Friday, February 28, 2014

Finished February Garment - Pink Blouse

Hi everyone!
I am glad that I managed to finish my February garment for MAGAM Challenge on time :) This blouse based on Burdastyle pattern 08/2012, details here on my last post.
Sewing process:
I traced the pattern (size 36), reduced the length of the sleeves 7.5 cm but I leaved  the blouse length same as the original pattern. I omitted the sleeves opening because I didn't have any zipper inside my stash that match the fabric color.
Then I added seam allowances in all edges and transfer the pattern onto the fabric.
I am very lazy this moment, so I decided to skip the muslin and I am very lucky that the blouse fit me nicely. The neckline is right on the place that I like, the bust darts and back darts are fine and allow me to move my body freely. The sleeves are good, I feel free to move my arm too. The only thing funny is the blouse length, they are too long and look unflattering on me.  I have to cut it about 7.5 cm, so the feet of the back darts are almost reaching the hem line. But anyway, I think it looks fine :-)

The picture below is the front blouse, the shaping bust darts are really nice and the blouse length is right for me. This blouse will be perfect for everyday wear and perfect combination for my jeans and flat shoes :)

The picture below is the blouse back, I hope you all can see that the darts feet are almost reaching the hem line. What do you think? Is that fine or I should make the darts shorter?
And the back opening is very cute, isn't it? It's a little bit tricky to sew, especially for a beginner sewer but I will share here on the blog how I did it. Stay tuned, dear readers!

And here are the last two pictures of my blouse on my dress form - front and back,

Happy sewing!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Make A Garment A Month - February Plan..

Happy Monday to you all!
My February plan for MAGAM Challenge will be a very simple yet elegant everyday blouse based on Burdastyle pattern 08/2012 - Printed Blouse 109. For the fabric, I will use my pink viscose that I bought last month. The thread and the buttons are from my stash.

image source
I traced the pattern yesterday and I found that this pattern has funny bust darts. The bust darts are starting from the waistline - you can see the picture above. But according to the pattern description,  this blouse is flattering on any body type because of the shaping bust darts :) 
So, I am curious and can not wait to see how the blouse will turn out.
Happy sewing!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Finished January Garment - Double Breasted Cape

Hello dear readers,
Finally I have done my January garment for MAGAM challenge. As you all know, this cape is based on Burdastyle cape pattern 08/2012 size 36. But I decided to make it shorter than the original pattern. For the fabrics and materials that I used for this cape, you can see it here.

Mostly, I enjoyed the sewing process but to sew the arm slits and lining took a long time to finish, I spent a lot of time on basting and hand sewing. Also, I made a little bit mistake on cutting the arm slits. It suppose to be right on the line between the shoulder piece and front piece but mine is below that line. Anyway, I think is fine and nobody noticed it:)
The picture below is the cape front, you can see that the decorative stitching on the shoulder pieces, piping on the arm slits and the double breasted front closure are very stylish.
The picture below is the cape back, you can see also the decorative stitching in the middle that I think is the smart way to add sweetness.
The picture below is the cape lining. I did a lot of basting and hand sewing on it. But after all, I am very happy with how my lining turned out. It really sit nicely on the cape without bulky.
And the last two pictures below are the full picture of me wearing my new cape, front and back.
That's it for my today post, I hope you had a lovely weekend!