew the side of the lining from the end of the sleeve down to the hemline. I did that for both sides. Here is the result,

After the coat lining done, I attached the lining to the body right sides together. And I found out that the lining was too tight for the body. Well, I made a mistake! I reduced both sides of the lining twice, so instead of reduced 5 cm I reduced 10 cm. Quick decision, I removed the sewing/thread at the sides of the lining body. Then I cut a strip of the fabric in the shape of long triangle and sew it to the edge of front and back lining. As shown in the pictures below and I did the same for the other side

I pin and sew the body and the lining right sides together, clip around the neck area and center front.

After that, I turned the coat inside out and work on the hem. I laid flat and pinned the coat 20 cm above the hem. Basting the hem 1.5 cm, as shown in the picture below in dark colour thread

Then I folded the hem 5 cm and pin along the hemline

After that, I hand sewn the hem allowance. I stitched very carefully the fashion fabric and  the lining together and made sure the thread don't catch the outer fabric.

After I have done the hand sewn, I removed the basting and press the hem with iron. Here is the result,

I did the same for the sleeve hem with 4 cm sleeve allowance. Then I did the last work, sew the snap fasteners and buttons. I decided to sew the buttons because my fabric was gaping between the snaps. Done!

Here are the finished coat, front and back views with the details 

And here are the closer look of the lining and the snap fasteners

And finally, more pictures of me wearing it. Front - back and inner views

Coat details:
Pattern: Burdastyle Three Quarter Coat 08/2014 # 102 size 36 with adjustment
Fabrics: 2.5 yards of rayon viscose crepe in light pink and 2 yards of brocade fabric in light cream

I think is enough for my today post, happy sewing and wish you all a lovely Sunday :)

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