Sunday, July 23, 2017

Paisley Cutout Mini Dress

Hello everyone,
So happy I finished my late #magamsewalong "Sew New Season" June dress, it supposed to finish last month but I couldn't because distracted with other urgent garments, holiday and other things. Besides, this dress was little bit complicated to work with, so I prefer to finish it slowly.

This dress has a special detail at the neckline yoke, straight-line cut, front darts, raglan sleeves and inseam pockets.
I had a big crush on this pattern as soon as I saw the magazine, the neckline detail is so pretty and the rest of the dress is so simple and airy. Perfect to wear in hot summer day 😍

For the fabric, I used 2 yards of printed paisley cotton that I bought for muslin but I think it is too pretty for muslin. So, I used it and put the muslin fabric on the list to buy next time.

The pattern, I used BurdaStyle Cutout Mini Dress 04/2017 size 36 and didn't make adjustment on the fit of the pattern except shorten the length 4 cm.
Also, one thing I changed, I used bias tape from the same fabric for the loops instead of follow the original pattern instruction.

Sewing process started with usual manners and glad that this pattern came with sewing course, so I just followed the step by step instructions with pictures. But the only problem were the loops, I tried the original pattern but it doesn't work for me. So, I used 1/2" me-made bias tape from the same fabric and hand sewn both side of the bias tape.
Pictures below shows some of the processes, I don't even count how many hours I spent for this dress but in the end I am really happy with it.
A little note: the blue fabric on the neckline yoke is just a template, and I removed it as soon as I placed the loops. Then, I sew/top stitches the loops along the dress bodice.

Here are the upper dress detail, wrong side - right side - back side and finished the back with sewn two pairs of small snap fasteners.

I decided to sew inseam pockets just before I hem the dress. I used light weight white cotton for front piece and same fabric for the back, I did that to avoid bulky pocket which is not nice.

And here are the final dress on Ellie my dress form. Front, side, back and closer look of the neckline detail. I used 1.5 cm sleeve allowance and 4 cm hem allowance.

Two more pictures on me, back and front views with hands inside pockets 😁 I really love a dress with pockets, I can hide anything inside.

Thank you for reading, happy sewing to all fellow sewists! Wishing you all a lovely weekend 💗


Hana, @velvetribbon_sew

Monday, July 17, 2017

DIY Necktie

As promised in the previous post, here is "diy necktie" that I made especially for DH. The idea came up last year when I bought the fabric, DH said could be great if I bought more fabric enough for my dress and matching tie for him. So, I bought three yards instead of two.

For the pattern, I used his old tie for a base and follow the tutorial from purl soho - thanks Molly for the clear tutorial 😊

First thing I carefully took out the stitches from the old tie, iron it and copied as the pattern. I decided to keep the front and back linings in white fabric as shown in the picture below.
I was amazed with the amount of pieces to make a tie, eight pieces in total, also needed fusible interfacing for the front, middle and back fabric.

 As always, I made a muslin from white and orange cotton gingham from stash. The muslin turned out nicely and I kept it, in case I need one day or anyone want to use it for costume 😁 because DH would never wear this colour.

The process was taking time and attention, involved a lot of ironing and hand sewing with very little machine sewing.
I did almost all the processes as Molly's said in the tutorial. I started with sew front, middle and back pieces together.
Followed with iron the seam allowances at the triangle shapes at the end of front and back tie, also iron the small triangle lining for front and back as well. Hand sewn carefully the fabric and lining together.
After that, I placed the long white lining on the tie fabric. Made sure they fit each other nicely. Folded the two sides together, pin along and insert the loop that I already sewn with sewing machine. Then I hand sewn all the way from front to the back. That's it! Easy but a lot of work and attention 😀

Hope all my explanation made sense, here are the closer look of the finished tie, inner and outer sides. Also, I shared the picture of DH wearing the tie in previous post, in case you are interested to see the tie on him.

Thank you for stopping by, wishing you all a lovely Monday 💗


Friday, July 14, 2017

Asymmetrical Neckline Dress

Hello everyone,
I am back after a long silence, once again busy life and low mood for blogging but I've been so active in Instagram and made some garments that I am excited to share with you.
This asymmetrical neckline dress is one of the garments, I made it especially to wear in my dear niece wedding in London few weeks ago. It was a great wedding, both bride and groom were gorgeous, she looked so radiant and beautiful 💖💖

Back to the dress, I used the especial printed cotton linen that I bought in my trip to Singapore last year. I had three yards, I used 2.25 yards for this dress and used the leftover to make a matching necktie for dear husband. I will post the necktie separately after this.

I modified two Burdastyle patterns to make this dress. Dress pattern 10/2015#124 for the bodice and Godet Pencil skirt pattern 08/2012#112 for the skirt.

The sewing process started with a muslin and fitting ( I always make a muslin for difficult dress). My first plan was to make the skirt as a godet skirt exactly like the skirt pattern but I didn't like it. So, I omitted the godet and made a pencil skirt.

The dress was fully lined with silk satin, I made facings for the front and back neckline from the same fabric and continue the rest with silk satin.
The dress has back zipper and back slit skirt, princess seamed, asymmetrical neckline and midi length. Also, I added a big bow for the accessory. I made the bow separately and hand sewn directly on the left side waistline.

Here are some of the processes, I sewn the front and back pieces completed with neckline facings.
Followed by attached the lining after I sew the front and back dress right sides together. Then carefully sew the back slit skirt. I hand sewn the slit and the hem to avoid mess and ruin the dress. As shown in the pictures below,
And I am happy with the result. Forget to mention, I secured the end of the slit with double interfacing before I lined the dress.

And the whole dress, front and back completed with a big bow. The bow was lined with silk satin, hope you can see a little bit shine of silk satin popping up 😊
The wrong side views of the dress front and back. I used the wrong side of silk satin facing my body because I couldn't stand the shiny part of the satin.
Here is the closer views of the asymmetric neckline, back side and inner dress.
And the closer look of the lining of upper bodices, front and back.

Last three pictures of the dress on me, front and back views.

That's it for today post everyone. Thank you for reading and see you soon in a matching necktie post that I made for dear husband.

Happy Sewing!

Hana @velvetribbon_sew


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