Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Shirt Blouses

Hello everyone,
I am back after my last post in 31 August with two new me-made shirt blouses that I made to participate #magamsewalong September with theme "Shirty September" hosted by lovely @sarahlizsewstyle.
I decided not to publish the blog post for Artwear August dress and jump to Shirty September instead. Also, I had some garments to publish but no time and energy for all of them. So, I will give you a link on my IG in case you want to see the dress Open Back Butterick Dress.

Fabrics: stripes cotton shirting that I found during our trip to Bangkok and printed rayon snowman from local shop.
Pattern: I used Burdastyle 03/2013 size 36, model 124 for stripes shirt blouse but I omitted the sleeve and hem bands. And the snowman shirt blouse with addition of sleeve cuff, pattern from model 125. I also used different button placements, stripes blouse with original style and snowman blouse with individual style.

The processes of two garments were okay because I already work on the pattern before. The only step that I need to pay more attention was sewing the collar onto the neckline, I decided to use bias tape instead of the same fabric for the collar band and I think it looks nicer and neater. I used hand sewing to attach the band on the inner collar.
Also, I am thrilled that my new machine has automatic buttonhole. So, I did all the buttonholes faster and neater than the two step buttonholes on my old machine 😁 

The length of the sleeve on my stripes shirt blouse is until bottom of my thumb, finished with 1.5 cm sleeve allowance. And I decided to skip the sleeve band because it is fine for me, I just fold the sleeve up and leave it as it is. 
Also, I skipped the hem band and finished the hem allowance with smaller hem 1 cm.

The most adorable thing on this shirt blouse for me is the button placement, looks very nice and arty.

The second blouse is cute, especially the snowman print and the softness of the rayon fabric against my skin. I am planning to wear this shirt blouse for Christmas, just hope that mild winter in my place wouldn't change. 
I used the usual (individual) button placement. I fear that the original button placement will be too heavy for soft rayon fabric and I added sleeve cuff, pattern copied from model 125 but I added few centimetres to make the cuff wider and finished with sew one button in each cuff. 
I did smaller hem allowance as well in the second garment.

That's it for today post everyone, thank you for stopping by and happy sewing. 💗💗


Hana @velvetribbon_sew

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Asymmetrical Top with Bell Sleeve

Hello everyone,
I started a new top yesterday and glad I finished it this afternoon. I was planning to make it weeks ago but life has been busy and we got two typhoons in a week ( Hato and Pakhar), glad we are safe and I managed to finished my August Magam dress and this asymmetrical top. I decided to publish the top today and the dress later. But actually you can see the finished dress on my IG post two days ago.

I made this top especially to participate #sleevefest2017 on Instagram hosted by the two lovely ladies Helen of @valentine.and.stitch and Diane of

For the pattern, I used Simplicity Misses 8059 pattern view B with adjustments because I used size S instead of XXS. Also, added bell sleeve to match the challenge #sleevefest2017 and to celebrate #yearofthesleeve.
For the fabric, I decided to refashion my bathing cover that I wore during my mini holiday in Bangkok. The fabric is cotton jersey in pink colour.
I traced pattern view B size S finished with normal hem and I will cut the asymmetrical hem later directly on the top. 
As the neckline seems too deep for my liking, I raised the CF 3 cm and CB 1 cm then drew a new line of neckline for both front and back as shown in the second picture below.

After I did the half sewing process, I found out that the shoulder and both sides were too big. But the neckline was good and sit nicely 😁 I followed exactly the width and length the pattern had, but in the end I trimmed the excess fabric 0.75 mm.
I decided to pin and sew the darts at the shoulder 1.5 cm down to the waist front and back - I did for both sides.
Also, I sew the side of the top 1.25 cm from the sleeve to the bodice - I did for both sides too. 
After the two methods done, I am glad that the top fits me okay, not too big and not too tight.
For the bell sleeve, I used the same method of making the half circle skirt. I found an easy link to calculate the radius from By Hand London
After I got the radius and drew my own sleeve pattern, I cut the sleeve fabric 20 cm long included seam and sleeve allowances 1.25 cm.
Sew the both end right sides together. Pin the bell sleeve and the sleeve right sides together. Sew with the overlocker machine and sew the sleeve hem with sewing machine. 
Below are pictures of the process,
About the asymmetrical hemline, I decided to cut it after I almost finished the top. I measured according to the length that I think looks good on me. Then I sew the hem allowance 1.25 cm using sewing machine.
Well, after I spend the morning and afternoon working on this top, I am happy that I saved the top and will wear it in the coming autumn.
Happily showing you three more pictures of the top on me, front-back and side views. I wore it with me-made skirt based on Burdastyle 03/2013, skirt detail here.

Happy Sewing and thank you for reading!

