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Paisley Cutout Mini Dress

Hello everyone, So happy I finished my late #magamsewalong "Sew New Season" June dress, it supposed to finish last month but I couldn't because distracted with other urgent garments, holiday and other things. Besides, this dress was little bit complicated to work with, so I prefer to finish it slowly. This dress has a special detail at the neckline yoke, straight-line cut, front darts, raglan sleeves and inseam pockets. I had a big crush on this pattern as soon as I saw the magazine, the neckline detail is so pretty and the rest of the dress is so simple and airy. Perfect to wear in hot summer day 😍

DIY Necktie

Hello! As promised in the previous post, here is "diy necktie" that I made especially for DH. The idea came up last year when I bought the fabric, DH said could be great if I bought more fabric enough for my dress and matching tie for him. So, I bought three yards instead of two. For the pattern, I used his old tie for a base and follow the tutorial from  purl soho  - thanks Molly for the clear tutorial 😊

Asymmetrical Neckline Dress

Hello everyone, I am back after a long silence, once again busy life and low mood for blogging but I've been so active in  Instagram  and made some garments that I am excited to share with you. This asymmetrical neckline dress is one of the garments, I made it especially to wear in my dear niece wedding in London few weeks ago. It was a great wedding, both bride and groom were gorgeous, she looked so radiant and beautiful 💖💖