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Silk Blouse

I'm glad that I finally finished another project from last month, a silk blouse with a side knot Burdastyle pattern 12/2019 size 38. My plan was to make it for my entry to magamsewalong "December Dreaming" challenge on Instagram but life was so busy and I couldn't make it on time.  For the fabric, I used my dream fabric from stash, floral silk crepe de chine. I bought it in the local shop a while ago and I really love the print.  The sewing progress was difficult but I managed to finish it after many errors, basting and pinning (my pattern instruction was in the German language, no time to translate, just sew the blouse with my self-taught).  Firstly I was working on the front pieces and created them into a side knot. After that, I worked on the left shoulder line, sewed the band for the buttons closure in the back shoulder piece. Also, made self-cover buttons using the same fabric. After the sewed the band, I basted the loops in th

Flax Pullover

I finally finished my Flax Pullover after one year of working on it. I'm glad and happy with the final result, the fit is good, loose, and comfy. I started this pullover on January 21 last year, I used acrylic and rayon blend yarn from the local shop. At first, I wasn't sure about the yarn because I didn't really like acrylic but the color is so pretty, so I bought the pack (8 balls of yarns). For the pattern, I used a free pattern from Tin Can Knits  link here , and my plan was to make the green pullover version the one that the model is wearing in the picture below.  I used size ML because I wanted a little loose and made the sleeves plain using stockinette stitch only. My progress was very slow, I was knitting a few rows in my free time especially at night after dinner or after I put my son to the bed.  The instructions were easy to follow and I was enjoying the progress, also I was lucky I found a Youtube channel that explain more det

V-neck Lace Dress

Happy New Year 2022 everyone, I wish you a safe, healthy, and prosperous new year 💖 On my sewing table at the moment is a Burdastyle blouse with a side knot, I cut the blouse fabric and started sewing on December 17 but I couldn't finish it until today due to the holiday season. So, instead of waiting for the finished blouse to update this blog, I decided to publish the v-neck lace dress that I made at the beginning of December. I posted this lace dress on  my Instagram  last month, the reason why I sew this v-neck dress was to wear it at our 10th wedding anniversary dinner. I finished the dress on time but somehow I think it was missing something in this dress, I tried to add a bow at the waistline and silk overlay at the shoulder but I still didn't like the dress. In the end, I keep this dress for future wear and went to the mall to buy a dress for the anniversary dinner 😁 Well, I love this v-neck dress, simple and the fit was good. The dress has 3/4 sleeves len