Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pimp My Skirt Draft and Sew Along

The Burberry Skirt
I was very busy lately, almost didn't have enough time to sew or to take picture of my latest dress but I always around to check what's my fabulous blogger up to. I am planning to make a coat but still cutting the muslin, I think it will be a very slow project.

On the way of making my first coat I am also join sew along with Marina von Koenig from Frabjous Couture. The Original inspiration is the Burberry skirt as shown on the picture below. Here is  the details of the sew along and to be honest I am really excited and can not wait to start drawing the pattern, making the muslin, sewing the skirt and wearing it:))

And here is the badge,

   ~ Happy sewing and have a good weekend ~

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Striped Dress In Jersey Knit

A couple weeks ago I planned to make swing dress 08/2012 from Burdastyle with striped jersey knit but the dress didn't turn out well as I expected. The side panel of the dress was fine but the neck was too big for me and the skirt didn't suit me so well.
So I decided to refashion the dress. I turn the gathered skirt to pencil skirt, I throw the top to the trash:( and make another top pattern with the left over fabric (lucky me). And I reused the short sleeves. It's really annoying work but I have to.

I will definitely make swing dress another time but for sure I have to work with the pattern and I'll try with another type of fabric.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November Mood on A-Line Dress

This dress basic on Burdastyle A-line Dress 08/2012. A very girly dress with front slite and high low skirt, made from two different type of fabric. For the top, I used 1.5 yard of crepe de chine flower print fabric. For the skirt, I used 1.5 yard of lightweight polyester-cotton fabric in black colour. It was very easy project (for me), I spent 8 hours in total to make this dress including transfering the pattern and cutting the fabric.

Friday, October 19, 2012

What's Next?

swing dress 08/2012 pattern
I am working on this dress today, named Swing Dress 08/2012 from Burdastyle. The original dress has a small cap sleeves, side panels shape bust and gathered skirt. I used my striped jersey knit that already stay inside my stash for so long waiting for me to sew.
The most I love on this dress is the lovely side panels shape bust. But a small sleeves cap is not something that flattering me, so I will change with a normal short sleeves.

I used size 34 for the top pattern and size 36 for the skirt pattern. So I have to extend the top waist line to match the two pattern together. I also have to shorten the length of the skirt. Making a short sleeves pattern, I mean copying the short sleeve pattern from the previous project:)))
I hope my dress will turn up perfect.

...happy sewing...

Monday, October 15, 2012

Black Shorts For Eduardo


front side of the shorts

front side of the shorts

back side of the shorts
This is another project for kcwc fall 2012, I made from the left over black cotton fabric from my first project for kcwc fall 2012. I used burda magazine june 2008/ kids 3/4 pants pattern size 104. It's the same pattern that I used to make a black pants for Eduardo. I shortened the length of the pants according to the shorts size. I removed the front pockets and the side pockets. In the end I inserted elactic inside the waistband.
It's very fast project that I ever expect it. I have done this shorts for 2 hours:)

....happy sewing...

Black Pants For Eduardo

front side of the pants

back side of the pants

the pattern from burda mag. june 2008

 Meg from was throwing the challenge called kids weeks clothes challenge fall 2012. I decided to joint in and this pants is one of the project for the challenge. It was very busy week but I tried to put myself to sew at least one hour during 7 days. And I am very happy with my work. The pants fit my son very well.

I used the pattern from burda magazine june 2008, originally is 3/4 pants for kid. The pattern has 6 pockets in total, 2 pieces front pocket, 2 pieces back pocket and 2 pieces side pocket. I added length to the pattern and inserted elastic inside the waistband.
Material for this pants is 1 yard black cotton and using same colour thread.

...the next post will be another project for kcwc fall 2012...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bow Tie Dress in Stretch Jersey

This is my latest dress that I made on the beginning of september. A very feminime V-neck style dress with bow tie. Made from stretch jersey that I bought during my trip to portugal. The pattern is self-drafted dress pattern.
I am planning to make another one with long sleeve for fall season.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Burdastyle 08/2012 issue (Portuguese)

Burdastyle 08/2012 (Portuguese)

I have to say that I am really happy and excited with this magazine. So many great patterns in this issue that I wish one day I could make it all:) And the pattern below is the first pattern that I will make for my next project.

Monday, August 20, 2012

How To Make a Tote Bag - Part 2, Done!

  • How to insert the bag strap on the body bag. I only inserted the bag strap on the outer bag. With the wrong side of the bag strap facing you, pin each of  them on the side of the bag flap. Stitch it with 1/2'' seam allowance. Here is the picture,

Thursday, August 16, 2012

How To Make a Tote Bag - Part 1

Hi! I felt great after long holidays on the place that far away from my home. And finally I recovered from jet lag :-) And of course the first thing I'd love to do is sewing and blogging.
As promised on my last post, here is the tutorial "how to make a tote bag".

  • home decor fabric - for outer bag, inner flap and bag straps 
  • striped cotton fabric - for inner bag and pocket
  • red colour cotton fabric - for outer flap
  • fusible interfacing (the heavy one is better),
  • big wooden button
  • and same colour thread.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Skirt in Light Pink

front side

back side
A very simple style skirt and perfect for any body type.
The pattern is free pdf pattern by mahaila, she is very generous and talented girl that shared her tutorial on Burdastyle. Here is the pattern and for my skirt I used 3/4 circle skirt.
Material that I used for the skirt:
- 1.75 yards of cotton polyester in light pink colour
- fusible interfacing for the waistband
- invisible zipper and same colour thread

As I promised on my last post, I am still working on the tote bag tutorial. But I am not sure that I have enough time to publish my tutorial before my holidays. Anyway, I only missing little a bit part of the tutorial, hopefully I'll finish it before my holidays.
Happy sewing!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The G Bag

I am planning to make at least three tote bags after I've done my palette challenge ss2012. And I am very happy that I finished the first tote bag. I named her "the G bag". She is very cute tote bag with three inner pockets and the size is big enough to put all the stuff. I can carry her arround the shopping mall or to go to the beach/swimming pool.

