Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Floral Drawstring Bag and Refashion T-shirt

front bag
Hello everyone!
Finally I have done my first project for 2013 Style The Stash Sew A long. I am really happy with my new drawstring bag but I am not that happy with my refashion t-shirt. Anyway, I'll be wearing the t-shirt on my everyday wear (home and garden when I play with my almost 3 years old son).

Here are the details of the bag,
I called floral bag, because it's made from floral fabric. It has two inner pockets, two side straps that I just sew together to make the bag stronger, the drawstring that ended with wooden beads and inserted bias tape on the upper and bottom bag to make the bag look nicer.

1/2 yard of lightweight floral linen (left over from my floral shorts), 1/2 yard of kind of heavy cotton in deep purple color, 1/2 yard of silk crepe de chine (left over from floral shorts) for inner bag, mid weight fusible interfacing for floral linen fabric, heavy weight fusible interfacing for deep purple fabric, home made bias tape in light yellow color - here is the tutorials, two big wooden beads and same color of thread. All the materials are from stash.

Self-drafted tote bag pattern, based on this self-drafted pattern. I made the bag smaller 2" than the original pattern and make the bag taller 3" than the original pattern. So now, the size of my drawstring bag is 15" x 13" . Also, I made the style in the bag bottom same as my G Bag.
For bag straps, I made 2 smaller straps 1" x 40" (I cut the fabric 3" x 40" and fold it together, sew it and top stitch in both side)
For bag string, I made 1/2" x 46" (I cut the fabric 1.5" x 46" and fold it together and sew it)
For string carrier, I made 6 pieces 1/2'' x 2.5" ( I cut the fabric 1.5" x 2.5" and fold it together, sew it  and top stitch it in both side)

How I worked:
I worked the same way as I did in all my hand made bag, you can take a look here and here. But on this drawstring bag, I need to make a string and string carriers.
I inserted the bias tape on the bottom bag (deep purple fabric) and upper bag too.
I hand sewn the string carrier on to the body bag, I did that because the carrier is too small and impossible to sew it with the machine.
I also inserted the wooden bead in the end of the string to make the bag look nicer.

side bag

back bag

And here are the details and pictures of the refashion t-shirt,
I mentioned on the beginning of this post that I am not so happy with this refashion t-shirt but I have to wear it and show it to all of you,
I planned to make a short sleeve t-shirt with boat neck style but did not came out so well. So, I changed my plan to a sleeveless t-shirt with tie on the shoulder. I knew, this type of top is not flattering my upper body but anyway..... I can wear it on hot and humid day:)


This is my first project on refashion a men's t-shirt and it was a very difficult work. My Janome sewing machine did not work so well on this type of knit fabric. I don't know why.
But at least next time I know how to choose a better garment to refashion.

the outfit

me wearing my outfit

Happy sewing! And in case you missed my floral shorts, here are the details.


  1. Very Cute Outfit Hana! Love Them On You :)

  2. That's really cute how you did the shirt. Love the bag! You did a great job designing your own pattern. I like making bags too & usually design my own too.

    1. Hi Beverly, I saw your latest bag. They are cute and very useful. You did a nice work!

  3. Hi Hana - you might not like the look but IMHO that outfit looks great on you. I love the way it all coordinates together. Neat bag and great to use those awkward bits of fabric left over from a project.

    1. Hi Jacquianne. You are so sweet:)
      It's really fun to make a little project from the left over fabric.

  4. I agree with everyone - great look, but I can understand that you may not think the t-shirt up to standard - but for housewear it certainly is. The bag really ties things together nicely, so gorgeously co-ordinated.

    1. Hi Sarah, thank you!
      I felt sad that the t-shirt didn't came out well but anyway I will make another top to matching the shorts next time.

  5. I really like your bag, and I think you did a great job of the t-shirt - love the shoulder ties.

    1. Hi Sandra, thank you! I love the bag too very much and I am planning to make one for my cousin:)

  6. Wow! That's a wonderful outfit! You must be super-proud of all this work! Do you used a knitting needle in your sewing machine? There are many small tips for sewing this fabric t ... please do a search on Google, I'm sure you find good advice there ... Wonderful job!

    1. Hi Rosy, thank you so much for the suggestions:))

  7. I like this bags and t-shirt. Outfit looks very beautiful.

  8. I love the tee refashion, and the bag is wonderful. I admired those shorts previously-you picked perfect fabric and print for them.