Monday, April 20, 2015


Hi everyone...
Here is the continuation of my weekly update "DIY Friday".
I gave a new life to my two cushions :) The idea came up when I arrived home the other day and looked at my cushions, I felt that I needed to change the covers. I wanted something fresh and summery.
I checked my stash but I couldn't find anything to suit my plan. So, I went to fabric shop and bought 2 yards of printed home d├ęcor fabric that was on sale. Yay!!

Inspiration and pattern:
I found this tutorial with pattern from Larissa of mmmcrafts but instead of making new cushions, I used my old cushions. I skip the piping and straps. And as I don't have enough buttons, I used four instead of eight.

Sewing process:
I prepared the yellow knit fabric for the self-covered buttons. I cut eight fabric pieces and attached them to the buttons.
I took out my two old cushion covers.
Measured the old cushion cover and give 2" more in all the edges. Transferred the measurement to the fabric and cut it. In this case I cut four pieces of fabric for two cushions.
After that, I put my old cushion in between the two pieces fabric. Basting all around 2" - as shown in the picture below,

Then I measured 3/4" for both pieces fabric, folded inside, pin it and sew all edges with 1/2'' seam allowance

After all the method above done, I marked four holes to sew the buttons. You can check the clear tutorial here mmmcrafts - six cushions...
I stitched the thread in the marked area and pushed harder, knotted it and sew the button. And then stitched and knotted again one more time.
Here is the result...

And here is the look of the other side. As I don't have enough buttons, I just leave it as it is :)

Incase you are curious, here is the picture of my cushions - before and after.

And the last two pictures of the cushions. I am using one of them for dining chair and both of them for my reading/relaxing chair :)
Happy crafting!!
I linking this cushions to Caroline at sewcanshe for Show Off Saturday


  1. Great refashion Hana, the new look is lovely and fresh and very different from the old.

    1. Thank you Tracy. The new look is nicer than the old :)

  2. Your 'new' pillows look so fresh and spring-like! Clever using a knit to cover the buttons. I really like your choice of yellow for the accent color!

    1. Glad you love the yellow buttons. Thank you, Lisa :)

  3. What a transformation Hana. These will brighten up any room :)x

    1. Not only any room but my mind too :) Thanks Dawn!

  4. Love them.. SO pretty, I love the fabric, you chose..

  5. I love how practical sewing can recreating something and freshen up your space! Great fabric choice.