Saturday, May 19, 2018

Colour Block Marua Tunic Dress

This dress is my second version of S1033 Marua Tunic - My Image pattern #15 with modification. As I mentioned in my first version, the original pattern was asymmetrical hemline tunic which I changed to normal hem and lengthen a little until my knee, also lower the neckline 1.5 cm and made full arm adjustment. And in this second version, I shorten the sleeve length until just the top of my elbow. Also, add the colour block in black knit cotton because I only have one yard of printed knit. Glad that I have black knit scrap in stash that is matching well with the print, otherwise I will go to fabric shop to buy the new piece.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Bomber Jacket

I made a bomber jacket last month and this is my second version from Burdastyle Double Button Bomber Jacket 04/2017 size 36. I used knit fabric in Dahlia print and lightweight knit in brown colour for the lining. The original pattern doesn't include the lining but I decided to go with it for more professional look.
This lightweight bomber jacket is my entry for sewing challenges in Instagram: " Alternative April" #magamsewalong hosted by Sarah Liz Sew Style#burdachallenge2018 for April hosted by saturdaynightstitch and #2018makenine second garment hosted by homerowfiberco.