Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Share In Style: Cowgirl Inspiration

I refashioned husband's button down shirt to join 30 March - Share In Style with the theme cowgirl inspiration.
And here is my final outfit, square shirt - simple scarf and a hat borrowed from husband :)
Well, the picture above is just a costume. I am not dressing up like this in my everyday life. I will wear the shirt only with skinny pants. I will put the scarf inside closet and hang back the hat in my husband working room :)

I had this shirt for some months inside my stash box together with other garments that I want to refashion. The shirt is size L in orange with black and dark purple stripes.

I tried it and it was very long in the sleeves and big in the body. So, I reduced them but without change in the front and collar.
Also, I decided to make short sleeves finished with bands and I sew one more button under the original one for more girly look.

The sewing process was fun and fast. I finished it in four hours :)
Firstly, I removed the sleeves and pocket.
Then, I chose BurdaStyle Shirt Blouse 03/2013 size 36 for the pattern.
As I don't remove the shoulder line, I glued the two pattern pieces (front and back) together at the shoulder. After that I laid the shirt on fold, transfer the pattern on top of it and cut the shirt -- as shown in the picture A.
And then, I measure 15 cm (including 1.5 cm sleeve allowance). In this case I just measure and fold the original pattern. Transfer the sleeve pattern on the old shirt sleeve and cut it -- as shown in the picture B.
After that, I shaped up the hem line in U shape -- as show in the picture C.

After the method above done, I prepared the sleeve bands. I cut the remaining fabric from the old shirt 15 cm long and 9 cm wide ( this measurements including 1.5 cm seam allowances). Sew the bands finished with pointy shape. The final width of the bands 13cm x 3cm.
Then, sew the button holes and used small buttons from the collar.
After all things prepared, I attached the sleeves on the body. Sew both side of the shirt. Hem the sleeves and sew the bands in the wrong side of the sleeves and sew the buttons on the right side of the sleeves.
I sew the hemline with 1 cm seam allowance and the last part is sew one more button under the original button. Done!

Here are two pictures of the final refashion, front and back views

About the scarf, I just cut the black color knit cotton fabric in square shape 50cm x 50cm. I decorated it by sewn the orange thread using twin needle, 0.7 cm from the edge. 

And the last two pictures of me wearing the refashioned shirt, front and back views.

That's it for my today post and don't forget to pop over Share In Style to see more creative ladies in their cowgirl outfit :)
P.S. Our next theme for April 13th is "Your Own Style" or "Free Topic" - You are welcome to join :)
Happy sewing and see you soon on my mint dress!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

DIY Friday : Doll Outfits

I made two doll outfits yesterday :)
I have this doll inside my stash box for two and a half years. I bought her in the flea market when I visited Portugal and I think she is a Barbie doll because her size is 11.5" but too bad that her hair was dyed in pinky blonde :(

Self-drafted pattern.

The picture below is my pattern pieces, top (8cm long on fold) - gathered skirt (waistband : 12cm x 4cm and square shape skirt 26 cm x 16cm) and maxi dress (22cm long on fold, the dress has middle front and back darts). All the measurements are including 0.7 cm seam allowances.

All the fabrics are scraps
Top : knit cotton in deep purple color
Skirt : floral stretch cotton
Dress : knit cotton in green color
Threads and snap fasteners

The sewing process was fun but a little bit tricky because they were very small garments.
For the top I leave the neckline without stitching. Sleeves and hem allowances were 1 cm.
For the gathered skirt, I sew the skirt hem using zig-zag stitch and sew two snap fasteners on the skirt back

For the maxi dress, I sew the middle front and back darts. Sew sleeves allowances 1 cm. Leave the neckline and hem line without stitching. And used the leather cord as her belt :)

Here is the final work,

And here is the picture of her wearing the top and skirt,

One more picture of her wearing the maxi dress. In the end I cut the green knit fabric in a triangle shaped and used it as a hair tie.  It matched so well with the dress and the belt :)
Happy crafting and I wish everyone a great weekend! 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Outfit


I made another basic wear last week. I used the leftover fabric from my infinity scarf and I am happy that the sweatshirt matched so well with my self-drafted pencil skirt.
Spring is finally here, the weather is still foggy with high humidity but anyway... I just hope that the sun will come out one day :)

My family and I went to Fisherman's Wharf and Sands Macao for a walk yesterday and I used the opportunity to wear my outfit. After all, I like my new sweatshirt. The fabric is so soft, draped nicely and it doesn't make me sweat.

1.5 yards of knit cotton in emerald blue

Pattern :
This is my third version of Moda Diana pattern no 75 -3P size 34/36 with variation. I added sleeve and hem bands. Which the final result is different than the original pattern. You can check my first and second version
The size of the sleeve band is 16cm x 8cm and the size of hem band is 90cm x 8cm. All the final results are 4cm width of bands.

The sewing process was quite fun and fast. I fold the neckline at the seam allowance inside, pin and sew it using the twin needle. And for the finished bands, I also pin, pull the band fabric and sew it using the twin needle too. You can see my work on sewing the sleeve and hem bands here in my previous post

Happy sewing!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Yellow Sweatshirt

I made this sweatshirt especially to participate in Share In Style. But I am late again.. :( I supposed to publish it on Monday but I was so busy.

Share In Style theme for 16th March was "yellow" and I immediately think about my yellow knit fabric inside my stash that waiting for me to sew.
After looking for the right garment and pattern, I decided to make a basic wear which I need more to fill my wardrobe.
And for the pattern, I decided to use BurdaStyle but I skip the color block because I couldn't find the right fabric combination.

