Batik Dress With Cropped Lace Jacket

We were attending a gender reveal and birthday party last Saturday and the theme was to wear a kebaya outfit, pink and blue colors. I went with pink because I think my friend will have a baby girl and I was right. We are all very happy for her and her husband. Such a happy occasion 💗 After a few days of thinking and planning, I decided to wear an a-line batik dress with a kebaya over it. I drafted the original style kebaya pattern from Indonesia with front plackets and a long pointy hem but unlucky for me, the style of the original kebaya will not be good with my a-line dress. So, I shortened the length of the kebaya pattern, I marked it 3 cm below my waistline, and made a new line of the hemline. And for my husband, I made a striped shirt using the Ottobre Design pattern 07/2017 and for the fabric, I was happy to find a nice shade of maroon color with a little hint of dark pink striped cotton blend fabric in the local shop.  More photos of my husband's shirt are on my IG,

DIY Women's Boxer Shorts

I made two boxer shorts to replace the old ones that aren't in condition to wear. I decided to sew them yesterday as soon as I have free time and I'm glad the first boxer shorts in brown printed jersey knit are done in three hours. And then, I continue to sew another one this morning.  So happy that I had two pairs of very comfy memade boxer shorts now and for sure I will wear them daily at home.  For the fabric, I used a brown printed jersey knit that I bought last month and a white printed floral knit cotton from my stash. I still have leftovers of both fabrics to make other garments. Maybe boxer shorts for my husband, I will see.    I had a self-drafted boxer shorts pattern before, but I couldn't find it. So, I decided to draft another but this time I used my self-drafted pants as a base.  I laid both pants pattern pieces and added 6 cm space between them.  Added 2 cm at the upper line at the waistline. Lengthened both crotches front and back by 1

Ruffle Shirt

I was planning to make this shirt last month for my entry to magamsewalong "Shirty September" challenge on Instagram but couldn't finish it on time. I thought this shirt was easy to sew but I was wrong. The sewing progress was taking longer to complete because I have to baste some parts before I sew them, such as the collar, the ruffles, and the plackets. Even so, I managed to make mistake on the collar and the ruffle, I sew them upside down and I have to remove them and start the progress again. It was a pain 😖 Also, I changed the plackets design into the usual one and I used a simple way to sew the sleeve slit and cuff. My problem was the pattern instruction wasn't in English and I didn't have time to translate, so I just used my self-taught.   But at least, after over a month and hard work, I finally finished the shirt and will wear it soon when the weather drops. For the pattern, I used Burdastyle 12/2019 - 101 size 38. I shortened the