Feel free to take a look of other sewists who participate Sleevefest2017 on Instagram with hashtag #sleevefest2017  I bet you will love it and find some inspiration for the next project 😍

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Waist Tie Dress

I managed to finish #magamsewalong June dress with theme "Seasonal Stashbuster" by the end of the month, but only today I have time to write a blog post.
I like the pattern since the day I found it about three years ago, but somehow I didn't have a chance to make it. I was lucky to found the Simplicity magazine Autumn 2014 during our visit to Portugal, the magazine is in Spanish but I can follow the pictures and tutorials easily.
I also saw other patterns such as tunic and jacket that I want to make in the future.

About the dress, fabric is printed anchors and dolphins in red colour, 2.5 yards from stash, bought in Bangkok last year.
Pattern based in Simplicity New Look Misses Dress 6224 with Sleeve Variations size 36 model C with neckbands model B. I only used the bodice and modified the dress to one piece. What I did,

  • I omitted the darts.
  • Reduced the shoulder width 3 cm finished with armholes with 1/2" bias tape from the same fabric.
  • I lengthen the bodice at the waist down to the hem 55 cm long and added few centimeters in both sides at the hemline to created a little A-line shape. I did for both front and back.
  • Added inseam pockets, pattern from my other dress.
  • Added two very long waist ties, 130 cm long x 6 cm wide that is enough to tie around my waist three times before I knot it.
  • 1.5 cm seam allowances in all edges and 3 cm hem allowance.

Here you can see the dress without the waist tie, a very simple and loose a-line dress that I can actually wear as it is. But I like more with the waist tie style, it adds little volume and looks nicer to me 😍

The sewing process was faster than I thought. I did in ten hours including pattern tracing and muslin. I was so surprised that the armholes fit me fine in the muslin but not really in the real fabric. It was gaping, so quick decision I added dart 1 cm wide in both back armholes. Hope you can spot in the picture below at the bottom right.
And the rest of the processes were okay, as usual I fused fusible tape in both sides of the front holes and sew as the direction.
Then hand basted and gathered both sides of the front neckline, sew both front and back bodices at the shoulders and sew the neckband.

I love inseam pockets, I sewn them few centimeters below the waistline/waist ties. I always think that any practical dress will not be perfect without inseam pockets.
And the ties were made from the same fabric, it was easy to sew with little pointy at the end. I attached right on the waistline.

And the finished dress on Ellie my dress form, front and back views.

And glad I wore the dress few days ago to test it. We visited The Venetian' Macao for a walk and lunch. I saw that I place the tie in the opposite side as in the dress form. But anyway, I liked the dress and the loose fit of it.

That's it for today post, wishing you all a happy sewing and crafting 💗 I am knitting my UFO fair isle sweater lately, a very slow process but sure I will finished before winter come 😉 And also, at the moment I am sewing self-drafted swimsuits and hope to show you when I finished.


Hana @velvetribbon_sew

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Paisley Cutout Mini Dress

Hello everyone,
So happy I finished my late #magamsewalong "Sew New Season" June dress, it supposed to finish last month but I couldn't because distracted with other urgent garments, holiday and other things. Besides, this dress was little bit complicated to work with, so I prefer to finish it slowly.

This dress has a special detail at the neckline yoke, straight-line cut, front darts, raglan sleeves and inseam pockets.
I had a big crush on this pattern as soon as I saw the magazine, the neckline detail is so pretty and the rest of the dress is so simple and airy. Perfect to wear in hot summer day 😍

For the fabric, I used 2 yards of printed paisley cotton that I bought for muslin but I think it is too pretty for muslin. So, I used it and put the muslin fabric on the list to buy next time.

The pattern, I used BurdaStyle Cutout Mini Dress 04/2017 size 36 and didn't make adjustment on the fit of the pattern except shorten the length 4 cm.
Also, one thing I changed, I used bias tape from the same fabric for the loops instead of follow the original pattern instruction.

Sewing process started with usual manners and glad that this pattern came with sewing course, so I just followed the step by step instructions with pictures. But the only problem were the loops, I tried the original pattern but it doesn't work for me. So, I used 1/2" me-made bias tape from the same fabric and hand sewn both side of the bias tape.
Pictures below shows some of the processes, I don't even count how many hours I spent for this dress but in the end I am really happy with it.
A little note: the blue fabric on the neckline yoke is just a template, and I removed it as soon as I placed the loops. Then, I sew/top stitches the loops along the dress bodice.

Here are the upper dress detail, wrong side - right side - back side and finished the back with sewn two pairs of small snap fasteners.

I decided to sew inseam pockets just before I hem the dress. I used light weight white cotton for front piece and same fabric for the back, I did that to avoid bulky pocket which is not nice.

And here are the final dress on Ellie my dress form. Front, side, back and closer look of the neckline detail. I used 1.5 cm sleeve allowance and 4 cm hem allowance.

Two more pictures on me, back and front views with hands inside pockets 😁 I really love a dress with pockets, I can hide anything inside.

Thank you for reading, happy sewing to all fellow sewists! Wishing you all a lovely weekend 💗


Hana, @velvetribbon_sew


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