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DIY Wrap Swimsuit ( Third Version)

Here is the last garment I made last month, a wrap-style swimsuit made from lycra fabric from my stash. I made two similar swimsuits before and I was happy with the fit. So, I was okay with the process and was sure it would turn out as well as the previous ones.  The process took me two days, just right before our holiday. And I immediately packed it as soon as it finished.  I love this wrap swimsuit, the design hides the fatty tummy and is comfortable to wear for swimming. Also, the wrap style adds something special, so girly and stylish. For the pattern, I used my self-draft (TNT: tried and true pattern) and the sewing process was started by cutting the fabric pieces, sewing the elastic on the front lining and continuing to pin the necessary parts. I prepared the bands for the back ties and the side wrap. Sewing them as a loop and turning them inside out. I pinned and sewed the bands (ties) on the right front piece (wrap) and backside. Stitched the

Candy Tote Bag

I named this tote bag "CANDY" because she looks colourful and sweet:) I made several bag with several colours, I think I am crazy enough to made 4 tote bags in one week. I was busy and always be, taking care my sweet little baby. I only have time to sewing when my baby napping in the afternoon. I showed my first candy bag to my husband when he arrived home after work, and he was surprised that I could finish one bag during two hours. Woah...! Even myself was surprised! Here I made four candy bags already but I am going to make one more. I will give all of them for my cousins in Indonesia as holiday gift. I am sure they will love it:) The size of the bag approximately 24 cm height, 35 cm weight and 8 cm deep. Material needed: - Home decor fabric - Cotton as interfacing - Bias tape, I used bias tape from japanesse cotton. - 56 cm ykk zipper - Heavy duty interfacing for bottom bag The four candy bags are really cute, isn't it? I imagine that they ar

Red Dress

Simple style A-line dress. Based on How to Make an A-Line Skirt by burdastyle. Did you know that I really love burdastyle. The place where a lot of seamstress meet and share their idea about sewing. Material needed for this dress: -  basic bodice sloper -  A-line skirt sloper -  basic sleeve sloper -  2 yards cotton in red color, zipper, 1/2 yard interfacing (I used pink color silk organza, the only thing I had inside my stash) and same colour thread. How I made my dress: 1. I have to copy all my self-drafted pattern on the new sheets of paper and add 1.5 cm for seam allowance. Then transfer it onto the fabric that I already prepared before. 2. Sew the front and back bodice dart, right sides together. Sew the front and back bodice at the shoulder. Then sew the sleeve on the armhole. 3. With the right sides together, sew the front and the back bodice with the directions from the waist up to the sleeve. Then fold the sleeve hem 1 cm. 4. With the right side together

Bias Tape Tutorial

Here I would like to share how to make bias tape by Yourself without bias tape maker. Material needed: - Cotton fabric - Scissor - Iron Instructions: 1.           Cut Your fabric, for example: I want to make 1.5 cm bias tape. So I have to cut my fabric 3 cm. You can see the picture above. 2.              With wrong side facing, fold your fabric as the picture above. Hold Your fabric with the scissor and another one with Your finger. It is better for You to do it on the top of ironing board with the iron already prepared for the next step. 3.                 Take Your finger out of the fabric, carefully iron Your fabric as the picture above. Do it until the end of your fabric. 4.                              Your bias tape already done! It is very easy, isn't it? Just repeat ironing your fabric one more time for better result. If you've made a bias tape, I'd love to see it. Please feel free to comments on a link below or drop me an emai

Julia Tote Bag

I drew the tote bag pattern by myself. I worked for more less one week, including the transfering the pattern, cutting the fabric and sewing it. The size approximately 43 x 35 cm. Material needed: - Home Decor Cotton for body bag, bottom bag, handle, and flap. - Light Cotton for interfacing and pockets. - Bias Piping - Zipper - Magnetic fastener - Wooden Hoop, diagonal 4 cm - Threads The wooden hoop are really cute, I brought from the local market for MOP $5 each. The picture above is inner bag, one side with the zipper and another side with two opening pockets. For more detail, I shared  Julia Tote Bag tutorial on Julia tote bag on

Cinnamon Dress

I made this dress last summer. Basic on BurdaStyle 5/2010 Tiered Mini Dress. Material use: - 2 yard chiffon                       - invisible zipper                       - same colour thread                       - interfacing I was pretty happy with the dress, I finally proved myself that I can sew. This dress also shared on The picture above is how the side of dress look like.