Monday, August 20, 2012

How To Make a Tote Bag - Part 2, Done!

  • How to insert the bag strap on the body bag. I only inserted the bag strap on the outer bag. With the wrong side of the bag strap facing you, pin each of  them on the side of the bag flap. Stitch it with 1/2'' seam allowance. Here is the picture,

  • After you have done the method above, place the inner bag inside the outer bag. Pin arround the tote bag about 1'' from the top of the bag. Pin it again about 1/2'' to the inside each of them. Top stitch arround the bag. Here are the pictures,

  • Stitch the wooden button in the middle front of the bag about 3 3/4'' from the top of the bag. Done! Here is the picture,

Here is my tote bag,

This is the inner bag,


Before I say good bye for today post. Please send me email at for any questions about making this tote bag. Also, send me the link/picture if you have done your tote bag.
Happy sewing!

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