Monday, July 17, 2017

DIY Necktie

As promised in the previous post, here is "diy necktie" that I made especially for DH. The idea came up last year when I bought the fabric, DH said could be great if I bought more fabric enough for my dress and matching tie for him. So, I bought three yards instead of two.

For the pattern, I used his old tie for a base and follow the tutorial from purl soho - thanks Molly for the clear tutorial 😊

First thing I carefully took out the stitches from the old tie, iron it and copied as the pattern. I decided to keep the front and back linings in white fabric as shown in the picture below.
I was amazed with the amount of pieces to make a tie, eight pieces in total, also needed fusible interfacing for the front, middle and back fabric.

 As always, I made a muslin from white and orange cotton gingham from stash. The muslin turned out nicely and I kept it, in case I need one day or anyone want to use it for costume 😁 because DH would never wear this colour.

The process was taking time and attention, involved a lot of ironing and hand sewing with very little machine sewing.
I did almost all the processes as Molly's said in the tutorial. I started with sew front, middle and back pieces together.
Followed with iron the seam allowances at the triangle shapes at the end of front and back tie, also iron the small triangle lining for front and back as well. Hand sewn carefully the fabric and lining together.
After that, I placed the long white lining on the tie fabric. Made sure they fit each other nicely. Folded the two sides together, pin along and insert the loop that I already sewn with sewing machine. Then I hand sewn all the way from front to the back. That's it! Easy but a lot of work and attention 😀

Hope all my explanation made sense, here are the closer look of the finished tie, inner and outer sides. Also, I shared the picture of DH wearing the tie in previous post, in case you are interested to see the tie on him.

Thank you for stopping by, wishing you all a lovely Monday 💗


Friday, July 14, 2017

Asymmetrical Neckline Dress

Hello everyone,
I am back after a long silence, once again busy life and low mood for blogging but I've been so active in Instagram and made some garments that I am excited to share with you.
This asymmetrical neckline dress is one of the garments, I made it especially to wear in my dear niece wedding in London few weeks ago. It was a great wedding, both bride and groom were gorgeous, she looked so radiant and beautiful 💖💖

Back to the dress, I used the especial printed cotton linen that I bought in my trip to Singapore last year. I had three yards, I used 2.25 yards for this dress and used the leftover to make a matching necktie for dear husband. I will post the necktie separately after this.

I modified two Burdastyle patterns to make this dress. Dress pattern 10/2015#124 for the bodice and Godet Pencil skirt pattern 08/2012#112 for the skirt.

The sewing process started with a muslin and fitting ( I always make a muslin for difficult dress). My first plan was to make the skirt as a godet skirt exactly like the skirt pattern but I didn't like it. So, I omitted the godet and made a pencil skirt.

The dress was fully lined with silk satin, I made facings for the front and back neckline from the same fabric and continue the rest with silk satin.
The dress has back zipper and back slit skirt, princess seamed, asymmetrical neckline and midi length. Also, I added a big bow for the accessory. I made the bow separately and hand sewn directly on the left side waistline.

Here are some of the processes, I sewn the front and back pieces completed with neckline facings.
Followed by attached the lining after I sew the front and back dress right sides together. Then carefully sew the back slit skirt. I hand sewn the slit and the hem to avoid mess and ruin the dress. As shown in the pictures below,
And I am happy with the result. Forget to mention, I secured the end of the slit with double interfacing before I lined the dress.

And the whole dress, front and back completed with a big bow. The bow was lined with silk satin, hope you can see a little bit shine of silk satin popping up 😊
The wrong side views of the dress front and back. I used the wrong side of silk satin facing my body because I couldn't stand the shiny part of the satin.
Here is the closer views of the asymmetric neckline, back side and inner dress.
And the closer look of the lining of upper bodices, front and back.

Last three pictures of the dress on me, front and back views.

That's it for today post everyone. Thank you for reading and see you soon in a matching necktie post that I made for dear husband.

Happy Sewing!

