Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Black Lace Dress

  Hello everyone....

         This is the dress that I talked on my last post, a very feminime black lace dress made from very soft black lace for outer dress and fabric stretch (nylon+lycra) for inner dress (lining). The style is very simple yet perfect! Especially for me :)))
For patterns: I used selfdrafted basic bodice and 1/2 circle skirt, I connected the basic bodice and the 1/2 circle skirt together.
I made facing for the neckline and armhole from the same fabric ( lace).
I also made the inner dress (lining)  7 cm lower from the neckline, as shown on the picture. The rest of the dress is very simple, if you are intermediate level will do it very easily.

        Once again, this black lace dress is part of palette challenge ss2012, I am still working on my sorbetto and one more dress to finish the challenge.

Happy sewing everyone!

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