Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hand Knit Cable Hats And Cowl

Hello.. Hope you all have a happy sewing and crafting :)
Today, I'd love to show you the two finished cable hats and small cowl that I worked for so many months, especially the cowl - I started to knit in November 2016 and I forgot when exactly finished. The two hats were made in the beginning of January, but they finished faster than I thought - I did both of them in less than three weeks :)

The pattern for both hats and cowl are based on knitting book "Lovely and Pretty" in Chinese language that I found in the local yarn shop. I decided to bring it home because the book has 34 different hat patterns with easy diagram and symbol to follow.

Blue Cable Hat
Materials :
I used 2.25 skeins of soft feather yarn (40% acrylic, 50% nylon and 10% wool) in deep blue colour, 6 mm/40 cm circular needle for the hat bodice and 4 mm/40 cm for the ribbing and 6 mm dpn needles to shape the crown.

The process was a little bit confusing for my beginner knitting level, I did the bodice hat first with two combination of cable patterns and then the ribbing.
I did the ribbing two times, the first one was 1x1 rib stitch with 5 mm circular needle ( you can spot the rib stitch in the first picture - below) but I didn't like it. So, I unravelled the first rib stitch and knitted again with 2x2 rib stitch with 4 mm circular needle until the rib measures 1.5'' and bind off.😁
Then I did the rest of the process in usual manner, shaped the crown using dpn needle and fasten off the finished hat with tapestry needle.
And the last step, I decided to make pom pom from the same colour of yarn with diameter 3".

The final hat measurements: 11" length and 21" circumference.

Pink Cable Hat
I used two skeins of wool yarn in pink colour, 4 and 5 mm/40 cm circular needle, double pointed needles to shape the crown and crochet hook to make the button to put on top of the hat.

The process was easier than the first hat, I started with cast on, 2x2 rib stitch with 4 mm needle until the rib measures 1.5" and then I did cable stitch.
After that I shaped the crown with dpn needle followed with fasten off the finished hat with tapestry needle.
The last step was made the crochet button, I followed an easy video tutorial from New Stitch A Day. I actually made two buttons but in the end I used the small one and kept the big one for souvenir 😃

The final hat measurements: 9.75" length and 21" circumference.

Grey Cowl
I used 1.5 skeins of extrafine merino wool in grey and 3.5 mm/40 cm circular needle.
The process started with 2x2 rib stitch until measures 1.5", then continued with cable stitch until the whole piece measures 5.5". After that I did 2x2 rib stitch 1.5" finished with bind off loosely.

The final cowl measurement: 7" length and 21" circumference. The cowl is small and only cover around my neck, I like this type of small cowl - simple, warm and easy to wear 😊

That's it for today post, I am loving each of these little projects and so happy that I did them 💪💪

Until next...