Monday, July 17, 2017

DIY Necktie

As promised in the previous post, here is "diy necktie" that I made especially for DH. The idea came up last year when I bought the fabric, DH said could be great if I bought more fabric enough for my dress and matching tie for him. So, I bought three yards instead of two.

For the pattern, I used his old tie for a base and follow the tutorial from purl soho - thanks Molly for the clear tutorial 😊

First thing I carefully took out the stitches from the old tie, iron it and copied as the pattern. I decided to keep the front and back linings in white fabric as shown in the picture below.
I was amazed with the amount of pieces to make a tie, eight pieces in total, also needed fusible interfacing for the front, middle and back fabric.

 As always, I made a muslin from white and orange cotton gingham from stash. The muslin turned out nicely and I kept it, in case I need one day or anyone want to use it for costume 😁 because DH would never wear this colour.

The process was taking time and attention, involved a lot of ironing and hand sewing with very little machine sewing.
I did almost all the processes as Molly's said in the tutorial. I started with sew front, middle and back pieces together.
Followed with iron the seam allowances at the triangle shapes at the end of front and back tie, also iron the small triangle lining for front and back as well. Hand sewn carefully the fabric and lining together.
After that, I placed the long white lining on the tie fabric. Made sure they fit each other nicely. Folded the two sides together, pin along and insert the loop that I already sewn with sewing machine. Then I hand sewn all the way from front to the back. That's it! Easy but a lot of work and attention 😀

Hope all my explanation made sense, here are the closer look of the finished tie, inner and outer sides. Also, I shared the picture of DH wearing the tie in previous post, in case you are interested to see the tie on him.

Thank you for stopping by, wishing you all a lovely Monday 💗



  1. You did a brilliant job with this tie, it totally looks shop bought. Your husband looks so handsome in it and I love the fact that it matches your dress.

    1. Thank you Sue. I was really happy that the tie turned out so good and he loved it ❤

  2. The tie is exquisite!! I will keep this in mind for the future. My hubby wants a tie too. Maybe for Christmas...

    1. Thank you Vanessa. It is a great idea to make for Christmas

  3. Fantastic .. I bought some the silk earlier in year and now itching to have a go xx

    1. Thank you Amanda. Can not wait to seeing your version :)

  4. This tie is so beautifully made Hana and I love how it matches your dress.

  5. The tie you made looks professionally done - great job!

  6. Great job on the tie.. Very sweet wife..