Friday, October 19, 2012

What's Next?

swing dress 08/2012 pattern
I am working on this dress today, named Swing Dress 08/2012 from Burdastyle. The original dress has a small cap sleeves, side panels shape bust and gathered skirt. I used my striped jersey knit that already stay inside my stash for so long waiting for me to sew.
The most I love on this dress is the lovely side panels shape bust. But a small sleeves cap is not something that flattering me, so I will change with a normal short sleeves.

I used size 34 for the top pattern and size 36 for the skirt pattern. So I have to extend the top waist line to match the two pattern together. I also have to shorten the length of the skirt. Making a short sleeves pattern, I mean copying the short sleeve pattern from the previous project:)))
I hope my dress will turn up perfect.

...happy sewing...

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