The size of the bag approximately 16.5" x 10". The pattern is selfdrafted tote bag pattern by me. After I've done the pattern, I copy the pattern to the fabric that I already prepared, cut the fabric, iron the fusible interfacing on the fabric and sew it.

  • home decor fabric (green stripe), cotton (green flower) and light weight cotton (white colour for the inner pockets and interfacing)
  • fusible interfacing
  • bias tape, click here if you want to make your own bias tape
  • metal bag buckle
  • zipper
  • snap fastener
  • big button

Before I say goodbye, I am not promise but I will try my best to write the tutorial how to make the tote bag on the future post.
Happy sewing!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


       I am very excited to announced the last project for palette challenge ss 2012 . I called the dress ''jamoo''. This is the second batik dress that I made, the fabric is very famous madura batik from east java - Indonesia. I bought two pairs of batik when I visited my hometown many months ago. Before I continue to write the details of the dress, click here if you want to see the first one.

      The dress not just cute but completely adorable sleeveless dress. Cord trimmed contrast yoke, two sweet green buttons, pockets, belt and embellishing the skirts with green bias tape. It's totally darling!

Here is the details of the dress:
  • Materials needed : the fabric is madura batik - 100% cotton, wine colour with small green and red traditional drawing from madura. 1/2 " green bias tape, two green self covered buttons, fusible interfacing, invisible zipper and hook-and-eye
  • The pattern is built by wendy dirndl dress, by adding two sweet buttons, pockets and belt.

       For the skirt, I sew 1/2" bias tape around the skirt about 6" up from the hem line / buttom of the skirt.

      The projects for palette challenge ss2012 are done! And here is the whole outfits that I sew for the challenge.

Happy sewing and see you soon on another sewing project:)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pink Sorbetto and 3/4 Pants

pink sorbetto

pink sorbetto

pink sorbetto

Actually, I finished this pink sorbetto and 3/4 pants on sunday last week but only now I am having time to publish it. I get distracted with my last project for palette challenge ss2012 and finally I finished the challenge:-)  Hooray!!
The fabric for pink sorbetto top is light pink cotton that I had already inside my stash.
The pattern is sorbetto from colette patterns (I think everyone already knew about this sorbetto). I made my sorbetto little different from the original pattern, here is my pattern modifications:
  • Removed the bust dart.
  • Make 2" (5 cm) wide for the neckline and armholes facing.
  • Topstitched the armholes and neckline using hand sewing.

How I inserted the neck and armholes facing:
Sew the front and back neck facing right sides together. Then stitch it around the neckline. Turn the facing inside and topstitched around about 1/4". After that, I did hand stitch about 1 cm  around the neckline  ( here I used red colour thread).
I did the same for the armholes facing. 

3/4 pants

3/4 pants

I made this pants faster than I thought, maybe because I already made two pairs of shorts from the same pattern, ellen #9305.
Pattern adjustment for 3/4 pants, I shorten the length of the pants about 12". I also made a smaller waistband by reduced 1/2 " wide from the original pattern.
For the pockets, I did the same as my last project ellen #9305 shorts B.
For the zipper and any details of the pants you can follow the instuctions on ellen #9305
Happy sewing and see you soon on my next project:-)


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Black Lace Dress

  Hello everyone....

         This is the dress that I talked on my last post, a very feminime black lace dress made from very soft black lace for outer dress and fabric stretch (nylon+lycra) for inner dress (lining). The style is very simple yet perfect! Especially for me :)))
For patterns: I used selfdrafted basic bodice and 1/2 circle skirt, I connected the basic bodice and the 1/2 circle skirt together.
I made facing for the neckline and armhole from the same fabric ( lace).
I also made the inner dress (lining)  7 cm lower from the neckline, as shown on the picture. The rest of the dress is very simple, if you are intermediate level will do it very easily.

        Once again, this black lace dress is part of palette challenge ss2012, I am still working on my sorbetto and one more dress to finish the challenge.

Happy sewing everyone!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Black Lace Top

the front side of black lace top
Black lace top layered over undershirt is eye-catching and fabulously feminime, that's why I wanted to make this top so badly. And yes! I made it. I planned to made this top for palette-challenge-ss2012. Not only this lovely top but I made a dress with the same fabric. I will publish my dress on later post.

This top has gathered short sleeve, extended button for the waist line (this is my idea to created better waist line), and round neckline. The pattern is selfdrafted pattern by me. I used 1 yard black lace, same colour thread and black buttons.

For the gathered sleeve, I just slash the basic sleeve pattern in three and added 1.5 inch. Gather with hand stitching first before use the sewing machine.

black lace top, here you can see the extended button on the waist line

For the neckline, I created the round neckline. I think the round neckline work best for my face:)  I used neck line facing from the same material, finished with hand stitching.

the back side of black lace top
That's it everyone! Very simple style top but really beautiful (especially for me.. ) I will continue to posting my black lace dress as soon as possible.
Happy sewing!