Hana @velvetribbon_sew

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Me Made May 2017 Round Up

Me Made May 2017 has come to an end 😢 It was a great International sewing month and glad that I managed to participate again for the fifth year. Nothing changed from the previous years, my outfits were dresses with very little separates garments in between. Before I write more about the outfits that I wore, I want to say thank you to Zoe for organising this great challenge, my dear Husband who very patiently took pictures and all sewing friends in Instagram and Facebook Page for the comments and likes during the whole month of May.

Well, I am not going to bore you with all the outfit details but I will highlight the new garments only because for sure you have seen all the old dresses/separates before 😁 

Day 1 to 7.
For the start of the month, I was wearing my brand new v-neck shift dress with ruffled cuffs in floral print. Another two new garments were Refashioned t-shirt on day 3 and unblogged Crochet Amma Top, free pattern from Maria Valles Handmade on day 6. 

Day 8 to 15.
I forgot to put the dress that I wore on day 9  and the only new dress was Green Polkadots dress with ruffle shoulder on day 10.

Day 16 to 23.
There are three new makes : the yellow tunic dress on day 17, unblogged Green cape sleeve top on day 20 and Elastic waist pants in floral pattern Simplicity 8059 C on day 23.

Day 24 to 31.
I couldn't resist to wear my new yellow tunic dress again on day 28. The two new garments were, printed baby blue ruffle sleeve blouse on day 30 and unblogged new dress on last day, sleeveless floral dress with v-back pattern modified from TNT jamie shift dress - I made it to an a-line dress with more flare on the bottom, omitted the dart and made a v-back.

After all, I realised that there is a big hole in my wardrobe. I need a lot of separates garments (top, skirt, shorts and pants), light cardigan and some undies. I was lucky that I made two lace kimonos in black and cream colours, they were perfect to layer up in air-con or windy area.
Also, I was able to say goodbye to my blue polka dots Jamie shift dress. The dress was really old and I need to sew the new one to replace it.
Besides, I decided to refashion some of the dresses to tops or skirts. I will see...

That's it for today post, wishing you all a happy weekend and happy sewing. I am working on a muslin for a dress that I will wear in a very special occasion next month and also cutting some laces for panties (yes, I am dying to sew them since so long) and also crocheting another Amma Top in between sewing and busy life 😀😀


Hana @velvetribbon_sew

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ruffle Sleeve Blouse

Ruffle sleeve is on trend now, so I decided to make this blouse for myself and I love it. For the pattern, I modified the dress pattern H from Casual Sweet Clothes by Noriko Sasahara and for the fabric, I used the leftover Korean cotton from previous garment. 
The original dress pattern has v-neckline and finished the sleeve with two pieces of ruffles, you can see my dress version here. And as I want a round neckline blouse and a little bit fuller ruffle sleeve, I have to change the pattern pieces, 
  • Raised the center front 5.5 cm and drew a new line of round neckline, the back neck remains the same.
  • Made the neckline facing for both front and back.
  • Cut the length of the dress bodices right on the fuller hips.
  • Omitted the zipper 
  • Reduced the sleeve length 5 cm and added ruffle sleeve 10 wide x 56 cm long.
The sewing process was enjoyable, because I always felt relax when I sew 😊 The ruffle sleeve was gathered with two lines of stitching/basting using sewing machine after I sew both sides together and hem it. And then slowly, I pulled the threads and spread evenly along the sleeve. 
Pin and sew the ruffle onto the sleeve and removed the basting threads. As shown in the picture below,

The neckline was finished with facing, I used 1.5 cm seam allowances in all edges, 1 cm sleeve hem at the ruffle and 2 cm hem allowance. Also, it was a good decision to omit the zipper because the neckline is big enough to pull my head in and out 😃

And glad that I wore this blouse this afternoon with me-made Culottes from last year for mmmay'17 day 30. We visited Galaxy Macau for a walk and enjoyed public holiday. 
Well, time flies so fast and we are in day 30 of Me Made May 2017. I was thinking to publish a weekly outfits that I wore but I changed my mind, I will be posting the round up of the whole month. But you can take a look at my everyday outfit on my Instagram
Happy Sewing!


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