Friday, January 2, 2015

DIY Friday : Pattern Weights

This week on "DIY Friday" I decided to make things that I need and I want to make for so long. Pattern weights! Yes, I need them so badly to replace tuna cans that I use to weight my pattern :)
Well, look at how cute they turned out! And also, they were so easy and fast to make. I did all in 2 hours :)

I followed tutorial and free pattern from Tea Rose Home : Pattern Weight. Feel free to check over the link for more detail.

I used home d├ęcor fabric scrap, thread and rice for filling.

Sewing process:
I download the pattern and cut the fabric. I cut 8 pieces but in the end I made 7 because I run out of rice :(
Here is my fabric pieces after I cut them,

After I have all the fabric pieces, I sew them according to the instructions. Then I stuffed them with rice. As shown in the picture below,

After all stuffed with rice, I sew the opening area carefully by hand. As shown in the picture below,

That's it! I am done!
I am loving this little things and still surprised with how easy and fast to make them :)
Well, before I say goodbye for today's post I'd love to show you one more picture of the finished project

Pattern : Free Pattern And Tutorial From Tea Rose Home

Happy crafting!


  1. I made something similar to this when I first started sewing. I filled my with dried beans! They are a variety of shapes and fabrics. This is so perfect for the beginning seamstress.

    1. How could I forget the dried beans? I had some packs inside my kitchen drawer.
      Thanks Annie for letting me know. I am going to fill my last one with dried beans :)

  2. These are great. I will definitely make these! Thanks for showing me :)

    1. You are welcome, AriB. I am sure you will love it :)

  3. These are so cute :) I use curtain weights, not nearly as pretty.

    1. Thank you, Sarah Liz. I am using tuna cans since 2009, so it's time to change to these cute things :) :)

  4. Cute! I've been meaning to make some of these, myself. It's a good way to use up some scraps, as well.

    1. Thank you, Kathy. Yes, it is a perfect way to use up some scraps :)

  5. I've been using tuna cans too and after seeing your pretty pattern weights think I need to make these too! Thank you for sharing with us such a great idea!

  6. So nice!! It's a great idea ... plus rice has absoventes properties for moisture. I have to try this ....

  7. Love these Hana-the shapes and prints used are really cute.



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