Pattern :
BurdaStyle Boatneck Sweatshirt 09/2014#114a  size 34. I have to grade down the pattern to size 34 because the minimum size of original pattern is 36. With the size of sleeve bands 17 cm length x 12  cm width - the final result 6 cm width of sleeve bands. And hem band 90 cm long x 12 cm width - the final result 6 cm width of hem band.

source from BurdaStyle
2 yards of knit cotton in yellow color
Yellow thread

Sewing Process:
This is another easy project to make, my work started from sew the front and back sweatshirt at the shoulder right sides together. Then pin and sew both sides of the sweatshirt body right sides together. After that pin and sew the sleeves right sides together and attached them to the armholes. 

After the method above done, I tried the sweatshirt and it was too big at the sleeves and armholes. Also a little bit long at the sleeves and hem.
Then I reduced the amount of the sleeve 2.5 cm in both sides and created a new line down to the waist.
Reduced the length of the sleeves 2.5 cm and the hem 5 cm.

After my work on reducing the amount of the sleeves and hem done, I change my sewing machine needle from blue point needle to twin needle. Set up the threads and sew the neckline, sleeve bands and hem band.
The only tricky part was sew the bands. The picture below show you what I did on the sleeve band. Firstly, I fold the band wrong side together, divine the size in four and marked each of them. I did the same way on the sleeve too.
After that, I attached the band to the sleeve and matched the pins. Then sew it using twin needle. I pull the fabric in between sewing them.
I did the same way for the hem band. After that, I sew all the raw edges using an overlocker sewing machine.

The pictures below show you the result of the sweatshirt, front and back views. And wrong side of front view which you can see the detail of my work on the bands.

And I did an extra work on the sweatshirt, I sew bra straps holders in both shoulders. I remember that one of my sewing friend Ellen from BurdaStyle community did this in one of her garment but I think she used elastic.
After searching in some other blogs, I found an easy tutorial how to do it. You can watch this video for the detail, Sally Ann : how to sew a bra strap holder

Here is one of my bra strap holder, I am very happy with the result and it is really a great way to avoid bra strap from showing.

And here are more pictures of me wearing my new sweatshirt, front - side and back views

Until next..

Sunday, March 15, 2015

DIY Friday: Jewelry Pouches

I made four jewelry pouches last Friday and I am so pleased with how they turned out. They look so adorable and besides, this was an easy and very relaxing project to make :) 

And as promised in my last DIY post, I will show you step by step tutorial how to make it.
But firstly, let's start from the material:
For the main fabric, I used linen scraps from stash. And for the lining, I used printed rayon scrap. Four medium size wooden buttons, fabric cord that I used as button loop and threads. The picture below shows some of the material,

The pattern is very simple, just like a rectangle shape 19 cm long x 9 cm width. All the measurements including 1 cm seam allowances. This measurement is for both main fabric and lining.
And for the button loop, I cut the fabric cord 6 cm.
The final pouch will be in the square shape with approximate measurement 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm.
Sewing process:
Cut the fabrics and the cord for the loops. And then set up the sewing machine and prepare the needle and thread for hand sewing.
As shown in the picture (1) With right side facing outside, fold the main fabric in half and mark it. Put the loop in the marking area. Hand stitch it to secure the loop from moving. Place the lining fabric on the top of the main fabric. Right sides together.
(2) Pin around except the area without loop. (3) And then stitch around. Except the area without loop.
After that (4) clip the corner, this method is a good way to create clean finished corner.
After the method above done, (1) turn the fabric inside out and press it with iron. (2) And then with 1 cm seam allowance, flip the fabric inside and pin it.
(3) Stitch it using a sewing machine and (4) fold the fabric 6.5 cm and pin it.
Hand stitch both sides of the pouch as shown in the picture below
And then, sew the wooden button 3 cm from the pouch bottom. Done! 
Here is the final pouch.
And more pictures of four of them. They are adorable inside out, isn't it?
Well, I think is enough for my today post. Happy crafting and have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

MAGAM February : Striped Top

Here is my finished top for MAGAM February. Based on Moda Diana no. 75 -3P size 34/36 with adjustment. You can see the detail of my work on the pattern grading and adjustment on my previous post.
This top is my second version of pattern no. 75 - 3P and I already cut another fabric for the third version. I love this pattern and this is one of my favorite top and I am planning to make more in the future, summer will be arriving soon and I need some short sleeve tops :)

The sewing process of this top is quite fun. Firstly I need to removed the shoulder darts (remember that my first version was too big at the shoulder and I have to add darts to make it right). Then I transfer all the pattern pieces on new sheet of papers. After that I cut fabric plus matching the striped, pin and sew the top.

The two tricky parts to sew this top was matching the striped and sew the neckline. My work on matching the striped was not so good but I really don't want to remove and sew it again.
And for the finishing neckline, I fold the seam allowance 1 cm at the neckline inside and stitch it using twin needle. I think the result is fine and the neckline laid nicely.

Here are the pictures of the finished top, front - side and back views,

I am enjoying flat sketches right now and the picture below is one of them that I made especially for this top.

And here is the closer look of the neckline that I stitched with twin needle. Beside that, I also top stitched the armhole with twin needle.

The last picture is the finishing sleeves hem and hem line, they were stitched with twin needle too with 1.5 seam allowances.
Almost forget to mention about the fabric, I used 2 yards of knit cotton in white and navy blue striped.
That's it for my today post, have a great weekend and happy sewing!