Saturday, August 3, 2013

Button-Down Shirt For Husband

Hello all...
This is my second project based on Sewing Vintage Modern - Frank Button-Down Shirt size 56, with short sleeve. I made this shirt especially for my husband to wear at work and I am glad that he is really happy with it.

21/4 yards of white with light purple stripe cotton fabric, 8 pieces buttons, fusible interfacing and same color of thread.

How I worked :
The work on this shirt is exactly like the first one that I made for him many months ago. You can see the details of sewing in progress  here and here.
I enjoyed the sewing process as usual and I will definitely make some more.

Also, I have done two tunics for my mom and I will post it on the blog soon. And now, I am working on a summer tank for me to wear on the holidays:)

Happy sewing and have a great weekend!


  1. What a super shirt Hana - your husband looks great in it. Haven't made one for my DH yet.

    1. Thanks Sarah! It's a little tricky to work on a men's shirt but I think is really fun to make.

  2. Hi Hana, great shirt! Can I ask what type of interfacing did you use for the collar? I struggle to find the right stiffness; either too stiff or not stiff enough...

    1. Hi Belinda! Thanks for your compliment. I used medium weight fusible interfacing for the collar and light weight for the plackets.

  3. The shirt looks very professional! Great job